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Latest Somali News Somali port poised for facelift with Turkish help

Featured SOMALIA: UN investigators whistleblow on the phenomenon of

Wararka Maanta Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya oo maanta booqday magaalooyinka Ceel

Latest Somali News Somali PM gives directives to prevent the risk of Ebola outb

Featured, Latest Somali News EAEF Condemns Kenyan Plot to Annex Somali Offshore Territory

Latest Somali News Somali women's view of physical activity - a focus group stu

Physical inactivity presents a major public health challenge and is estimated to cause six to ten percent of the major non-communicable diseases. Studies show that immigrants, especially women, have an increased risk of non-communicable diseases compared to ethnic Swedes. Somali immigrant women have increased rates of overweight and obesity, low fitness levels and low levels of cardiorespiratory ...

Latest Somali News Two Somali reporters released on bail, two still jailed

Featured, Diaspora, Minnesota Somali officers relate to immigrant communities

Featured, VIDEOS, Wararka Maanta, Wargelin Falanqeyn: Heshiiskii Dowladda Soomaaliya & Puntland, Oktoob

Diaspora, Canada, Featured, World News Canadian parliament locked down, one suspect reported dead

VIDEOS, Wararka Maanta, Wargelin Wargelin Show Oct 17-23 Warbixin: Soomaalida Koowaad ee UK s

VIDEOS, Wararka Maanta Shirkii Wadatashiga Garsoorka Soo Afjarmay Maanta (Video/Saw

Latest Somali News No troops from Ebola-affected countries for Somalia

Diaspora, Australia Somali refugee at home in North Queensland as Townsville Mul

Latest Somali News The US Welcomes the Agreement between the Federal Government

Featured Focus on Somalia: UN SC Monitoring Group on Somalia & Eritre

Featured, Latest Somali News 50,000 children in Somalia "on doorstep of death"

Featured, Diaspora, Minnesota VIDEO: Cedar Riverside girls basketball designs own cultural

Madadaalo | Entertainment Somali author Diriye Osman wins Polari Prize

Featured, Madadaalo | Entertainment Popular Somali Group Waayaha Cusub Seeking Asylum In The Net