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Ayadoo ay 19 kii bishan april dagaal culus oo dhaliyay qasaaro dhimasho iyo dhawac magaalada Buulo burde ee gobalka hiiran oo ahayd dagmooyinkii ugu danbeyey ee laga qabsadey xarakada al-shabab ayaa sheegatey inay dagalkasi ku dileen saraakiil sare sare oo kamid ahaa taliyihii labaad ee Ciidamada dowlada  Jabuuti   ee kamid ka aha AMISOM. Afhayeenlka dhanka ciidamada ee Al shabaab Sheekh Cabdi Casiis Abuu Muscab  ayaa  saxaafada u sheegay in dagaalkaas oo ay ku qadeen dhowr xarun oo kamida dagmada buulo burde islamarkaana uu qasooro...Continue reading »

Sida xafiiska Bartamaha ee caasumada Soomaaliya kusoo waramayo, waxaa maanta ka furmaya Muqdisho shirweyne Qaran kasoo ka qayb galayaan ergooyin ka kala socota dalka guduhiisa iyo dibadiisaba. Shirkaan ayaa waxaa lafilayaa inuu furi doono madaxwayne xassan sheikh maxamud waxaana shirkan soo diyaariyay wasaarada amniga dalka si loogu kuur galo xaalada amaan ee caasimada iyo gobolada dalka Somalia. Dhowr kii maal mood ee lasoo dhafay ayaa waxaa magaalada Muqdisho kasoo dagayay ergooyinka ka qeybgalaya shirkaasi oo saaka ka furmaya magaalada...Continue reading »

Hawlgalka lagu soo saaraya meydadka rakaabkii saarnaa markabkii arbacada degay ayaa wali socda.   Qaraabada tiro kor u dhafeysa 250 qof oo raqdood iyo ruxoodba layaway kadib markii uu la dagay markab ku dhex dagay biyaha bada malintii arbacada Markabkan oo laga lahaa wadanka kooriyada konfureed markabkan aya waxay isku dheceen ciidamada booliska inta usan dagin, Xubnaha qoysaska dadka la la’yahay oo ka carooday sida gaabiska ah ee uu u socda hawlgalka baadigoobka ayaa dalbanayay in la soo saaro meydadka eheladooda ee ku dhex xanniban...Continue reading »

NAIROBI, KENYA: The row in Jubilee coalition took another twist Monday after TNA MPs accused leader of Majority Aden Duale of being a sympathizer of terrorism for criticizing ongoing anti-terror operations. The MP are now mounting pressure on Duale to quit the ruling coalition as leader of majority for opposing a government operation as they further accused him of insulting and threatening Kigumo MP Jamlek Kamau. The seven TNA MPs who were interestingly joined by ODM’s Simba Arati said they will support the ongoing security operations that have nabbed over 2000 suspects...Continue reading »

Fourteen years ago, longtime community activist Abdirizak Bihi received a call informing him of an after-school fight that broke out between Somali-American and African-American students at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis. Bihi was among a group of parents and community leaders who worked to put a stop to the fight. Over the ensuing decade, Bihi said, there were sporadic fights and tensions between the African-American and Somali-American youths in Minneapolis. Those fights often took place at malls, parks and other public gatherings in Minneapolis and the surrounding...Continue reading »

It is seven years since Uganda sent 7,000 troops to Somalia under the African Union Peacekeeping mission (AMISOM). And for many soldiers, their lives will never be the same again. Meals After two days in Somalia, my worry for our soldiers was not about the possibility that they would lose their lives to the Al Shabaab terrorists. Rather, the possibility that our soldiers would return home too obese. Our soldiers  have good meals – a lot better than their counterparts back here. Breakfast includes milk, juice, bread, sausages, eggs and juice, margarine and honey. There...Continue reading »

The United Nations human rights office today voiced its concern at the “hasty” judicial process in the Somali town of Kismayo that led to the execution of man nine days after he allegedly murdered an elder, and called on authorities to impose a moratorium on the death penalty. According to reports, more than 34 people have been executed in Somalia since January 2013. In the most recent case, a man in Kismayo was executed yesterday after he was accused of killing an elder on 24 March. “The man was found guilty last week – it is not clear by whom exactly, but possibly...Continue reading »

The Somali parliamentary committee on national security, interior and governance will form a sub-committee to oversee the federalism process in the country, Somalia’s Goobjoog News reported Wednesday (April 2nd). Vice chairman of the committee Dahir Amin Jessow criticised the government’s handling of federalism to date, saying that the government has failed to plan ahead. He added that the constitution is unclear on the federalism issue, causing additional problems and confusion. He called on the government to take a strong leadership...Continue reading »

For over a month soldiers and peacekeepers have been advancing south and driving al Shabaab men out of over a dozen towns containing more than 100,000 people. Counting those living in nearby villages and small settlements that comes to nearly a quarter million people liberated. The Islamic terrorists admit they have ordered their men to not stand and fight but to withdraw and organize terror attacks on security forces and pro-government locals. There are still several dozen towns and villages with Islamic terrorists still in them and basically living off (and terrorizing)...Continue reading »

A Canadian court held a trial Tuesday for Mohamed Hersi, a Somali-Canadian resident of Toronto, who was accused of trying to join the Al Qaeda-affiliated Somali terrorist groupAl Shabab. The group was responsible for the deadlyWestgate Mall massacre in Nairobi last September. Hersi was arrested in 2011 at Toronto’s Pearson airport while leaving Canada, reportedly to join the terror group, in the first case of a Canadian being arrested while on their way out of the country to take part in terrorist activities, according to the National...Continue reading »

InQaasta yuusuf Garaad Aqoon is wedyaarsi saddex maalmood u socday dhallinyaro aqoonhananno ah ayaa lagu soo geba gebeeyay Muqdisho. Kulanka waxaa looga dooday arrimo dhammaantood khuseeya dhallinyarada oo ay ka mid yihiin dhallinyarada iyo kaalintooda hoggaaminta, dhallinyarada iyo xag jirnimada, dhallinyarad iyo aminiga, dhallinyarada iyo mutaddawacnimada iyo qodobbo kale oo muhiim ah. Qodobbada sida qotada dheer looga dooday ayaa waxaa ka mid ahaa sidii dhallinyarada loogu abuuri lahaa fursado shaqo ama iyaga laftoodu ay u sameysan...Continue reading »

Armed police patrolled the streets of Kenya’s port city Mombasa on Wednesday following the assassination of a prominent radical Muslim cleric who was buried as a martyr. But Kenya’s second city — a key transport hub for East Africa and a popular tourist destination — was reported calm, with the slain cleric’s mosque having broadcast appeals for restraint among his supporters. Killings of other radical clerics in recent years have led to running battles between police and Muslim youths. The cleric, Abubaker Shariff...Continue reading »

Mogadishu, Somalia – Just before the weekend, a crowd of about 20 people gather around silver-haired Jiim Sheikh Muumin at a sandy white beach on the edge of the Somali capital. Jiim, as everyone refers to him, is a well-known Somali musician and actor and the crowd of mainly young men has gathered to hear him sing. Thirty years ago, Somalis would have paid a fortune to watch him perform at Mogadishu’s national theatre – let alone rub shoulders with him at Liido beach. Before the civil war, he was a rock star with a big Afro and bell-bottom jeans. But...Continue reading »

Wajir South MP Diriye Abdullahi was accused of trying to release an illegal immigrant from JKIA on Thursday 27th March, 2014. He told Larry Madowo the man was one of his constituents but was denied entry because he couldn’t speak Swahili. The legislator says Kenyan Somalis are increasingly getting harassed and ethnically profiled especially after the Westgate attack. KTN ...

WASHINGTON — The World Bank said Tuesday that it is doubling its potential lending to so-called middle-income countries like China, India, and Brazil, adding about $100 billion in new financing capacity over the next decade. That will bolster resources available to fast-growing developing countries where most of the world’s poor live. The bank said it would increase its annual lending to middle-income countries to as much as $28 billion, up from $15 billion. Over the next decade, the lending capacity for those countries through its International...Continue reading »

A selfless teacher who saved the life of a seriously ill pupil by donating one of his kidneys has been hailed as a hero. Ray Coe said he knew it was ‘the right thing to do’ after being told Alya Ahmed Ali, 13, was undergoing kidney dialysis and needed a life-saving transplant. The 53-year-old is a special educational needs coordinator at the Royal Docks Community School in Custom House, east London, where Alya is a pupil. She suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the brain, which has resulted in her having severe learning difficulties. ‘When...Continue reading »

The Lib Dem rebellion over the ban on khat has opened up the chance of Labour stopping the measure dead in its tracks, but after several months it’s still not clear what the party’s policy is. This afternoon there’ll be a statutory instrument committee meeting on the ban, which needs to vote in favour of it before it hits the floor of the House for a second vote. The eight Conservative MPs on the committee  will be whipped to support a ban and the two Lib Dem MPs will oppose it. That leaves the seven Labour MPs (and one Jim...Continue reading »

Garowe_ Dowlada Puntland ayaa maanta shaacisay inay gacanta kusoo dhigtay Rag katirsan Al-shabaab  , xili ay doonayeen inay ku biiraan kooxaha taabacsan Al-shabaab ee saldhiga ku leh buuraha Galgala. Ragaan oo tiradooda lagu sheegay 20 nin ayaa lagasoo kala qabtay magaloyinka Bosaso, Garoowe iyo Gaalkacyo , kadib hawlgal ay sameeyeen ciidamada dowlada Puntland. Arrintaan ayaa lagu shaaciyay  shir saxafadeed ay ku qabteen magaalada Garoowe wasiirka Amniga Puntland Xasan Cismaan Aloore iyo talliye ku xigeenka ciidanka Booliska Puntland Muxiyadiin...Continue reading »

Garowe_ Baarlamanka dowlada Puntland ayaa maanta fadhi ka yeeshay miisaniyada ay ku shaqaynayso dowladu sanadkaan 2014-ka taasi oo ay sooo gudbisay wasaarada Maaliyada dowlada Puntland. Fadhi aan caadi ahayn oo ay isugu yimaadeen Mudanaysha Baarlamanku ayaa waxaa kaqaybgalay madaxweynaha Puntland Dr. Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali (Gaas), Wasiirka maaliyada, iyo xubno kale oo katirsan gollaha xukumada Puntland. Cabdiweli Gaas ayaa xildhibaanada ka hor hadlay, waxaana uu cadeeyay in dowladisu wax dhaqaale ah kala wareegin dowladii ka horaysay, waxaana...Continue reading »

Dawlada Puntland Waxay soo dhawaynasaa doorashadii sida  nabadgelyada ah ku dhacday ee loogu doortay in uu H.E Maxamed Xaaji Cabdinuur noqdo Madaxweynaha maamul goboleedka cusub ee Koonfurta Galbeed ee Soomaaliya. Dawlada Puntland waxay si diiran ugu hambalyeynaysaa shacabka koonfurta galbeed ee Soomaaliya ee samaystay maamul goboleedka cusub, maamulkaas oo si dhamaystiran oo cadaalad ah ay usoo doorteen dadka deegaanku. Dawlada Puntland waxay mar walba soo dhawaynaysaa nidaamka federalka ee ku imanaya rabitaanka shacabka soomaaliyeed in uu...Continue reading »