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Members of Ottawa’s Somali community are mourning the death of a Somali member of Parliament and wounding of a former community leader following a suicide bombing in the central Somali town of Dusamareb on Tuesday. Ahmed Abdisalaam Haaji Adan, a former Ottawa resident, was wounded in the attack and is reported to be in hospital, although the extent of his injuries cannot...Continue reading »

Edmonton may still be murder-free so far in 2012, but that is little comfort to the leader of the city’s Somali community. Four Somalis were killed in 2011 and Mahamad Accord — president of the Alberta Somali Community Centre — said more dialogue with police is needed before the entire cultural community can truly feel safe. “We’re only lucky that people haven’t...Continue reading »

The winter of 2008 was a sad time for the Canadian Somali community in Edmonton. Its members were reeling from the loss of so many young men to gun violence and they needed to articulate the pain associated with this sad development. I was invited to a community event held during this time that featured the Edmonton Police Service, government officials and members of the...Continue reading »

The search for a woman and her two children missing from Manchester, England has led to Toronto. Anisa Ibrahim, 31, along with her two children, Khalid, 6, and Ahmed Abubakar, 4, have not been seen since April 2010. They were last seen travelling to Amsterdam from Manchester on April 9, 2010. Police are actively looking for the family and believe Ibrahim and her children...Continue reading »

Somalian Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, whose famine-stricken country needs shipments of food and medicine, has brought his appeal for aid to Toronto. “We have provided as much as we can, but we cannot do it alone,” he told the Star before an expected appearance before a large gathering of the city’s Somali community Sunday. “We appeal to the international...Continue reading »

Toronto Somali community fundraiser for the famine in Somalia Via Somali Canadian Congress ...

The Somali community is asking the Edmonton Police Commission to hire one of its own to bridge the divide between its community and the police. “We are calling for institutional change by the commission and if they don’t do that, we petition the province and the federal (government) to come and investigate,” said Mahamad Accord, president of the Alberta Somali Community...Continue reading »

Given the unease between the Jewish and Muslim communities, the stories of collaboration and friendship often get overlooked. Well, have you heard the one about the Jewish guy who’s legal counsel for the Canadian Somali Congress? That’d be James Morton. And I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Jewish communities in Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor, Ont., are helping mentor...Continue reading »

Sheikh Osman Barre is calling on Edmonton's Somali community to end the violence that has seen 13 Somali men killed in three years. (CBC) For the second time in two weeks Edmonton Sheikh Osman Barre prepared another member of his community for a funeral. “It’s very worse it’s becoming — day after day,” he said. Dozens of family and community...Continue reading »

Saado cali oo ah fanaanad Qaran mudo 35 sano ahna soo waday fanka iyo waxaa habeenkii sabtidii xaflad weyn loogu qabtay magaalada Toronto, halkaas oo lagu siiyey (Lifetime Achievement Award) oo la gudoonsiiyey Giiraan dahaba. waxaa habeenkan qiimaha leh isku soo duba riday urur ka Somali Refugee Awareness Project oo ah urur u taagan taageerida qaxootiga Soomaaliyeed oo...Continue reading »

Edmonton police at the scene of Edmonton's 25th homicide of the year Friday, near 86 Street and 106A Avenue. (LAURA PEDERSEN/EDMONTON SUN) Alberta’s Somali Community is identifying Edmonton’s 25th homicide victim of the year as Abdi Ali. A man in his 30′s was fatally shot east of downtown last Friday. A tent was eventually set up in the area shielding...Continue reading »

The Somali Women’s Scholarship Program (SWSP) was created with the knowledge that every Somali woman has the potential to make substantial contributions to the development of Somalia. We aim to supportand encourage the development of leadership qualities by providing full university scholarships to women who are passionate about creating positive, sustainable change...Continue reading »

EDMONTON – The family of a young Edmonton man who died after being severely beaten last week are frustrated no charges have been laid. Yusuf Abdirahim, a 20-year-old Somali-Canadian, was found by police unconscious on the boulevard at 149th Avenue and 70th Street, near Londonderry Mall, around 3 a.m. last Thursday. He was taken to hospital, where he died Saturday...Continue reading »

Witnesses speak to police about what happened early May 19 when a man was beaten near 70th Street and 149th Avenue. The young man later died in hospital. (CBC) Edmonton’s latest homicide victim is a 20-year-old Somali-Canadian, CBC News has learned. Yusuf Abdirahim was found unconscious in northeast Edmonton near 149th Avenue and 70th Street around 3 a.m. May 19...Continue reading »

Government of Alberta has recently made an announcement of critical funding that will enable the Canadian Somali community to prevent youth crime. This is a great victory for the Canadian Somali community. After a lot of advocacy efforts, the government of Alberta has finally listened to our concerns and provided the Alberta Somali community with much needed funding to...Continue reading »

It was a historic night on so many levels. A coveted majority for Stephen Harper’s Conservative party, making him only the third Tory leader to ever win three mandates in a row. The crushing defeat of the Liberals, relegated to third place for the first time in the party’s history which is as old as this country; the NDP’s orange crush; the Bloc Quebecois’...Continue reading »

TORONTO — About 20 Canadians have travelled to Somalia to join Al-Shabab, a federal official said two weeks after a Toronto man was arrested as he was allegedly leaving to enlist in the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group. As many as three of the Canadians may have been killed so far, the official added, although such deaths are hard to verify because of the armed conflict...Continue reading »

She grew up on a quiet, tree-lined street near Martin Grove Rd. and Finch Ave. in northwest Toronto. She wore jeans, babysat her younger siblings, watched movies with friends and sometimes, though not often, played truant at school. About a year ago, the 19-year-old enrolled in university. That was her life — until about a year and a half ago. Then she started to change....Continue reading »

One of the two Somali-Canadian women believed to have been lured from Toronto by the Al Shabaab is the niece of the prime minister of Somalia, sources say, and efforts are being made at the highest level in that country to get her out of the “clutches” of the outlawed terrorist group. “I can’t talk about a specific case,” Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the prime...Continue reading »

1 April 2011 – Bartamaha — CBC Radio International program on the ongoing case of Canadian Somali Bashir Makhtal. Canadian Somali Congress calls on the Canadian government to suspend the $100 million in non-humanitarian aid to Ethiopia until that government releases Mr. Bashir Makhtal. The Ethiopian government has engaged in the serious abuse of Mr. Makhtal’s...Continue reading »