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VIDEO: Thirteen Somali men convicted of running Bristol sex ring that targeted vulnerable British girls as young as 13

BARTAMAHA/The Telegraph A judge questioned the wisdom of social workers placing a vulnerable teenage girl alone in a flat and almost unsupervised in inner city Bristol – leading to her being raped and prostituted by Somali drug dealers. Judge Michael … read more »

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VIDEO: 13 Somali men guilty of enforced prostitution and rape of vulnerable girls in Bristol

GUARDIAN Thirteen men, all of Somali origin, have been found guilty of the systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable schoolgirls and teenagers in Bristol. The victims, some of whom were in local authority care, were groomed and passed around by their … read more »

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A Somali Aid Worker Would Rather Give Out Cash Than Free Food

NPR In 2011, drought hit Somalia hard, triggering a famine that ultimately killed some 260,000 people. Now, after a poor rainy season, the Food and Agriculture Organization is warning that the country could be on the brink of another famine.To find out … read more »

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Westpac keeps Somali money transfers open until Federal Court hearing

Heidelberg Leader The financial institution is the last of the big four Australian banks to offer money transfer services to the remittance operators helping Somalis send cash to their families overseas. The Leader previously reported the bank had advised Somali … read more »

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Twin Cities man killed in Somalia is remembered at St. Paul memorial

TWIN CITIES DAILY PLANET A group of more than 75 people gathered at the Afton View Apartments in St. Paul to honor a man who gave his heart to the Twin Cities and his life for his native country. Abdullahi … read more »

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Family reunification allowed to Somali man, Supreme Court rules The State is entitled to cite financial costs as a reason for refusing refugees the right to bring family members to live with them in the State, the Supreme Court has ruled. However, a Somali man whose family reunification … read more »

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Finland: Somali taxi driver beaten and threatened in Lieksa

YLE Uutiset Somali-born Abdi is the first dark-skinned taxi driver ever to be hired in Lieksa, North Karelia. A week ago, after two months on the job, he received death threats and was verbally abused and physically assaulted after his … read more »

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Somali community warns bank transfer crackdown could lead to terror funding

ABC News Australia Australia’s Somali community is warning that the threat posed by terror groups in the African country could increase because of tough banking regulations that prevent them from sending money home. Westpac is the last of the major … read more »

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Somali leaders must act decisively for country’s sake

Daily Nation Somalia’s Parliament was yesterday turned into a house of dishonour as legislators swapped the decorum of rational debate for chaotic shouting matches and placard-waving in a battle over a proposed vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister. The … read more »

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Finland trying to overturn death sentence of Somali man

Helsinki — Finnish authorities are working to overturn the sentence of a Somali man sentenced to death in Somalia, on the grounds that he is also a permanent resident of Finland. Foreign Ministry Consular Assistance Unit Chief Teemu Turunen says … read more »

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Somalia may be right on maritime border

The House Foreign Relations Committee wants Somalia to be declared a hostile state after it referred a dispute over our maritime boundary in October to the International Court of Justice. As a result, all Somali refugees in Kenya might be … read more »

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McDonald’s manager arrested after launching foul-mouthed racist tirade at Somali customers

A McDonald’s manager was arrested and cautioned over a foul-mouthed racist tirade against Somali customers. The victims of his abuse say he told them to ‘get the f*** out of my restaurant,’ adding: ‘All you f****** Somalians are the same.’ … read more »

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Michigan State Students offer introduction to often-overlooked Somali culture

As music and laughter swirled around students on Friday night, knowledge about one country in the Horn of Africa passed between them. Student members of the Somali Association of Michigan hosted their annual Somali Cultural Night at the Eppley Center, … read more »

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Somali brothers among 3 killed in fire

Saudi Arabia – Three people, including two Somali brothers, suffocated to death in a fire that broke out Thursday in a poor Jeddah neighborhood, said Col. Saeed Sarhan, Makkah Civil Defense spokesman.Ironically, the fire broke out near the Red Crescent station … read more »

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Democrat Keith Ellison Wins 5th Term In Congress

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Voters are sending Democrat Keith Ellison back to Congress for a fifth term representing Minnesota’s urban 5th District. Ellison defeated Republican businessman Doug Daggett and Independence Party candidate Lee Bauer, a machinist. Ellison was the first Muslim elected … read more »

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Somali man missing after argument with friends

New Zealand — Police are searching for a missing Somali man who was last seen at a central Hawke’s Bay beach over the weekend.Dau Atem, 22, of Palmerston North was staying with friends at a bach at Shoal Bay, Aramoana.At … read more »

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Somali refugee lives her dream in St. Cloud

It was 2005 and then 21-year-old Hani Jacobson was visiting family in St. Cloud.The Somali-American’s stay was supposed to be temporary. But after filling in for her sister at her job at the Whitney Center, fate had other ideas.“My first … read more »

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VIDEO: Denver Somali community says it’s under scrutiny

KUSA- It’s a local community, whose members say they have come under greater scrutiny in the past two weeks. Earlier this month, federal authorities said three teenage girls left their Denver-area home, and headed to Syria to join the militant … read more »

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Somali community desperate for Westpac money transfer reprieve

Melbourne’s Somali community is warning innocent people will suffer if the last Australian bank to allow money transfers to the war-torn country follows through with its plan to stop the practice.The community is desperate for a last minute reprieve after … read more »

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Somali official accuses Danish Foreign Ministry of hijacking diaspora event

An executive at the Somali Peace and Development organisation has raised concerns about the Foreign Ministry “hijacking” an event organised by the Somali diaspora when the country’s president visits Denmark from November 18-20. “The Foreign Ministry, and especially its African … read more »

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