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In Somali culture, women don’t strive to become police officers, Kadra Mohamed said. On Saturday morning, Mohamed was recognized as the first Somali-American...Continue reading »

Though the Twin Cities is known to have the largest Somali population in the United States, there is only one Somali officer working in the St. Paul Police...Continue reading »

Abdulrahman Elmi is leading a group of young Canadian-Somali leaders to mentor north Etobicoke youth away from the pull of drugs, gangs and dropping out of school. It is urgent and important work made possible through a $46,000 share of U.S.-based website Gawker’s $200,000 crowd-sourced money from its online “Crackstarter” campaign to buy the now-infamous video in...Continue reading »

Toronto, ON – A new television program featuring Somali-Canadians in a new light will debut every Saturday starting March 1st from 10:30am to 11:00am...Continue reading »

A Somali man wanted for two counts of rape and a single charge of sodomy in the United States was arrested by U.S. customs officers in Niagara Falls on...Continue reading »

Hamda Yusuf, a spoken word poet and a student at University of Washington, grew up listening to stories from her parents who saw stories as a means for...Continue reading »

A Somali-dominated DFL caucus that broke into chaos last week will be reconvened later this month at a new location with neutral conveners, including...Continue reading »

Nura Farah will on Thursday become the first author of Somali background to publish a novel in Finland. Her work Aavikon tyttäret (Daughters of the desert)...Continue reading »

The Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art has given the Cedar Cultural Center and Augsburg College $200,000 to bring internationally known Somali musicians...Continue reading »

The long wait for a Somali woman left horribly disfigured when she was shot in the face as a child is almost over. Ayaan Mohamed, now 25, suffered horrific...Continue reading »

Shadia Muse is 28 now and has been on the run for nearly a decade. Muse was 18 and a student at Mifflin High School when she gave birth to a baby girl...Continue reading »

Suban Abdullahi has taken on an unusual charge: She is fighting the Toronto District School Board so her children do not receive any special treatment. On...Continue reading »

Abdulrahman Elmi has called a group of young Somali-Canadian men to a community centre in the north Toronto neighbourhood of Rexdale. They have a lot...Continue reading »

A 17-year-old student is calling on Michael Gove to help end female genital mutilation in Britain by asking headteachers to train and inform teachers...Continue reading »

Safiirka Dowladda Federaalka Somalia u fadhiya magaalada Brussels ee xarunta Midowga Yurub ee dalka Beljamka (Belgium), Cali Siciid Fiqi, ayaa xafiiskiisa...Continue reading »

A heavily attended caucus in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood ended abruptly Tuesday night after an altercation between activists. About 300 people, nearly...Continue reading »

Noor challenges U-area standby Tuesday’s precinct caucuses mark the beginning of the 2014 election process in Minnesota. There, political parties will...Continue reading »

For refugees, the basic survival needs come first: food, clothing, shelter. Then there are the services that help them to start their assimilation into...Continue reading »

MINNEAPOLIS – A quick search online for Abdirizak Haji Hussein tells the story of a former Prime Minister of Somalia. He served a Prime Minister...Continue reading »

Police are appealing to trace two boys who have been missing since last night.13 year-old Mohamud Mohamud and 14 year-old Joe McFarland-Hills, have not...Continue reading »