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Home Office survey of people of Somali origin in Birmingham in 2005 found that 34 per cent said they had chewed khat in month before the interview. The...Continue reading »

More than 700 delegates attending a three-region state formation conference in Baidoa elected Mohamed Haji Abdinur as president on Thursday (March 27th),...Continue reading »

HRW – The Kenyan authorities should reconsider a new plan to forcibly move 50,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers from cities to overcrowded...Continue reading »

Kenya on Tuesday restricted all refugees on its soil to two designated camps in the wake of a weekend attack on a church near Mombasa that claimed six...Continue reading »

Mogadishu — Somali government forces fighting alongside African Union troops said they had taken back control of a key town Wednesday, driving Al-Qaeda-linked...Continue reading »

His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today arrived in Kuwait City for the Arab League summit. The President said: “Arab nations need to rise...Continue reading »

KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) — President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mahamud and an official delegation accompanying him arrived in Kuwait on Monday to...Continue reading »

ADDIS ABABA (AFP)  - The United Nations warned Monday of an increased threat of attacks from Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab as a major offensive...Continue reading »

Mogadishu (RBC) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has today opened Parliament’s 4th session in a well organized event in Mogadishu, calling on legislators...Continue reading »

From the outset, let me make one thing clear: Al-Shabaab, and its extremist world view is neither constructive nor sustainable. This extremist neo-Islamist...Continue reading »

WHEN he is not studying, Mohlomi Tauhadi works in his uncle’s spaza (an informal store) in Mapetla, a suburb of Soweto, the vast urban sprawl west of...Continue reading »

The Toronto Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance locating a missing girl. Najma Abdullahi, 13, was last seen on Sunday, March 16,...Continue reading »

For Abdi Ali, a 35-year-old shop owner in Mogadishu’s Hamar Weyne market, driving with cash on hand to give traffic police officers at checkpoints...Continue reading »

Oscar-nominated actor Barkhad Abdi is reportedly in talks to star in his first major film since his stint as a Somali pirate in ‘Captain Phillips’. Abdi,...Continue reading »

DUBAI - Maanta ayaa lasoo gabagabeeyay Shirweyne ay Soomalidu kusoo Bandhigaysay wax soo saarka dalka iyo maalgashiga, kaasi oo kasocday muddo saddex...Continue reading »

Nairobi ayaan gaaray. Sidii wax igu cusub ayay noqotay in aan subixii bixi karo aniga oo aan cidna weydiin su’aalahan: Xalay maxaa dhacay? Saaka...Continue reading »

Muqdisho_ Madaxweynaha Soomaliya Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud oo ay weheliyaan wasiirka difaaca iyo taliyaha ciidanka xooga dalka Soomaliya ayaa booqasho ugu...Continue reading »

Mogadishu (AFP) – A suicide bomber in Somalia rammed a car packed full of explosives into a hotel in a southern town, days after it was recaptured...Continue reading »

Buulo Barde_ Wararka laga helaayo deegaanka Buulo barde ee gobalka Hiiraan ayaa ku waramay in weerar xalay lagu qaaday Hotel ku yaala deegaankasi oo ay...Continue reading »

Dubai_ Waxaa maalintii labaad galay shirka lagusoo Bandhigayo wax soo saarka iyo maalgashiga Somaliya oo maalintii shalay ka furmay magaalada Dubai ee...Continue reading »