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Al Jazeera

At least ten people have been killed in an attack on a UN vehicle in Garowe, the capital of Puntland in northeastern Somalia, local security sources told Al Jazeera.

Four UNICEF staff members were among the dead and four other staff members were in a serious condition, the United Nations Children’s Fund said in a statement on Monday.

Abdiwali Hirsi, Puntland’s Information Minister, told Al Jazeera that two other victims were Somali security guards. The seventh victim was yet to be identified.

UNICEF said the attack occurred when the vehicle travelled from a guest house to the UN agency’s office in Garowe in the autonomous Puntland region, adding that the UN was presently contacting families of the staff and airlifting the injured.

The victims were an integral part of UNICEF’s work in Somalia, “dedicated to improving the lives of others”, the statement said.

Al-Shabab claims attack

Cadaado (BARTAMAHA) Shirkii Maamul usameyta Gobolada Mudug Iyo Galgaduud ee Xiliyadii U danbeeyay uu hareeyay Qilaafku ayaa Maanta Wuxuu ka furmay Magaalada Cadaado Waxaa Shirkaani Si rasmi ah u Daah furey Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Xasan Sheekh

Xaflada Furitaanka ayaa waxaa ka qayb Galay Saxiixayaashii Shirkan,Gudiga Farsamada,Ugaasyada Beelaha Dega Labada Gobol,Madaxda Dhaqanka Siyaasiyiin Iyo Ururada Bulshada .

Here is a rare photo of former Somali president Mohamed Siad barre while he was full colonel.

From right: Colonel Sharmaan, Mohammed Sh. Cisman, Full Colonel Siad Barre, Full Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Liiqliiqato.
They were meeting with the Russians at Avizione Mogadishu, Somalia.

 Al Shabaab Islamist militants attacked a government building housing two ministries in the Somali capital on Tuesday, setting off two big blasts before gunmen stormed inside, killing at least 10 people, police and the rebels said.

Fighting had raged around the building, which houses the ministries for higher education and petroleum and minerals, before security forces retook it from the attackers.

Osman Sağırlı

Thousands online have shared an image of a Syrian child with her hands raised in surrender – but what is the story behind it?

Those sharing it were moved by the fear in the child’s eyes, as she seems to staring into the barrel of a gun. It wasn’t a gun, of course, but a camera, and the moment was captured for all to see. But who took the picture and what is the story behind it? BBC Trending have tracked down the original photographer – Osman Sağırlı – and asked him how the image came to be.

It began to go viral Tuesday last week, when it was tweeted by Nadia Abu Shaban, a photojournalist based in Gaza. The image quickly spread across the social network. “I’m actually weeping”, “unbelievably sad”, and “humanity failed”, the comments read. The original post has been retweeted more than 11,000 times.

On Friday the image was shared on Reddit, prompting another outpouring of emotion. It’s received more than 5,000 upvotes, and 1,600 comments.

The girl, a 4-year-old named Hudea, took refuge with her mother and two siblings at a camp on the Turkish border after losing her father in a bombing in Hama, the photographer said.

Osman Sağırlı 2
Accusations that the photo was fake, or staged, soon followed on both networks. Many on Twitter asked who had taken the photo, and why it had been posted without credit. Abu Shaban confirmed she had not taken the photo herself, but could not explain who had. On Imgur, an image sharing website, one user traced the photograph back to a newspaper clipping, claiming it was real, but taken “around 2012″, and that the child was actually a boy. The post also named a Turkish photojournalist, Osman Sağırlı, as the man who took the picture.
BBC Trending spoke to Sağırlı – now working in Tanzania – to confirm the origins of the picture. The child is in fact not a boy, but a four-year-old girl, Hudea. The image was taken at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria, in December last year. She travelled to the camp – near the Turkish border – with her mother and two siblings. It is some 150 km from their home in Hama.
“I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” says Sağırlı. “İ realised she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide their faces or smile when they see a camera.”

He says he finds pictures of children in the camps particularly revealing. “You know there are displaced people in the camps. It makes more sense to see what they have suffered not through adults, but through children. It is the children who reflect the feelings with their innocence.”
The image was first published in the Türkiye newspaper in January, where Sağırlı has worked for 25 years, covering war and natural disasters outside the country. It was widely shared by Turkish speaking social media users at the time. But it took a few months before it went viral in the English-speaking world, finding an audience in the West over the last week.

Garissa (Kenya)  — Gunmen from the Islamist militant group al Shabaab stormed a university in Kenya and killed at least 147 people on Thursday, in the worst attack on Kenyan soil since the U.S. embassy was bombed in 1998.

The siege ended nearly 15 hours after the Somali group’s gunmen shot their way into the Garissa University College campus in a pre-dawn attack, sparing Muslim students and taking many Christians hostage.

Almost 70,000 refugees — victims of war, hardship and persecution — are allowed into the U.S. each year. But settling into their new homes can be a challenge, from learning English to figuring out how to turn on the dishwasher.

Omar Shekhey says he’s there to help. The Somali-American drives a cab at night, but during the day, he runs the nonprofit Somali American Community Center, based in Clarkston, Ga.

Clarkston, a small town outside of Atlanta, is sometimes called the “Ellis Island of the South.” Several thousand refugees live there, resettled by the U.S. government from Somalia, Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other hot spots around the world.

Shekhey and his small staff pick up where the resettlement agencies leave off, he says, helping refugees feel at home. “We are like soldiers. We go do whatever’s needed. No time sheets, no nothing. Just go.”

And Shekhey, 55, seems to go nonstop, taking phone calls about potential jobs for refugees, helping people with government forms or organizing a community dinner between refugees and local Jewish teens. There’s a steady stream of people seeking help at the center, a small office tucked in a strip mall with shops like Al Muhajaba Clothing Store and Halal Pizza and Cafe.

When he’s not behind his desk, Shekhey is behind the steering wheel of his taxicab. He drives the yellow minivan at night and on weekends to earn extra money, which he often gives to refugees to help them with food, clothing or paying a bill.

During the day, he uses the cab almost like a company car. He ferries about refugees who have no other transportation, or picks up a boy from school to help out his working mother. Shekhey also makes frequent house calls, checking up on refugee families to see if they need any help.

Shekhey says many of the refugees are single mothers. Their husbands were killed in wars or other violence. Most of the families spent years, even decades, in refugee camps before coming to America and have lost everything. Shekhey says they’re now trying to build new lives, working at nearby chicken-processing plants and factories.

“It’s a tough life, but at the end of day they are better off [than] where they were,” he says. “They were in a camp where they didn’t have [a] future for their kids. So, this is the American dream. You have to work for everything, and communities have to help each other. That’s the way we build dreams.”

Shekhey’s dream was to be an engineer. He came to the U.S. from Somalia in the early 1980s to earn a degree at Georgia Tech. He then became a U.S. citizen. But when the Somali civil war broke out in the 1990s, his focus changed, he says, and he brought his parents to the United States to live with him.

His mother told him that she and his father were terrified every time he left the house, because they were helpless without him.

“That kind of touched me,” he says. “I knew that there were families like mine who didn’t have a son like me.”

So Shekhey gave up his engineering career and started the community center. First he used up all his savings; now he gets some government grants.

“Omar and his staff and what they’ve accomplished is just very inspiring,” says Lexie Linger, community engagement coordinator at New American Pathways, a nonprofit refugee resettlement agency in Georgia.

Linger says groups like hers rely on people like Shekhey to help refugees integrate into the community. Sometimes refugees prefer getting help from someone who speaks their language or knows firsthand how difficult it can be to feel at home in a new country, she says.

Shekhey is a tall, gentle man, who often seems to be on the edge of exhaustion. He says many of the refugees get discouraged. Some think that he should just be writing checks to them from the grants he receives, he says. He has to explain that’s not how things work in America.

The biggest obstacle refugees face isn’t language or poverty, he says, but their own unrealistic expectations. “Expectation that America is a perfect nation,” he says. “But … it’s not heaven. It’s a [bumpy] road. Everything, you have to work for it.”

Shekhey sees it as his job to help them over the bumps.

Every day, Shekhey picks up refugee children at their apartments to take them to the center’s after-school program. At one stop, a worried-looking father approaches the taxi with some papers in his hand; people are constantly stopping Shekhey to ask for help.

The man speaks Somali and is confused by a letter he just received. Shekhey explains that it’s about food stamps, and that the government needs more information or the family’s benefits will be cut off.

Shekhey says it’s the adults who have the hardest time adjusting, not the kids. The children in his cab arrived from Africa less than a year ago. The little girls wear brightly colored head scarves, or hijabs. One boy has plastic sandals on, even though it’s freezing outside. But when they start singing “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen, they sound like kids in the backseat of any American car.

Shekhey says he’s very proud of these kids. He and his staff will spend the next two hours helping them with their English-language homework, something their parents aren’t able to do.

“This is beautiful. This is what it’s all about. Helping these kids,” says Shekhey. “They’re going to finish high school before you know it.”

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Blood spattered utensils, bullet-pocked walls and overturned chairs mark the reception area of a prominent hotel in the Somali capital following an attack by Islamic extremists that killed at least 24, including six attackers.
Somali special forces stood over three bloodied bodies of the alleged attackers after officials declared they have full control of the Maka Al-Mukarramah Hotel Saturday, more than 12 hours after gunmen, believed to be six in number, from the Islamic rebel group al-Shabab stormed into the hotel.

Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa gudaha u galay Hotelka Makka Al-Mukarama ee magaalada Muqdisho oo ay ilaa shalay ka dhex dagaalamayeen rag ka tirsanaa Al-shabaab,Rasaastii iyo qaraxyadii ayaa hadda istaagay waxaana gudaha Hotelka galay ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya.

Wararka aan heleyno ayaa sheegaya inaan wali si buuxda loo xaqiijin amniga Hotelka, waline ay ciidanku qol qol u galayaan qaybaha Hotelka,Afhayeenka booliska Soomaaliya Qaasim Axmed Rooble oo warbaahinta la hadlay ayaa sheegay in lasoo afmeeray hawlgalkii ka socda Hotel Makka Al-Mukarama

Afhayeenka booliska Soomaaliya Qaasim Axmed Rooble ayaa sheegay in ciidmada dowladda Soomaaliya ay dhammaan toogteen kooxdii weerarka soo qaaday,wuxuuna xusay iney hada wadaan xaqiijinta amniga guud ee Hotelka.

Rag ka tirsanaa Al-shabaab oo Hotelka galay shalay galinkii danbe ayaa ilaa saaka halkaa kula dagaalamayey ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya,dad badan ayaa Hotelka laga soo badbaadiyey,jawiga goobta ayaa hada ah mid aad u dagan waxaana Hotelka ku sugan saraakiisha sare ee ciidamada dowladda iyo masuuliyiin ka tirsan dowladda Soomaaliya.





Bartamaha Muqdisho

We all know Somali women are one of the most attractive women. But have you seen when their mothers and grandmothers were young and elegant?.

Dhuusamareeb (Bartamaha) Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Xasan SH Maxamuud iyo wafti ballaaran oo uu hogaaminayo ayaa gaaray magaalada Dhuusamareeb ee xarunta gobolka Galgaduud oo lagu wado inuu ka furmo shirka maamul goboleedka loogu samaynayo Gobolada Shexe.

Garoonka diyaaradaha magaalada Dhuusamareeb ayaa waxaa si wayn ugu soo dhoweeyey wafdiga  madaxweynaha masuuliyiinta gobolka Galgaduud, saraakiisha ciidamada AMISOM ee ku sugan magaaladaas iyo shacabka ku dhaqan magaalada Dhuusamareeb.

Madaxweynaha ayaa caawa magaalada Dhuusamareeb kulamo kula leh odayaasha waxgaradka,Siyaasiyiinta iyo qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada gobolada dhexe ee dalka,Madaxweynaha ayaa caawa ku hoyanaya magaalada Dhuusamareeb ee xarunta gobolka Galgaduud.

Aminga Magaalada Dhuusamareeb ayaa waxaa sugaya ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya oo gacan ka helaya kuwa nabad ilaalinta Midowga Africa ee AMISOM.


Dhuusamareeb Bartamaha



Mogadishu residents walking by Dhagahtur Monument.

Aad Baan Uga Helay - %
Kama Helin - %


waree2Muqdisho(Bartamaha) Wasiirkii hore ee wasaaradda Dastuurk, arimaha Federaalka iyo Dimuquraadiyadda Puntland Marwo Sahro Siciid Nuur ayaa maanta xilkii wasaaradaasi si rasmi ah ugu wareejisay wasiir ku xigeenkii wasaaradda Dastuurka iyo arimaha Federaalka C/raxmaan Cabdi Ismaaciil.
Sahra Siciid Nuur ayaa bil ka hor waraaqda istiqaalada u gudbisay madaxweynaha Puntland Dr. C/weli Maxamed Cali Gaas oo ka aqbalay iscasilaadeeda,Marwo Sahro ayaa meesha ka saartay warar la isla dhexmarayey oo sheegayey iney isku casishay arimo siyaasadeed.
Wasiiradii hore ee wasaaradda Dastuurka iyo arimaha Federaalka Puntland ayaa shaaca ka qaaday iney shaqada uga tagtay arimo qoys oo iyada u gaara,waxayna ammaan u jeediyey madaxweynaha Puntland oo ay sheegtay inuu kalsooni buuxda siiyey.
Wasiirka Cusub ee la wareegay xilka wasaaradda Dastuurka,arimaha federaalka iyo Dimuquraadiyadda Puntland C/raxmaan Cabdi Ismaaciil ayaa sheegay in Marwo Sahro ay ahayd shaqsi sare u qaaday shaqada wasaaradda mudadii ay xilka haysay,wuxuuna ballan qaaday inuu halkeeda kasii wadayo shaqadii wasaaradda xilkeeda lagu wareejiyey.


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waree 1 waree4 waree2 waree3




MUQDISHO (Bartamaha) Dhimashada iyo dhaawaca ka dhashay qaraxyadii maanta duhurkii ka dhacay magaalada Muqdisho ee caasimadda Soomaaliya ayaa sii kordhay dadka dhintay iyo kuwa dhaawacmay ayaa waxaa ka mid ah masuuliyiin sar sare oo ka tirsan dowladda Soomaaliya.

Qaraxyada ayaa ka dhacay gudaha hoteelka Central ee magaalada Muqdisho xilli ay gudaha hotelka ku jireen masuuliyiin uu ka mid ahaa R/wasaare ku xigeenka dalka,waxaan la tilmaamay in qaraxa koowaad uu ahaa gaari waxyaabaha qarxa laga soo buuxiyey kaasoo ku qarxay afaafka hore ee masaajid Hotelka ku dhexyaal oo ay masuuliyiintu ku tukanayeen salaadda Jimcaha.

feb 20 qrx 2

Daqiiqado kooban kadib ayaa waxaa dhacay qarax labaad oo la tilmaamay inuu fuliyey qof naftii huraa oo xirnaa jaakadaha qarxa, Inta la xaqiijiyey 18 ruux ayaa ku geeriyooday qaraxyada halka ay 40 kalane ku dhaawacmeen,dhaawacyada ayaa waxaa la gaarsiiyey Cisbitaalka madiina ee magaalada Muqdisho.

Masuuliyiinta ilaa hadda geeridooda la xaqiijiyey ayaa waxaa ka mid ah Xildhibaan Cumar Furdug, Maxamed Aadan Guuleed Caana-geel gudoomiye ku xigeenkii gobolka Banaadir ee dhanka Siyaasadda,C/shakuur Cali Mire wasiir ku xigeenkii hore ee wasaaradda warfaafinta, C/fataax Khaliif Baadiyow la taliyaha R/wasaare kuxigeenka dalka,Xildhibaan Maxamed Ducaale Xaaji,Cali Maxamed Cilmi xog-hayaha joogtada ah ee xafiiska R/wasaaraha.

The wreckage of a car destroyed in a blast is seen near the Central Hotel after a suicide attack in Mogadishu

Masuuliyiinta ku dhaawacmay ayaa waxaa ka mid ah Xildhibaan C/qaadir Cali Cumar wasiirkii hore ee amniga qaranka,Siyaasiga Salaad Cali Jeelle,R/wasaare ku xigeenka ahna kusimaha R/wasaaraha Maxamed Cumar Carte Qaalib iyo wasiirka Gaadiidka Badda iyo dakadaha Nuur Farax.

Al-shabaab ayaa sheegtay masuuliyadda weerarka maanta ka dhacay magaalada Muqdisho ee caasimadda Soomaaliya waxayna sheegeen in weerarka laga gaaray hadafkii laga lahaa.

Saraakiisha amniga dowladda Soomaaliya oo warbaahinta la hadlay ayaa sheegay iney baaritaan ku hayaan sida uu falku u dhacay,afhayeenka wasaaradda amniga Maxamed Yuusuf Cismaan ayaa sheegay iney gacanta ku hayaan dhammaan ilaaladii Hotelka ay weeraradu ka dheceen.



Muqdisho, Bartamaha

Cumar Cabdirashid

Cumar Cabdirashid

*Sawirada Hoos ka fiirso.

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya, Mudane Cumar Cabdirashid Cali Sharma’arke ayaa maanta waxaa horgeeyey golaha Shacabka Madaxweynaha Jamahuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud, si ay u siiyaan codka kalsoonida kadib markii uu Madaxweynuhu magacaabay 17-kii bishan.

Ra’iisul Wasaare Sharma’arke ayaa Barlamaanka ka hor akhriyey khudbad ka hadlaysa waxyaalaha u qorshaysan xukuumadiisa, iyo qaab ka ay noqonayso xukuumada cusub oo soo dhiso doono.

Ra’iisul wasaaraha ayaa sheegay inuu ahmiyada kowaad siinayo arrimaha nabad galyada, iyo in dalka Soomaaliya uu gaaro isku filaansho dhanka amniga ah, taas oo loo marayo dhisida ciidan qaran oo tayo leh.

“Marka aan helo kalsoonidiina, waxaan ballanqaadayaa inaan soo dhiso Xukuumad loo dhan yahay. Xukuumaddaas oo noqon doonta mid matasha qeybaha kala duwan ee Shacabka Soomaaliyeed, isla markaasna leh karti, aqoon, hufnaan, khibrad iyo firfircooni. Hadafka Xukuumadda aan soo dhisidoono, wuxuu noqon doonaa, in la hormariyo, lana higsado, gaaritaanka Isku-filnaasho dhanka Amniga, Dhaqaalaha iyo Adeegyada Bulshada sida ugu dhakhsida badan” ayuu yiri Ra’iisul Wasaare Cumar.

Sidoo kale Ra’iisul Wasaaraha ayaa sheegay in xukuumadiisu noqon doonto mid ay kala dhaxayso wada shaqayn dhamaan Hay’adaha dowaldda, si loo helo xasilooni siyaasadeed oo dalka ka saari karta marxalada uu hada kujiro, loona xaqiijiyo hirgalin aragtida 2016.
“Barnaamijka xukuumadda aan soo dhisidoono ka sokow, aniga oo kaashanaya Madaxweynaha,Hoggaanka Golaha Shacabka,

Xildhibaanada, iyo qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada Soomaaliyeed, waxaan dardar-galinayaa helitaanka Siyaasad xasiloon oo isfaham leh, una dhaxeysa Madaxda Soomaaliyeed heer Federaal iyo heer Dawlad-goboleedba, si dib loogu hanto kalsoonida Shacabka Soomaaliyeed.Helitaanka Xasiloonida iyo isfahamka Siyaasaddu, wuxuu lafdhabar u yahay jiritaanka qaranimada Soomaaliya” ayaa yiri RW Cumar oo dhanka kalana xusay in xasilooni la’anta Siyaasaddu.ay halis gelin karto, Qaranimada, Dawladnimada, Horumarka, iyo Sharafta Dalka iyo Dadka Soomaaliyeed, caqabadna ku noqon karta bisaylkii siyaasadeed ee aan gaarnay sanadihii lasoo dhaafay

Ugu danbeyn, Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda F. Soomaaliya Mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, ayaa uga mahadceliyey xubnaha golaha shacabka codka kalsoonida ee ay siiyeen Ra’iisul Wasaare Cumar C/rashiid, isagona sheegay in uu balan qaadayo inay wada shaqayn buuxda dhex mari doonto isaga iyo Ra’iisul wasaaraha tixgalina uu sii doono go’aamada golaha wasiirada isagoona sheegay inuu ku difaacayo sarreynta sharciga.

“Waxaan idinka mahadcelinayaa ansixinta Ra’iisul wasaaraha cusub ee Somalia oo aan u soo magacaabay Danjire Cumar oo kalsooni aan ku qabo inuu howlaha harsan dhameystiri karo, sidoo kalena uu sii wadi karo howlihii labadii sano ee lasoo dhaafay lasoo qabtay,” ayuu yiri Madaxweyne Xasan oo ugu baaqay R/Wasaare Cumar inuu degdeg ugu hawlgalo dhisidda xukuumad cusub si loo gaaro hadafka dalka ee ku aaddan horumar, ammaanka iyo xaqiijinta hiigsiga 2016.

Daawo Sawirada:

Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 1 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 2 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 3 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 4 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 5 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 6 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 7 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 8 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 9 Ra’iisul wasaare Cumar Cabdirashid 10




Jabuuti (BARTAMAHA) Wada-hadalladii u dhexeeyay dowladda federaalka Soomaaliya iyo maamulka Soomaaliland ee ka socday magaalada Jabuuti ayaa la soo gaba gabeeyay,iyadoona labada dhinac ay soo saareen qodobbo ay ku heshiiyeen.

Wafdiga madaxweynaha Soomaaliya,Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud iyo kan maamulka Soomaaliland ee uu hoggaaminayo,Mudane Axmed Siilaanyo ayaa ku heshiiyay qodobbo dhowr ah oo ka soo baxay shirkii uga socday Jabuuti.

Qodobada ay labada dhinac ku heshiiyeen ayaa waxaa kamid ah in la dardar galiyo wada-hadalada dowladda Soomaaliya iyo maamulka Soomaaliland,in laga fogaado wax walba oo wax u dhibi kara wadahadalka labada dhinac,in la ilaaliyo xaquuqda aadanaha si wada jir ahna loola dagaallamo kooxaha Argagixisada iyo burcad badeeda.


Sidoo kale,madaxda waxaa ay isla garteen 15-Bisha janaayo ee sanadka 2015 ay dowladda Soomaaliya iyo maamulka Soomaaliland ku balameen in ay ku kulmaan magaalada Istanbuul ee dalka Turkiga.

Ugu dambeyn,madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh iyo Axmed Siilaanyo waxaa ay si wada jir ah ugu mahadceliyeen madaxweynaha Jabuuti,Cismaaciil Cuamr Geele oo wada-hadalka fududeeyay,waana markii saddexaad oo dowladda Soomaaliya iyo maamulka Soomaaliland ay shir wada yeeshaan.


xasan shiikh kismaayo

xasan shiikh kismaayo

Kismaayo (BARTAMAHA) Wafdi uu hoggaaminayo madaxweynaha dowladda federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya, Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa maanta gaaray magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta gobolka Jubbada hoose.

Wafdiga madaxweynaha ayaa u tagay Kismaayo si uu uga qeyb galo xaflad sagootin ah oo garoonka diyaaradaha Kismaayo loogu qabanayay ciidamada Sierra Leone ee qeybta ka ahaa howlgalka AMISOM oo ka baxaya Soomaaliya.

Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh oo ay wehlinayeen xildhibaano, saraakiil, odayaal dhaqameedyo iyo siyaasiyiin, ayaa waxaa garoonka diyaaradaha si weyn ugu soo dhaweeyay mas’uuliyiinta maamulka Jubba, iyo qeybaha kale duwan ee buslaada ku nool magaaladaasi, iyagoo intaa kaddib ka qeyb galay munaasabaasi lagu sagootinayay Ciidamada Seirra Lion.oo dib ugu laabanaya dalkooda.

Ciidamada Seirra Leone ee ka baxaya Soomaaliya ayaa sababta dalkooda ay dib ugu laabanayaan ay tahay, kadib markii la waayay ciidamadii bedeli lahaa, maadaama uu dalkooda ka dilaacay cudurka Ebola.

Munaasabadda ayaa waxaa ugu horeyn ka hadlay taliyaha ciidamada AMISOM ee qaybta Kismaayo, Jen. Alio oo sheegay in ciidamada Sieraleone mudadii ay joogeen Soomaaliya ay kaalin ka qaateen nabad kusoo celinta dalka.

Taliyaha ayaa sheegay inaysan hakan doonin howlgallada ay AMISOM ka wado Somalia ayna ku faraxsanyihiin marxaladda uu hadda dalka marayo isagoo sheegay in dowladda Soomaaliya oo kaashaneeysa AMISOM ay horumar ka sameeyay dagaallada ka dhanka ah Al-shabaab.

Madaxweyne Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa u rajeeyay ciidamadaasi ka tagaya Soomaaliya inay si nabad ah dalkooda ku tagaan, waxaana uu ku ammaanay kaalintii ay ka qaateen howl galka AMISOM intii ay ku sugnaayeen Gobolada Jubooyinka.

Ciidamo ka socday Seirra Leone oo bedel u ahaa ciidamada ku sugnaa Jubbooyinka ayaa mid ka mid ah ciidankaas laga helay cudurka Ebola, taasoo keentay in ciidamadaas la baajiyo, waxaana ciidanka ku sugnaa Soomaaliya aanay muddo sanad ka badan ay ahaayeen kuwo aan la bedelin, maadaama laga cabsi qabay hadii la bedelo in cudurka Ebola uu ku soo faafo Soomaaliya.

Midowga Afrika ayaa la sheegay inuu raadinayo ciidamadii lagu bedeli lahaa ciidanka Seirra Leone oo wixii hada ka dambeeya si rasmi ah isaga baxaya Soomaaliya.

Madaxweynaha maamulka KMG ah ee Jubba oo ay warbaahinta weydiisay cidda beddeli doonta ciidamada Sierra Loene ayuu sheegay in lagu bedeli doono ciidammo ka kala imaan doona waddamada Itoobiya iyo Kenya.

Waa ciidamadii u horeysay ee ka tirsan AMISOM oo ka baxa Soomaaliya, tan iyo markii Midowga Afrika uu bilaabay in ciidamo nabad ilaalin u soo diro Soomaaliya sanadkii 2007-dii, waxaana haatan ku sugan Soomaaliya ciidamo ka socda dalalka Uganda, Brundi, Kenya, Jabuuti iyo Itoobiya.

Dhinaca kale,madaxweynaha dalka mudane Xasan Sheekh ayaa intii uu ku sugnaa magaalada Kismaayo waxa uu kulan la qaatay mas’uuliyiinta maamulka Jubba iyo qeybaha kale duwan ee bulshada Jubbooyinka oo uu kala hadlay xoojinta dowladnimada iyo in ay kaalin ka qaataan horumarinta deegaannada Jubbooyinka.

Wafdiga uu hoggaaminayo madaxweynaha ayaa goor dhow magaalada Muqdisho dib ugu soo laabtay.

Daawo Sawirada:

Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 1 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 2 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 3 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 4 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 5 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 6 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 7 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 8 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 9 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 10 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 11 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 12 Xasan Sheekh Kismaayo 13

China Somalia 5

China Somalia 1

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Soomaaliya, C/raxmaan Ducaale Beyle iyo safiirka dowladda Shiinaha u fadhiya Muqdisho ayaa booqday xarumo ay horay u dhistay dowladda Shiinaha oo xilligan la doonayo in dib loo dhiso.

Xarumo muhiim ah oo ku yaalla Muqdisho ayaa horay dowladda Shiinaha waxaa ay ka caawisay dowladdii dhexe,balse xilligaan waxaa soo gaaray bur bur xooggan qaarkoodna dad rayid ah ayaa deggan.

Wasiir Beyle oo ka hadlay booqashada ay ku tageen qar ka mid ah dhismayaashii dowladda Shiinaha ay dhistay,waxuu sheegay bur bur xooggan inay ku soo arkeen.

Waxuu sheegay dowladda Shiinaha inay xilligan doonayso inay dib u dhisto goobaha oo intooda badan shacabka iyo dowladda loogu adeegi jiray,taaso la sheegay inay tahay muhiim haddii la dhiso mar kale

Meelaha ay tageen wasiirka iyo safiirka waxaa ka mid ah: tiyatarka Qaranka Kulyadi Siyasada oo ah hatan meel ey dagan-yihiin qoysas tabaleysan iyo Stadium Muqdisho.

“Malintii shalay ahayd waxan soo booqday meelo kala duwan oo ay ka mid yihiin Tiyatarka Qaranka Kulyadi Siyasada oo ah hatan meel ey dagan yihiin Qoysas Tabaleysan stadium Muqdisho,waxana igu wehlinayay Boqashadeyda Danjiraha Dowlada Shiinaha ufadhiya Somalia waxa uuna kor merkeena ku saleysna sidii dib loogu dhisi laha gobahan oo ey horay u dhistay Dowlada Shiinaha,”ayuu ku yiri wasiir Beyle qoraal uu soo dhigay bogga uu ku leeyahay barta bulshada ee Facebooka.

Dowladda Shiinaha ayaa horay u ballan-qaaday inay dib u dhisayso dhammanba goobihii muhiimka ahaa ee ay horay u dhiseen kuwaaso ku bur buray dagaalladii ka dhacay Muqdisho.

China Somalia 2 China Somalia 3 China Somalia 4 China Somalia 5





The chaos and conflict that once consumed the port of Mogadishu are now gone and a few foreign investors are starting to move into Somalia. Turkey is leading the way – but why is there such a strong bond between these two countries?
Where once rival militias battled for control of these docks, giant container ships now line up to discharge their cargoes of cement, vehicles, pasta and rice. Huge cranes swoop up and down. Some operated by Turks, others by Somalis.

As a container swings uncomfortably close above my head, the sprightly Turkish manager of the port tells me that since his company took over in September, it has been bringing in a monthly revenue of $4m, and rising. Fifty-five percent goes straight to the Somali government.

He won’t let me take his photograph. “I’m too ugly,” he says.

Somalia Turkey 1 - Bartamaha.com



It’s not just the port. Turks are everywhere in Mogadishu. And so is their flag. This visit, I think I saw more Turkish flags in the city than Somali ones.

Turks run the airport and are busy building a new terminal. Turkish Airlines now flies to Mogadishu four times a week, the first international airline to do so in more than 20 years.

At a gleaming new hospital, built by the Turks, Turkish doctors wear simple white polo shirts. On one sleeve is an image of the Turkish flag. The Somali flag is on the other.

Somalia Turkey - Bartamaha.com _5

Outside, Turkish builders in cowboy hats and Somalis in tatty T-shirts are putting the final touches to an Ottoman-style mosque with room for 2,000 worshippers. Craftsmen were flown in from Turkey to hand paint the ceiling in rich blues, reds and gold.

Even the garbage trucks trying to get rid of the 20 years’ worth of rubbish and rubble come from Turkey. I saw one such truck hosing down a street after a suicide bombing, to make sure every trace of blood and wreckage was removed.

Somalia Turkey - Bartamaha.com _7

It all started with the famine of 2011. The then Turkish prime minister, now president Erdogan, flew to Somalia. Unlike other foreigners, who keep at a safe distance from the country, preferring to do Somali-related business from neighbouring Kenya, he walked through the streets of Mogadishu. In a suit. Not body armour.

Somalis still talk to me about how he picked up dirty, starving children. How his wife kissed members of the despised minority clans.

Somalia Turkey - Bartamaha.com _3

And hence the love affair began. Somalis called their boys Erdogan, their daughters Istanbul.

This affection for a foreign country is highly unusual in Somalia. Somalis generally do not like outsiders, and have all sorts of abusive nicknames for them. But I struggled to find a Somali who would criticise Turkey, apart from the complaint that they hadn’t provided adequate drainage for the new roads they’re building in Mogadishu, and that they hadn’t done enough to help other parts of the country.

In private conversations, Western diplomats have told me Turkey doesn’t communicate or co-ordinate with other donors, that it is too unilateralist.

Turkey, like many other countries, is keen to lay its hands on Africa’s natural resources and to exploit new markets as the continent develops. But it has chosen an eccentric way in – Somalia is classed by many as one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Somalia Turkey - Bartamaha.com _6

The Turks in Mogadishu seem to have a different attitude to danger. On the day of a suicide bombing, I was forbidden access to the highly fortified airport, where I was due to meet the British ambassador.

But just nearby was a Turkish school, guarded by a couple of lightly-armed Somalis. Turkish children scampered about, playing hide and seek amongst the papaya trees. They share classes with Somali students, who the teachers say are especially good at computing and languages.

The Turks have paid a price for this more relaxed attitude to security. A few have been killed and injured in attacks by the Islamist group al- Shabab; some have been shot dead in disputes over money and other issues.

The next day, I managed with some difficulty to get into the airport compound, this time to meet the United Nations, based in a sterile, grey complex of containers.

Somewhat to my embarrassment, I didn’t have a pen. The UN lady kindly lent me a pencil. I forgot to give it back, and later on I gave it to a Somali friend.

Wielding the pencil, he rushed off to his friends shouting, “Look. This is all the UN has to offer us, after more than 20 years and billions of dollars. In just three years, the Turks have helped transform our man-made earthquake of Mogadishu into a semi-functioning city.”

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. The UN and others are paying for African Union soldiers who are helping make Somalia a safer place. The Turks have gone for highly visible projects.

But as I sat eating the cube of Turkish delight offered to me by the sleek stewardess on my homeward Turkish Airlines flight, I couldn’t help wondering whether the rest of the world could learn something from what the Turks are doing in the broken city of Mogadishu.

Somalia's resurgent gas sellers

Al Jazeera

Somalia's resurgent gas sellers

Mogadishu, Somalia – After more than two decades of bloody civil war that has left tens of thousands of people dead, the guns are slowly falling silent and life is gradually returning to normal in the Somali capital.

Somalis who fled abroad to escape the war are flocking back to the seaside city, bringing with them much-needed investment capital.

Mogadishu, a city of more than one million inhabitants, is getting a facelift. New buildings are replacing the bullet scared crumbling war relics. New roads are replacing the old pot-holed ones.

And for the first time in more than 20 years, petrol stations have opened in the city to fill the empty tanks of the increasing road traffic.

Business at these new stations is booming. But not everyone is happy with them.

The gas vendors worry that if nothing is done to regulate the trade they may soon be out of business.
The gas vendors worry that if nothing is done to regulate the trade they may soon be out of business.
Some of the new petrol stations also provide car washes and mechanics' services, attracting more customers and making it difficult for the 'roadside ladies' to compete.
Some of the new petrol stations also provide car washes and mechanics’ services, attracting more customers and making it difficult for the ‘roadside ladies’ to compete.
For drivers who went to the petrol stations, fuel is not only cheaper but also cleaner, reducing the damage to their vehicles' engines.
For drivers who went to the petrol stations, fuel is not only cheaper but also cleaner, reducing the damage to their vehicles’ engines.
Some drivers are loyal to the vendors and refuse to abandon the 'roadside ladies' and are only too happy to pay the extra 20 cents to keep the vendors in business.
Some drivers are loyal to the vendors and refuse to abandon the ‘roadside ladies’ and are only too happy to pay the extra 20 cents to keep the vendors in business.
The vendors, who are mostly female, are the breadwinners in their families, having lost their husbands in the war.
The vendors, who are mostly female, are the breadwinners in their families, having lost their husbands in the war.
Fadumo Ahmed supports her family of eight from the meagre income she makes from selling petrol at her street stall. She has been doing this job for the past 19 years.
Fadumo Ahmed supports her family of eight from the meagre income she makes from selling petrol at her street stall. She has been doing this job for the past 19 years.
Asli Shidane has been selling petrol on the Mogadishu streets for 23 years and has sent six of her eight kids to school with her earnings.
Asli Shidane has been selling petrol on the Mogadishu streets for 23 years and has sent six of her eight kids to school with her earnings.
Before the arrival of the petrol stations, Fadumo and Asli used to sell as much as 200 litres a day each, but now barely sell 40 litres each.
Before the arrival of the petrol stations, Fadumo and Asli used to sell as much as 200 litres a day each, but now barely sell 40 litres each.
With peace returning, gas vendors feel they been squeezed out of the new Mogadishu. They say making a living is harder now than during the war.
With peace returning, gas vendors feel they been squeezed out of the new Mogadishu. They say making a living is harder now than during the war.
Petrol stations sell their fuel cheaper at $1 per litre compared with $1.20 from the roadside gas vendors.
Petrol stations sell their fuel cheaper at $1 per litre compared with $1.20 from the roadside gas vendors.
At least half a dozen stations have opened in Mogadishu with cars queuing during rush hour to fill their tanks.
At least half a dozen stations have opened in Mogadishu with cars queuing during rush hour to fill their tanks.

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