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Qarax ka dhacay Muqdisho ayaa ku dhintay Mas’uul ka Laanta Socdaalka (SAWIRRO)

Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Laba qof oo mid ka mid ah uu ahaa mas’uul ka tirsan dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa ku dhaawacmay qarax maanta ka dhacay jidka muhiimka ah ee Maka Al-Mukarama ee Muqdisho, iyadoo mas’uulka lahaa gaariga uu qaraxu ka dhacay uu gellinkii … read more »

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Photos: Mogadishu Car Bomb Blast Kills Immigration Officer

AFP Mogadishu (AFP) – Two people were seriously wounded Sunday when a bomb exploded in their car in the Somali capital Mogadishu, police said. “We believe that the bomb was attached to the car,” police officer Ahmed Siyad said. The … read more »

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Finland: Somali taxi driver beaten and threatened in Lieksa

YLE Uutiset Somali-born Abdi is the first dark-skinned taxi driver ever to be hired in Lieksa, North Karelia. A week ago, after two months on the job, he received death threats and was verbally abused and physically assaulted after his … read more »

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Somali community warns bank transfer crackdown could lead to terror funding

ABC News Australia Australia’s Somali community is warning that the threat posed by terror groups in the African country could increase because of tough banking regulations that prevent them from sending money home. Westpac is the last of the major … read more »

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Somali leaders must act decisively for country’s sake

Daily Nation Somalia’s Parliament was yesterday turned into a house of dishonour as legislators swapped the decorum of rational debate for chaotic shouting matches and placard-waving in a battle over a proposed vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister. The … read more »

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