Somali Immigration Department Established New Passport Making Facility in Mogadishu

IMG_0081Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed visited the offices of the Immigration Department today where modern passport making facility is established.

In the past four years, this printing facility was located in Sharjah, UAE and the remote nature of the passport issuance process created unnecessary backlog which the Immigration Department sought to rectify.

Accompanied by the Director of Immigration and Naturalization Department, General Abdullahi Gafow Mohamud, the President toured the new facility and spoke with the employees and officers of the department.

Demonstrating the capability of the new facility, the Immigration Department, issued on-spot a new passport for President Sharif.

Passports issued by the Somali Immigration Department are in par with passports issued by other countries in terms of built-in security features as well as the integrity of the application process.

President Sharif thanked the staff of the Immigration Department for their selfless work and encouraged them to serve the people and safeguard the integrity of the Somali passport.

The President also informed the gathered immigration officials and staff that the repatriation of the printing facility and the ability service thousand citizens per day is both victories for the Transitional Federal Government as well as the Somali people who yearn for prompt, dependable and responsive service.”






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