Sunday, May 3, 2015

U.S. Calls Off ‘Suicide Mission’ to Rescue Pirate Hostages

On April 17th, I received an e-mail from b-the-hansa-stavanger-401f91722ee8jpegsomeone I had never met. The message: ”Keep an eye out on the news for the next week. Rumor has it the GSG 9 der Bundespolizei may make a move on the German freighter Hansa Stavanger (held by Somali pirates).” So I kept my eye out. But nothing happened.

Today, I read at the U.S. Naval Institute Blog that there was a rescue mission all ready to go.
“Over 200 members of GSG-9, German law enforcement’s most elite hostage rescue and counter-terrorism team,” were going to participate. The goal:  “retake the German freighter Hansa Stavanger and free the 24 crew members seized by Somali pirates in early April.”

But when “the United States was asked by its close NATO ally to assist with logistics for the German assault force,” National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones nixed the operation. After he reviewing the plans, however, he deemed it a possible “suicide mission” and “bloodbath.” German officials “also noted that the pirates seemed well prepared to repel any attack.” So the operation was scuttled. And I wait for my next tip



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