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Somali community warns bank transfer crackdown could lead to terror funding

ABC News Australia Australia’s Somali community is warning that the threat posed by terror groups in the African country could increase because of tough banking regulations that prevent them from sending money home. Westpac is the last of the major … read more »

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Somali community desperate for Westpac money transfer reprieve

Melbourne’s Somali community is warning innocent people will suffer if the last Australian bank to allow money transfers to the war-torn country follows through with its plan to stop the practice.The community is desperate for a last minute reprieve after … read more »

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Somali refugee at home in North Queensland as Townsville Multicultural Support Group resettlement numbers rise

“I love Townsville,” beams Abdi Omar Osman, resplendent in his North Queensland Fury shirt. To say that his journey here has been a long and arduous one would be a dramatic understatement. Born in 1991, Mr. Osman and his family … read more »

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Melbourne language study reveals a cacophony of diversity

More languages are spoken in Melbourne than there are countries in the world, a cacophony of 251 tongues whose voices stretch to all corners of the city. It is a thoroughly modern metropolis, a changing city where as older European … read more »

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Generosity brings Somali woman to Brisbane for facial reconstruction

The long wait for a Somali woman left horribly disfigured when she was shot in the face as a child is almost over. Ayaan Mohamed, now 25, suffered horrific facial injuries as a result of the attack during Somalia’s brutal … read more »

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Siyaasi Australian ah oo Waraysi TV ku ceeboobay

Waraysi lagu ceeboobo markaan tilmaamayno kani wuxuu noqonayaa #1, sidaanaa loo jabaa haddi kale waa layska dhaafaa. Stephanie Banister, oo doonaysay inay matasho xisbiga wadaniyiinta Australia ee loo yaqaan ONE NATION una tartamaysa doorashooyinka soo socda ee dalka Australia ayaa … read more »

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Raiisal Wasaaraha Australia oo Afka ciidda Darsatay (VIDEO)

Raiisal Wasaaraha Australia Julia Gillard oo maalin sii horeysay ku kuftay Sydney Custom House, goor aan sii dhoweyna kabteeda ay kaga luntay Canbera mudaharaad Aboriginals-ku ay samaynayeen ayaa haddana mar kale wejiga afka darsatay iyadoo booqasho ku maraysay dalka India. … read more »

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Nin Airport-ka Sydney lagu joojiyey oo buuq sameeyey (VIDEO)

Ninkan Cabsan ayaa lagu weydiiyey suaalo inuu ka jawaabo laguna baaro garoonka dayuuradaha ee Sydney Australia, laakiin sida aad ka arki doontid wuxuu noqday mid cirka Ilaahay kasoo tuuray oo mixnad ku noqday askartii socdaalka Australia. Dabeecadda uu Muujiyay ninkan ayaa … read more »

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Perils of journey to Australia no deterrent to Somali refugees

Ishwaq Osman (21) is a vivacious young Somali refugee woman who has been living in Jakarta for the last two years.

“At the start I could not get the lifestyle here, particularly the food. I was not used to spicy food,” … read more »

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Australia Day 2011 – Fresh Kidz & Liban oo Heeso Soomaali ah ka qaaday

Maalintii Arbacada 26 Jan 2011 ahayd ayaa waxaa lagu qabtay xaflad balaaran faras magaalaha Melbourne ee wadanka Australia, taasoo loogu dabbaaldagayey munaasabadda Maalinta Wadanka Australia ama Australian Day. Balse sannadkan waxay kaga duwanayd waxaa ka qayb galay dhalinyaro Soomaali ah … read more »

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2 Lebanese, 1 Somali Guilty over Jihadist Plot on Sydney Army Base

Three men, including two Lebanese, were found guilty Thursday of plotting to attack a Sydney army base with high-powered weapons and kill as many people as possible to further the cause of Islam. The Supreme Court in Melbourne heard that … read more »

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Mohammad Ali ready to run

AUCKLAND – EVERY time Mohammad Ali introduces himself, the 17-year-old endures raised eyebrows and, sometimes, incredulous looks. No surprise, given that the 3,000-metre runner’s name sounds just like that of three-time world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, whom many consider … read more »

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Somali refugee admits New Zealand’s first plane hijack ‎

Somali woman Asha Ali Abdille, 36, has pleaded guilty to a charge of trying to hijack an aircraft flying from Blenheim to Christchurch. Abdille made the guilty plea in the High Court in Christchurch today at a pre-trial hearing. Justice … read more »

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Sweet sounds of Somaliberg

Omar left his homeland in 1990, travelling first to Sudan and then later to Malaysia. After two years in an Australian detention centre, he settled in West Heidelberg. In a backroom of Tanaad grocery, he tells me he was fortunate: … read more »

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We cop it sweet

A SOMALI community leader has rejected claims that police are continuing to racially target Flemington’s African teenagers. Somali Community of Victoria president Abdirahman Osman said relations between Flemington police and the Somali community had improved in the past 18 months. … read more »

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Victorian police chief Simon Overland admits racists in ranks

VICTORIA Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland is embroiled in another race row after admitting that there are bigots on his force. Mr Overland, whose public standing took a hit from his clumsy handling of the furore surrounding attacks on Indians … read more »

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Australia Defence and Security Report Q1 2010

17.02.2010 18:24:53 ( – A better-than-expected performance of the Australian economy has compelled us to revise our full-year growth forecast for 2009 upwards to 0.3%, from -0.8% previously, while retaining our 2010 forecast of 1.9% growth. A key risk to … read more »

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Somalis take everything from us, “white people”

A pissed off Aussie lady in Heidelberg west mall shopping center – Melbourne Australia. Hating Somalis and Muslims even Italians and Greeks.

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Australia’s unemployment rate falls

Australian unemployment has fallen to an eight-month low, boosting confidence in the economy. The rate of unemployment fell to 5.5% in December from 5.6% in November, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said. The figures came as a surprise to many … read more »

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Police find body of Salman Abdirahman Arte

UPDATE: SEARCHERS have found the body of a 13-year-old boy who disappeared in floodwaters at Bulimba Creek at Wishart in Brisbane’s south yesterday. The young Somali immigrant was last seen clinging to a broken tree branch in the creek but … read more »

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