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From left to right: Louis Michel, Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar, Somali FM, Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General and EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso Photo © European Communities, 2009 Radio Netherlands — A meeting billed as a donor conference for Somalia has tried to punch high above its weight by promising to help the new government end poverty and insecurity....Continue reading »

Mohamed Ali, 11 plays at a McDonald's indoor playground in Toronto. (Yvonne Berg for The Globe and Mail) MARINA JIMÉNEZ  –   Globe and Mail Idar Hassan named her third child Ali, after a beloved cousin. Beautiful and alert, Ali could say “dada” and cruise around the living room, hanging onto furniture, by the time he was eight months old. But...Continue reading »

Ayan Siyat, left, and Sadia Dubat, right, talk on the bus before leaving for Portland from bates College in Lewiston on Sunday. The two Edward Little High School juniors have published stories in the book "They were very beautiful. Such things are." Khatra Arte, hidden back left, also is published in the memoirs. Abdirizak Gure, back right, went to Portland...Continue reading »

Caitlin O’Neil – The Lantern (OSU) A young Somali man was shot twice by officials when he tried to flee the country years ago, and is now paralyzed.  He never had an X-ray and although today he remains in constant pain, the only medicine he recieves is a few aspirin every day. A photograph of this man was one of many shown by photographer Abdi Roble and...Continue reading »