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The Latest News about Somalis in Canada.
Wararkii ugu danbeeyay ee Soomaalida ku nool wadanka Canada.

Toronto Somali community concerned about resurgence of violence in Calgary

Toronto Star The Toronto Somali community is concerned about a possible resurgence of violence in Alberta following the New Year’s Day murder of a Somali man in Calgary, says a community leader.Abdullahi Ahmed, 26, sustained life-threatening injuries when gunshots rang … read more »

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NDP’s Faisal Hassan, Running for Etobicoke North Nomination

Toronto – After serving the NDP and the Canadian public in various capacities, Mr. Faisal Hassan, a prominent social activist and human rights advocate is seeking the NDP nomination for the next Federal election in Etobicoke North.From housing activist to … read more »

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VIDEO: Police on the hunt for robbers who shot Calgary businessman

Global TV (Canada) Three days after a prominent member of Calgary’s Somali community was robbed and shot in the face, police continue their search for two men. Yusuf Mohamed was shot by the two masked men during a holdup Friday … read more »

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Canada: Southeast shooting victim remains in medically induced coma

CTV News Yousef Mohammed, the victim of a Friday evening shooting along 17 Ave. S.E., is comatose in hospital with his wife at his bedside. According to Imam Abdi Hersy, Mohammed is considered to be in stable but critical condition. … read more »

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Slayings ‘a tragedy we share,’ says prayer leader as hundreds mourn East York family

Toronto Star A huge crowd gathered to honour the lives of Zahra Abdille and her two young sons on Friday, but the slain family had no immediate relatives at their funeral. Abdille’s mother is dead and her father leads a … read more »

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Triple homicide: Slaying victim cried out for help but fell through the cracks

Toronto Star The legal system failed Zahra Abdille and her children and they returned to the violent home where they were eventually killed. Last year Zahra Abdille cried out for help, fleeing her husband for a safe house and asking … read more »

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VIDEO: Somali Canadians seduced by ISIS

According to an Edmonton community leader, there’s a surge in Somali-Canadian youth joining ISIS. Sun News Network EDMONTON – In an online video made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a twenty-something former student from Calgary’s Somali-Canadian … read more »

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Canada Working with International Community to Support Somalia

Government of Canada Ted Opitz, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke Centre, highlighted Canada’s ongoing efforts to stabilize Somalia during the Ministerial High Level Partnership Forum, which took place on November 19 and 20, 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mr. Opitz reiterated … read more »

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Toronto school board sets higher improvement targets for students based on race, sexual orientation

For the first time in Ontario, a school board has set a different — and higher — target for raising the marks of students who are black, Spanish-speaking, aboriginal, Portuguese, gay or lesbian, than the target for its students overall. … read more »

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Canadian parliament locked down, one suspect reported dead

(Reuters) – A gunman shot and wounded a soldier in Ottawa on Wednesday and then entered the country’s parliament buildings chased by police, with at least 30 shots fired in dramatic scenes in the heart of the Canadian capital. A … read more »

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Somali-Canadian council candidate faces racist graffiti

Toronto — Somali-Canadian woman running for a city council seat is brushing off prejudiced messages scribbled on her campaign signs. Munira Abukar, who wears a purple headscarf in the photo on the campaign signs, tweeted images on Friday showing apparently … read more »

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The Man Who Tried to Sell the Rob Ford Crack Tape Claims There’s a Second Tape, Featuring a Crack-Smoking Judge

Earlier this week, Mohamed Farah, a community organizer from Toronto’s Dixon neighbourhood in North Etobicoke, contacted VICE Canada and offered us a tell-all interview. If his name isn’t familiar to you, Farah was the man who tried to broker the … read more »

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Farah Mohamed Shirdon, Canadian jihadist thought killed in Iraq, appears in Vice video

Ottawa – A Calgary man who was rumoured to be dead after travelling to fight with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria appears to be alive and has conducted a video interview with media outlet Vice. Farah Mohamed Shirdon, of Calgary, first came to attention in … read more »

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Hamilton family fears son killed fighting for Islamic State in Syria

A Hamilton family fears that their son, who had begun shunning the local Muslim community as too moderate, has died in battle alongside Islamic State extremists in Syria. Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud’s family “have not heard it officially, but they’re accepting … read more »

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Alberta group warns prime minister that ISIL is recruiting Somali youths

Calgary – EDMONTON – The leader of a Somali group has written to the prime minister warning that young people in Alberta are being recruited to become fighters for the radical group ISIL. In his letter, Mahamad Accord says he has … read more »

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Back to the future: The challenges facing Somalia’s returning diaspora

“Whenever you move around, you worry about what will happen to you,” says Abdullahi Nur Osman, who recently moved back to his home country, Somalia. “The security situation is a big worry.” For the past 20 years, Somalia has been … read more »

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Terrorism expert says isolation driving Calgarians to join ISIL

Calgary jihadist Farah Mohamed Shirdon, in his 20s, was reportedly killed abroad after joining the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which now calls itself Islamic State. Shirdon’s death follows those of fellow Calgarians Salman Ashrafi, … read more »

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Eid festival connects Edmonton Somali community with neighbours

The Somali Canadian Business Council marked the end of Ramadan with food, music and dancing Saturday. The group gathered in a small park on 118 Avenue and 91 Street for the city’s first Eid al-Fitr Festival from 11 a.m. to … read more »

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Somalia’s police boss called ‘war criminal’ in Canada

Mogadishu’s new police commissioner was once wanted in Canada as a “war criminal” after a refugee and immigration board concluded he was “responsible for the ruthless torture of prisoners” while with Somalia’s police force in the 1980s. Mogadishu’s new police … read more »

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For Somalia, “Team Canada” means more money, fewer jobs

As the diaspora return in record numbers, tension is growing. Sending money from abroad is one thing, coming back to Somalia is another. MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—The tables start to fill inside the air-conditioned Maka al Mukarama Hotel cafe just before sunset. … read more »

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