Somali Parliament Votes out Prime Minister



Mogadishu (Bartamaha) Somali Members of Parliaments have ousted Prime Minister Abdiweli Shiekh Ahmed after Vote has been taken for the “No Confidence” motion against the Prime Minister and his government.

The Parliamentarian’s session Today was discussed the motion against the government led by the Prime Minister Abdiweil Shiekh Ahmed that emerged after minor reshuffle by the Prime Minister removed key President ally from his office. The Lawmaker had later started voting for “No Confidence” Motion. 153 members of the Parliament had voted for the pass of the No Confidence Motion while 80 lawmakers have voted against the motion thus remove the Prime Minsiter from offie.

However, the result bring deepened political turmoil within the Mogadishu based Federal government to and end.

This came after Somali federal states and the International community warned the president on sacking the President , which they said the hinder the vision 2016 to realise free and fair democratic elections in Somalia.



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