Somali President expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the former PM and the outgoing administration

Hassan Sheikh

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) H.E. the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, acknowledges the Federal Parliament of Somalia’s No Confidence vote in the Prime Minister & his Administration.

H.E. the President first thanked the Members of the Federal Parliament (MPs). “I want to thank all MPs for their active participation, regardless of whether they voted yes, no or abstained. I commend them for following parliamentary procedures. I say, very clearly, that there is no winner or loser,” H.E. the President said.

H.E. the President expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the former Prime Minister and the outgoing administration during their tenure. The President encouraged both the state institutions and the people of Somalia to accord them the respect they deserve for their service to the nation.
H.E. the President highlighted the capacity and growing maturity of the nascent Federal Institutions to resolve political challenges without outside intervention.

H.E. the President reassured the Somali public and international partners that there will be no lull in the peace and state building efforts, including the fight against al-Shabaab and all other forms extremism and criminal behaviour. To that end, H.E. the President ordered the security institutions to redouble their efforts to protect the nation.

H.E the President said: “We need to return our focus to the reconstruction and revitalisation of the nation. Security, Vision 2016 including the Federal Process, the review and adoption of the Constitution and the successful delivery of credible national elections in 2016, are our priorities going forward.”

H.E. the President concluded that, no time would be lost in ensuring a broad but focussed consultation, after which he will appoint a new Prime Minister who can lead a government capable of meeting the expectations of Somali people.



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