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Chief Editor

Abdirizak Yonis is a senior chief editor at Bartamaha Media (a SMO "Somali Multimedia Organisation" Company), where he oversees the Bartamaha News outlet. Abdirizak is responsible for the news output of the entire website. The editor in chief uses his journalistic experience and professional judgment to select the stories that are most important to our readers. Abdirizak was previously the National news editor of Bartamaha dot com. He has written for the site since the late 2012

NAIROBI, KENYA: The row in Jubilee coalition took another twist Monday after TNA MPs accused leader of Majority Aden Duale of being a sympathizer of terrorism...Continue reading »

Fourteen years ago, longtime community activist Abdirizak Bihi received a call informing him of an after-school fight that broke out between Somali-American...Continue reading »

It is seven years since Uganda sent 7,000 troops to Somalia under the African Union Peacekeeping mission (AMISOM). And for many soldiers, their lives...Continue reading »

The United Nations human rights office today voiced its concern at the “hasty” judicial process in the Somali town of Kismayo that led to the execution...Continue reading »

The Somali parliamentary committee on national security, interior and governance will form a sub-committee to oversee the federalism process in the country,...Continue reading »

For over a month soldiers and peacekeepers have been advancing south and driving al Shabaab men out of over a dozen towns containing more than 100,000...Continue reading »

A Canadian court held a trial Tuesday for Mohamed Hersi, a Somali-Canadian resident of Toronto, who was accused of trying to join the Al Qaeda-affiliated...Continue reading »

Armed police patrolled the streets of Kenya’s port city Mombasa on Wednesday following the assassination of a prominent radical Muslim cleric who...Continue reading »

Mogadishu, Somalia – Just before the weekend, a crowd of about 20 people gather around silver-haired Jiim Sheikh Muumin at a sandy white beach on...Continue reading »

Wajir South MP Diriye Abdullahi was accused of trying to release an illegal immigrant from JKIA on Thursday 27th March, 2014. He told Larry Madowo the...Continue reading »

WASHINGTON — The World Bank said Tuesday that it is doubling its potential lending to so-called middle-income countries like China, India, and Brazil,...Continue reading »

A selfless teacher who saved the life of a seriously ill pupil by donating one of his kidneys has been hailed as a hero. Ray Coe said he knew it was ‘the...Continue reading »

The Lib Dem rebellion over the ban on khat has opened up the chance of Labour stopping the measure dead in its tracks, but after several months it’s...Continue reading »

Mogadishu (RBC) The former foreign minister of Somalia Fawsiya Yusuf Haji Aden has been sworn in as a new Parliament Member after gaining a parliamentarian...Continue reading »

In a recent article on the Daily Maverick, Simon Allison identifies the “surprisingly perceptive” core message of al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane’s...Continue reading »

Two days after the end of school in June, four Minneapolis educators plan to head off to a different kind of summer school. Three teachers and a Somali-born...Continue reading »

Daughters of Revolution Nadifa Mohamed’s second novel, “The Orchard of Lost Souls,” could have used this observation as its starting point. Setting...Continue reading »

Despite dangers portrayed in Captain Phillips, pirate attacks in Somali waters have declined drastically. It’s a different story in Strait of Malacca. BANGKOK—Maybe...Continue reading »

Home Office survey of people of Somali origin in Birmingham in 2005 found that 34 per cent said they had chewed khat in month before the interview. The...Continue reading »

More than 700 delegates attending a three-region state formation conference in Baidoa elected Mohamed Haji Abdinur as president on Thursday (March 27th),...Continue reading »