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Abdirizak Yonis is a senior chief editor at Bartamaha Media (a SMO "Somali Multimedia Organisation" Company), where he oversees the Bartamaha News outlet. Abdirizak was previously the National news editor of Bartamaha dot com. He has written for the site since the late 2012

VIDEO: Mogadishu Eid Ul Fitr 2014

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Mogadishu: Somalis celebrate Eid Ul Fitr

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somali people are celebrating today on Monday for the occasion of Eidul Fitr to mark the end of the Holy Ramadan Month, which is one of the most sacred months in the Islamic calendar. The celebrations across the … read more »

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For Somalia, “Team Canada” means more money, fewer jobs

As the diaspora return in record numbers, tension is growing. Sending money from abroad is one thing, coming back to Somalia is another. MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—The tables start to fill inside the air-conditioned Maka al Mukarama Hotel cafe just before sunset. … read more »

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Aw-Libaax & Lo’dii layacantay ee luntay (Qalinkii Maxamed Xaaji)

Waxaa la fadhiyaa berrinkii BAH-LAAYE, waa meel aan lagu degin sahan iyo qorshe uu caqli samaan u saaxiib ihi sii saadiyay, waa boor iyo baahi, busaarad iyo balanbal, waxaa wada deggan Lo’ layacan iyo Libaax daleelada ka helay oo daranyada … read more »

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VIDEO: Warbaahinta Mareykanka oo ka hadashay dilkii Saado Cali

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Gas Station Clerk With MMA Training Surprises Thieves

A convenience store clerk who also just happens to be a five-time Sri Lankan Mixed Martial Arts national champion turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers 

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Sada Ali Instagram Tribute Photos

RIP Sada Ali. You will be missed dearly.

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Meet Mohamed Roble Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10

Ottawa – Muslim Link interviewed Mohamed Roble, Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10. The Ottawa Municipal Election takes place on Monday, October 27th 2014. Please tell me a little bit about your background (i.e. country of origin, where you are … read more »

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Nigeria Beats Somalia in Terror Casualties – Report

Nigeria has surpassed terror-ridden countries like Somalia, Iraq, making it the country with the highest casualty rate from terrorism -related attacks, a UK-based risk consultancy Maplecroft said yesterday in a report. The report entitled: Maplecroft Terrorism and Security Dashboard (MTSD), … read more »

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Video: Kent, Washington woman accused of aiding Somali terrorists

KENT, Wash. — The U.S. Attorney’s office has indicted five people for funding terrorism. One of them is a 44-year-old woman from Kent. Federal agents arrested Hinda Osman Dhirane at her home early Wednesday morning and she appeared in federal … read more »

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Somali Refugees in San Diego Prep for College, Break Cultural Norms

Khadija Osman, 18, shuffles a stack of certificates, one for making the honor roll and several others awarded by teachers. She just graduated from Arroyo Paseo Charter High School in City Heights and is heading to UC Merced in the … read more »

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Gd. Baarlamaanka oo Norway ugu qeyb-galaya shir looga hadlayo dimoqraadiyadda

Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Mudane Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan Jawaari ayaa maanta u amba baxay dalka Norway, halkaasoo uu kaga qeyb geli doono shir ay isugu imaanayaan caalamka iyo Wadamada Scandinavian-ka loogana hadli doono arrimaha dimoqraadiyadda. Mudane Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan … read more »

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Gathering celebrates Somali Bantu, along with calls for Springfield landlord crackdown

A gathering, designed to celebrate Springfield’s Bantu-speaking refugees from Somalia, while calling for more accountability from landlords, drew some 60 participants, including City Council President Michael Fenton. “I am here to correct an injustice to the Somalis, and to Adan … read more »

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Somali activist, singer remembered in Minnesota for her bravery

Star Tribune (MINNEAPOLIS) Saado Ali Warsame’s songs and poems urged unity in a country known for its tumult and division. Between the lines, they also reflected a political activism for change that propelled her to become one of the first … read more »

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Seattle Somalis Worry Arrests Could Hinder How They Send Home Money

A Somali immigrant living in Kent was arrested Wednesday on charges of fundraising for the Somali insurgent group Al-Shabaab. Her arrest could cast more suspicion on the system Somalis use to send money home. The case against Hinda Osman Dhirane … read more »

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VIDEO: Aaska Marxuumad Saado Cali

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Allaha u naxariistee waxaa maanta magaalada Muqdisho lagu aasay Marxuumad Saado Cali Warsame oo kooxo dhagar-qabayaal ah ay shalay ku dileen magaalada Muqdisho, waxaana salaada Janaasada kula tukaday Madaxtooyada, Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, Guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka … read more »

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Xukuumadda Soomaaliya oo magacaabtay Xeer Ilaaliyaha Guud Ee Qaranka

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Golaha Wasiiradda Xukuumada Federaalka Soomaaliya ayaa maanta isugu yimid kulankoodii caadiga ahaa waxaana shir gudoominayey Ra’iisul Wasaare Cabdiweli Sheekh Axmed Maxamed ayaa looga hadlay xaaladda ammaan ee dalka iyo xil ka qaadis lagu sameeyey Xeer Ilaaliyihii Guud ee … read more »

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Prime Minister vows perpetrators of MP Saado Ali to be brought to justice

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has vowed that government security will continue to hunt for the perpetrators of Late Member of the Parliament Saado Ali Warsame who was slain yesterday near her hotel in Mogadishu by gunmen. The … read more »

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DEG DEG: Saado Cali Warsame oo Muqdisho lugu dilay

Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Dabley hubaysan ayaa goor dhaweyd weerar ku qaaday gaari ay la socotay fanaanada Soomaaliyed Saado Cali Warsame,waxaana la sheegay weerarka inay ku dhimatay Saado Cali iyo darawalkii u waday gaarigii ay la socotay. Saado Cali Warsame oo xilligan … read more »

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Somali PM: Donors must deliver on promises

Al Jazeera – Mogadishu, Somalia - A country whose very name is almost enough of an introduction, Somalia’s reputation of unfathomable violence and desperate poverty is known around the world. In decades of civil war, it has been described as a … read more »

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