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Wajir South MP Diriye Abdullahi was accused of trying to release an illegal immigrant from JKIA on Thursday 27th March, 2014. He told Larry Madowo the...Continue reading »

Wiil Soomaaliyeed oo si wacan u haysta Dhaqankiisa. Soo saaraha Barnaamijka: Deeq Darajo. ...

U.S. Navy SEALs have taken control of a commercial oil tanker that was seized earlier this month by three armed Libyan rebels, the Pentagon said Monday. “No...Continue reading »

While Matthew is only three, he is still a master negotiator. He was at his grandma’s house and was begging his mom for cupcakes instead of a regular...Continue reading »

The United Nations has warned that the security situation in Somalia is deteriorating. With the government locked ina continuing battle with Al Shabab,...Continue reading »

Djibouti’s Ayanleh Souleiman won his  East African country’s first ever gold medal in a global athletics competition when he sped to victory in 3:37.52. More...Continue reading »

About Rashid Ali: Rashid Ali was born in Hargeisa, Somalia and studied architecture at the Bartlett school, UCL and City Design and Social Science at...Continue reading »

19-year-old Finnish YouTube user Sara is here to unveil the mystery. Although she is speaking total gibberish, her spot-on accents give us a clue as...Continue reading »

 UMass Lowell senior middle distance runner Omar Abdi (Charlestown, Mass.) represented Somalia in the 1,500 meters at the IAAF World Indoor Track and...Continue reading »

Maxamuud Axmed Nuur (Tarsan), ayaa waxa uu maanta xilka ku wareejiyey Guddoomiyaha cusub ahna Duqa magaalada  Sarreeye Guuto Xasan Maxamed Xuseen (Muungaab). Guddoomiyaha...Continue reading »

A 12-year-old boy who drowned in a St. Louis Park school swimming pool was part of a class of about 30 children being supervised by a teacher who was...Continue reading »

Lupita Nyong’o won the Oscar for best supporting actress Sunday for her role as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave.” The film represented...Continue reading »

Raiisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya ayaa waraysi uu siiyey TVga Itoobiya uga waramay qorshaha safarkiisa kulamada uu yeelan doono. Daawo: ...

Hamda Yusuf, a spoken word poet and a student at University of Washington, grew up listening to stories from her parents who saw stories as a means for...Continue reading »

Hargaysa _ Maamulka Soomaliland ayaa cabsi xoogan kaqaba dagaal uga yimaada Xukuumada cusub, ee Madaxweyne Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali Gaas. Puntland ayaa waxaa...Continue reading »

Hundreds of Somali army officers have been fired, most of them being women.The military claims that many were failing in their duties or due for retirement...Continue reading »

Not sure exactly what they are saying but this is from Ethiopian TV in Feb. 3rd, 2014. One of the problem i see in this video is Where is the Somali Flag?...Continue reading »

We came across this video and couldn’t resist to post it, Its the Somali Silver Elephant Mintage. Click the Google link to get more info. Want more...Continue reading »

A 17-year-old student is calling on Michael Gove to help end female genital mutilation in Britain by asking headteachers to train and inform teachers...Continue reading »