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US attorney Andrew Luger said the six men were determined to join Isis ‘by any means possible’. Representatives of the Somali-American community feel the group is being targeted by US law enforcement.

MINNEAPOLIS, April 20 (Reuters) .S. authorities have charged six Somali-American young men from Minnesota with planning to join Islamic State and fight for the militant group in Syria, the U.S. ...
April 20, 2015 Car parts litter the ground next to the bloodstained van. AFP/Getty Images

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Farming in Somalia- Ahmed's story

BARTAMAHA Ahmed used to be pastoralist in Puntland, Somalia. But then a series of successive droughts made it difficult for him to find enough grazing land for his animals, and ...
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Anti-al-Shabab feeling is running high in Kenya

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Muqdisho (Bartamaha)Nin aanu wada shaqayn jirnay oo xaas leh ayaa gabdhaha kale telefoonadooda markuu save-garaynayo wuxuu magacyo uga dhigi jiray magacyada hay’adaha si aanay xaaskiisuu fahmin marka ay telefoonkiisa baadh ...
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Muqdisho (Bartamaha)Nin ayaa hada kahor nin ku hor arkay guri isagoo tuuksanayo waxa uu yiri:“War nin yahoow maxaa ku hor istaajiyey gurigaani? Ninkii kale ayaa ugu jawaabay “Gurigaan waxaa degen ...
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Ahmed Abbi, an apprentice with the Carpenters Union Local 27, is seen at their training centre in Vaughan, Ont., Wednesday, March 4, 2015. (Photos by Tim Fraser for The Globe and Mail)

Ifo extension camp at Dadaab was designed to deal with the fresh influx of refugees from Somalia. New residents had first lived in risky areas on the camp outskirts. Photograph: B. Bannon/UNHCR

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