BREAKING: PM blames the Presidency on backing the “No Confidence” motion, calls for consensus

Somali PM blames the Presidency

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheih Ahmed has on Monday said the country’s Presidency was backing the current motion of no confidence in the parliament which led the parliament sessions to be suspended, RBC Radio reports.

Prime Minister has held an urgent press conference late on Monday following when a session of Somalia Federal Parliament in which the motion was tabled ended with chaos.

“This growing differences started on October 25th when I made a minor cabinet reshuffle meant to accelerate the work of my cabinet, but unfortunately the President of the State issued a written statement telling my reshuffle to be null and void ordering the ministers changed no to comply with the reshuffle” PM Abdiweli said.

“Following that, there was a motion from the Presidency which aimed to collapse the cabinet and led to the parliament to divide into two rival groups risking the unity of the country” the Prime Minister added.

He said the Presidency was paying bribes to the parliamentarians to back the standing motion against the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

Continuing to speak the Prime Minister said.

“I am very upset that some officials were using the powers of the government fir wrongful activities and working to disrupt the governance.”.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister called that the differences within him and the President to be resolved through negotiation as he also called the motion to be withdrawn.

His statement came hour after a third session of the Federal Parliament was postponed following disruption over the controversial motion which some of the parliamentarians were supporting and others opposing which was tabled on Monday to be discussed.



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