SOMALIA: UN envoy says he does not need to apologize Somali MPs over “vote for cash” allegation


Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) The UN Special Representative for Somalia Nicholas Kay has intentionally rejected to give an apology to the lawmakers of Somalia following his comments on “vote for cash” allegation against the Members of the Federal Parliament during a motion of no confidence tabled against the Prime Minister, RBC Radio reports.

Speaking to BBC Somali, Ambassador Kay said he need not apologize over his comments as it was a real concern by even other people.

The UK national ambassador said he had his concern toward the political deadlock between President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud ad Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

Asked about his views toward the possible solution for the current political stand-off, Ambassador Kay noted that all Somali government institutions should take part in bringing a mechanism to resolve the crisis and more important to get avoid from such crisis between the current date and until September 2016, when a new government is due to be elected.



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