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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A family pleads for help finding their loved one’s killer. Someone fatally shot 31-year-old Abdul-Fatah Yussuf at a north...Continue reading »

Shadia Muse is 28 now and has been on the run for nearly a decade. Muse was 18 and a student at Mifflin High School when she gave birth to a baby girl...Continue reading »

COLUMBUS (Camille Doty) — A $6,000 reward is being offered for information involving a homicide in Northeast Columbus. 31-year-old Abdulfatah Yussuf...Continue reading »

A former Somali military colonel who left the U.S. while facing civil allegations that he tortured a human rights advocate is being ordered to pay $15...Continue reading »

Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon (Saacid) ayaa saaka xafiiskiisa ku qaabilay wafti uu hogaaminayo wakiilka...Continue reading »

A Somali immigrant who federal prosecutors say plotted to attack an Ohio shopping mall has been deported to Somalia. Nuradin Abdi completed his prison...Continue reading »

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The FBI has added a new name to its list of Most Wanted Terrorists. They are also warning the local Somali community to be on alert. Omar...Continue reading »

A week before election day in the United States, all eyes are on swing states and on Ohio in particular. The state is split between Democrats and Republicans...Continue reading »

Nadia Mohamed was too young to remember the unsanitary living conditions and lack of medical care in the places she and her family stayed while trying...Continue reading »

Kulan sanadeedka ay qabtaan culimada Ehlu Suna waljamaaca oo sanadkan lagu qabtay goblka Ohio oo ay ka soo qayb galeen culimo caanha oo qaarkood ka yimaadeen Yurub iyo kuwa ku nool waqooyi Ameerika. ...

Kooxdii kubada cagta  1993 ee xerada Utaanga oo ay isugu danbaysay markay xeryaha ka soo galeen qurbaha oo kulankoodii ugu horeyey ee qurbaha ku sameeyey Ohio. ...

The Somali Student Association at Ohio State organized its first-ever5k/one-mile run Sunday on the Oval in an effort to raise money for the victims of the famine in Somalia. Project Run for Life: Horn of Africa, was developed over the summer by SSA board members and OSU Undergraduate Student Government senate member Bilal Bajwa. Since then, Run for Life has raised $11,000...Continue reading »

James C. Swan, the new U.S. special representative for Somalia, wanted to hear from Columbus Somalis about U.S. policy in their homeland. For some in the Somali diaspora, Swan’s appointment indicates to them that the United States is willing to take a lead in helping to resolve the many problems that have fractured the war-torn country for 21 years. Abdi Issa was direct...Continue reading »

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit alleging torture claims against a former Somali military colonel who lives in Ohio. Defendant Abdi Aden Magan (AHB’-dee AH’-den MAH’-gen) argues the lawsuit was filed in the wrong country and too long after when his accuser says the abuse occurred. Former human rights advocate in Somalia Abukar Hassan...Continue reading »

A clash last month between black and Bhutanese Nepali residents of a North Side apartment complex started when two men tried to rob one of the refugees, witnesses said. Now, the city of Columbus is trying to set up a meeting between the Bhutanese Nepali community and other residents to try to discuss cultural differences and other simmering issues. Abdi Soofe of the city’s...Continue reading »

Two days after a Somali man was arrested in Columbus on terrorism charges, Somalis gathered to protest the ouster of Somalia’s popular prime minister. They fear that more political instability in the war-ravaged country could give Islamic extremists a leg up in their fight against Somalia’s shaky government. That in turn could increase the risk that al-Shabab,...Continue reading »

waraysi Bartamaha la yeelatay ciyaartoygii qaranka Soomaaliyeed Mahamed Faarax Lowlow oo joogay Ohio ...

Bartamaha (Ohio) Baaritaan ay sameeyeen TV ku yaal magaalada Columbus ayaa waxaa ay cadeynaysaa in waxbarashada carruurta ee iskoolka kadib lagu xaday qalinka lana marsiin jidkii loogu talo galay ee ahaa in carruurta wax lagu baro. Dowladda Maraykanka ayaa siisa lacag fara badan ururo sheegta inay jaaliyadooda wax baraan caruurta iskoolka kadib, laakiin Soomaali ku dhaqan...Continue reading »

By: benfrenchphoto Islamic radicalism and the threat of young Somalis being lured to fight for extremist causes usually aren’t on the mind of Ilhan Dahir’s friends at Hilliard Bradley High School. “If we talk about it, it’s in an intellectual way,” said the 18-year-old senior, herself of Somali descent. But Dahir said that last night’s...Continue reading »

Warsaxafadeed ay soo qaban qabiyeen Dhalinyarada sanadkan qabanaysa koobkii shanaad ee kulanka Kubada Cagta kooxaha Somaalida Waqoyi Ameerika waa markii shanaad ee ay qabtaan kulankan waxay rajaynayaa in ay mideeyaan dhalinyarada ayan u tahay in ay is dhex geliyaan bulshada Soomaaliyeed ee ku kala daadsan gobolada Waqoyi Ameerika. Daawo ...