Deputy suspended over remarks to Somali man

Abdiwali Hussein

HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A Washington County Sheriff’s deputy was suspended following an investigation into what he said to a suspect during an arrest.

Deputy Chris Gilderson was suspended without pay for several weeks after what he said to a man, Abdiwali Hussein, who was trying to steal a bicycle.

The investigation determined Gunderson, who knew Hussein was a Somali, made inappropriate comments while Hussein was in custody. Gilderson, referring to his time in the military, said, “I opened my M-60, it’s a rifle, into a crowd of (expletive) Somalis.”

Hussein was recording, and kept asking the deputy questions filled with expletives. He also accused Gunderson of punching him, but investigators found no evidence of that.

Gunderson met with Hussein to apologize. Hussein was later convicted of the attempted bike theft.

Gunderson is the same deputy involved in the incident with Dave’s Killer Bread founder Dave Dahl in November 2013. Dahl is accused of ramming Gilderson’s patrol car.

The deputy blamed his inappropriate behavior with Hussein partially on being traumatized by the Dahl incident.

Source: KOIN



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