NOC welcomes re-entry of Somali Judo Federation into world body

Somali Judo Federation

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) The president of Somali National Olympic Committee Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi has lauded for the recent election of Somali Judo Federation and its re-entry into the world body after years of absence, while receiving the recently elected president of Somali Judo Federation Abdullahi Mohamed Hurshe at the Somali NOC headquarters here in Mogadishu on Monday.

Somali Sports Press Association President Muse Mohamed Osman and secretary general of Somali Judo Federation Ibrahim Hassan Mohamoud also attended Monday’s meeting held at Somali Olympic Committee headquarters during which the Somali NOC president said he was very much pleased to have Somalia’s Judo body back into entity.

Both Somali NOC president and the president of Somali Judo Federation expressed their excitement with the revival of the country’s Judo governing body, as the kind of sporting game is more interested in Somalia.

“I know Judo has a large number of fans in Somalia, so to realise Somalia’s ambitions of judo development we want you to redouble your efforts to have our national Judo team ready in the near future” Somali NOC president told the meeting promising that his committee will extend its support to the country’s Judo Federation.

Somali Sports Press Association President Muse Mohamed Osman who delivered a short speech at Monday’s meeting said that the SSPA exists to develop good cooperation with every single sporting organization in the country pledging that the SSPA was ready to work with the recently revived Judo Federation in all kinds of Judo development programs.

“In my capacity as the President of SSPA, I would like to affirm to you that the SSPA will as soon as possible appoint a journalist who will be responsible for the coverage of all activities by the Somali Judo Federation” SSPA president Muse Mohamed Osman told the meeting.

Somali Judo Federation secretary General Ibrahim Hassan Mohamoud who finally addressed at the meeting displayed the strategic plans of his federation for the next four years, a detailed and professional plan that cheered the Somali National Olympic committee Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi.



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