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Minnesota: Feds sue city of St. Anthony over rejection of Islamic center

The federal government on Wednesday sued the small north-metro city of St. Anthony, contending that its City Council violated federal law in 2012 by rejecting a proposed Islamic center. The lawsuit sprang from a controversy that echoes those that have … read more »

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Somaliland forces capture Saax-dheer

Saaxdheer (BARTAMAHA) Somali armed forces have siezed Saax-dheer village where the newly elected president of khatuma state Ali Khalif Galayd was scheduled to be inauguarated today. The forces have attacked the village early morning on Thursday and grapped the control of … read more »

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Soomaaliland oo ka hadashey dagaalkii ay kula waregtay Saax-dheer iyo Cali Khaliif Galayr oo ka badbaadey

Saaxdheer (BARTAMAHA) Soomaaliland ayaa sheegtay inay ciidankooda amar ku qabaan gacan ku dhigida madaxweynaha cusub ee Khaatumo Dr Cali Khaliif Galayr,waxaana ay sheegen inay wali ku daba-joogan. Cali Khaliif Galayr oo ay waheliyan mas’uuliyin kale oo ka tirsan Khaatumo ayaa xilligii … read more »

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Dangerous drug or harmless herb? Europe cuts Ethiopia’s khat

  AWADAY (AFP) – For a town seen as a key trading centre for khat, a plant that is banned in many countries, Ethiopia’s Awaday can seem pretty drowsy and laid-back. As the sun sets on the small eastern town, farmers … read more »

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Can war, by Obama’s rules, beat IS?

He kept faith with his military creed in ongoing air raids against Sunni Islamic State targets in Iraq — in a war he had previously declared over. WASHINGTON: An apparently looming American clash with Islamic State in Syria presents a … read more »

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