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5th Somali lawmker killed in Mogadishu today

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) The 5th Somali lawmaker was shot dead in the capital, Mogadishu today after he has performed the Friday prayer. Un-identified gunmen opened gunfire on Sheikh Adan Madar after he has stepped out of a mosque in the capital. … read more »

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How Art Can Save a Life

By Diriye Osman I’m sitting here feeling worn and scratched — a vinyl record that has seen better days. I’ve grown accustomed to this feeling. Oftentimes, it is accompanied by days of lying in front of the television, blanket over … read more »

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Uhuru, Please Fence The Somalia Border

by Kinoti Gatobu I’m sorry this letter has been published in the press before it lands on your desk. However, as millions of Kenyans trust you to lead this beloved nation, so you should trust them to read a letter … read more »

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Degaanada Puntland oo si balaaran looga xusayo 16-guuradii Dowladooda

Dabaaldagyada 1august oo ku aadan maalinkii lagu dhawaaqay Maamul gobleedka Puntland ayaa ka socdo magaalooyinkaa waawayn ee Degaanada Puntland oo ka mid yahiin Galkacyo, Garowe Bossaso. Ilaa iyo Saakay waabarigii waxaa Degaanada Puntland gabi ahaanba ka socday dabaal dagyo waa … read more »

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Xildhibaankii Shanaad oo Muqdisho lagu toogto Muqdisho sanadkan

Xildhibaan ka tirsan dowladda Dhexe ee Soomaaliya ayaa maanta lagu toogtay Magaalada Muqdisho xili uu kasoo baxay Masaajid. Shiekh Aadan madar oo horay Dowladdahii hore ee kumeel gaarka Soomaaliya uga soo qabtay xilal kala duwan oo ku jiro wasiir ayaa … read more »

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Puntland celebrates 16th anniversary

Puntland, Somalia’s north-eastern semi autonomous state commemorates 16th anniversary in the region. Thousands of Puntlanders Join their leaders in the state’s main towns of Bassaso,Garowe and Galkacyo among the others to celebrate 1august which marks the day Puntland government was … read more »

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PUNTLAND STRONGLY OPPOSES THE MOGADISHU AGREEMENT PURPORTING TO CREATE A FEDERAL STATE FOR CENTRAL REGIONS In reference to the July 30th 2014 Agreement announced in Mogadishu, the Puntland Council of Ministers convened in an extraordinary meeting chaired by the President … read more »

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