Somaliland forces capture Saax-dheer

Somaliland forces capture Saax-dheer

Saaxdheer (BARTAMAHA) Somali armed forces have siezed Saax-dheer village where the newly elected president of khatuma state Ali Khalif Galayd was scheduled to be inauguarated today. The forces have attacked the village early morning on Thursday and grapped the control of Saax-dheer after meeting resistances from Khatuma armed forces.

Saax-dheer, a small village which lies 70Km south to Laas’aanood, the regional capital of Sool region which is now under the control of Somaliland, Somalia’s self-declared breakaway administration.

RBC reporters on the ground stated that Khatuma president along with delegations that reached Saax-dheer the past few days to attend the inauguration ceremony have withdrwan from the village and crossed into Ethiopia’s border.



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