Somali Federal Government​’s Security Blunder (Opinion)


For sure, the Somali Federal Government is grappling with deteriorating security challenges in the face of spate of attacks whose responsibilities claimed by Al Shabaab. Apparent attempt to do something about the lack of security in the country, especially in the capital city of Mogadishu, prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed sacked the security minister and other security chiefs, notably the police chief.

Replacing one person with another in a government position will not make any difference, unless real reforms and effective strategies are explored, pursued and adopted.

Replacements and appointments after every blunder and mishap in the Somali Federal Government has become the accepted norm to try to solve problems, which usually culminates in scapegoating others, rather than the Somali Federal Government as a single entity taking responsibility for the constant things that go wrong on daily basis.

The Somali Federal Government needs to look at itself in the mirror to know itself for what it is in reality, which is a weak government propped up daily by foreign forces.

The buoying up of the Somali Federal Government has become a major addiction on the part of the Somali Federal Government to the extent that relying so much on external powers made the Somali Federal Government forgot to build its own muscles to deal with the obstacles on the road in terms of security or otherwise.

Replacing security minister or police chief will make no difference until real vision and commitment are created by the Somali Federal Government using every possible way within its reach through coordination and cooperation between government institutions.

Ahmed-SaidAhmed Said (Abwaan-kuluc) is a blogger and analyst based in Minnesota, USA.
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