Somalia celebrates second anniversary since ouster of Al-Shabaab terrorists from Mogadishu


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Mogadishu-August 6, 2013; As Somalia marks the second anniversary since the liberation of the capital city Mogadishu from Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists Al-Shabaab, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif has reaffirmed the African Union’s commitment to supporting the country’s peace process.

The expulsion of Al-Shabaab from fixed positions in the city was a significant strategic achievement and set the stage for other successes across the country. “The city of Mogadishu has experienced resurgence in all aspects of political, economic and socio-cultural life. Shops are open till late, markets and homes are being rebuilt. Many Somalis are opting to return home while commercial flights increase in Mogadishu.” Said Ambassador Annadif.

“Two years ago, Somalia National Security Forces with the support of AMISOM dealt a huge blow to the Al-Shabaab.” He said. “Their ejection from Mogadishu set the stage for the tremendous political progress we have witnessed which culminated with the adoption of a provisional constitution, representative elections and the first peaceful handover of power in over forty years in Somalia.” He added.

Securing the capital city Mogadishu was the first phase of the original AMISOM concept of operations. AMISOM has since completed the second phase which entailed helping the government secure major towns like Kismayu, Baidoa and Beletweyne and in south-central Somalia.

Since their withdrawal from Mogadishu, the Al-Shabaab terror group has suffered a string of losses and has resorted to terror tactics that have continued to claim the lives of innocent civilians.“We are working with the Somali government to tackle the threat to the Somali people posed by the foreign-led terrorists. Our forces have significantly degraded their capabilities and we will continue to train up the Somalia National Security Forces so they are enabled to take charge of the security.” Said Ambassador Annadif.




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