Puntland Welcomes Agreement Between Federal Govt and Jubaland


1 September 2013

Puntland Government welcomes the Agreement signed in Addis Ababa on August 27 between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the Jubaland Administration, establishing the modalities of administration and governance in accordance with the agreed-upon Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) of Somalia.

Puntland commends both Somali delegations for engaging in constructive dialogue, with the common purpose of building a federal, united and democratic Somalia.

Today’s meeting in Nairobi between the Puntland delegation led by President H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole) and the Jubaland delegation led by President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) was focused on strengthening relations and cooperation between Puntland and Jubaland and shoring up support for the new agreement that establishes a recognized administration for Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo regions, of southern Somalia.

Puntland recognizes and commends the important role played by the Ethiopian Government as Chair of IGAD and other international partners, including the European Union and the United Nations, in facilitating the week-long dialogue process in Addis Ababa between FGS and Jubaland delegations.

Puntland is ready to contribute to capacity-building assistance for Jubaland institutions and Puntland remains committed to supporting constructive political dialogue, national reconciliation and justice, and good governance to advance the prospects of lasting peace in Somalia.

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