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Research Points to Genetic Link in Autism

Scientists have long known that people with autism have brains that work differently — their brain activity doesn’t follow the usual pathways for speech, thought or social interaction. Still, the lingering question has always been: why? New research published in … read more »

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The Somali autism puzzle ‘The western disease’ has hit immigrants’ kids hard and experts don’t know why

MARINA JIMÉNEZ  –   Globe and Mail Idar Hassan named her third child Ali, after a beloved cousin. Beautiful and alert, Ali could say “dada” and cruise around the living room, hanging onto furniture, by the time he was eight … read more »

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‘A voice for the voiceless’ in Somali autism debate

  By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune Until a few months ago, Idil Abdull avoided taking her 6-year-old son out in public. She worried that strangers would stare at Abdullahi, with his angelic face and gap-toothed smile, and wonder: “What’s wrong with him?” … read more »

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