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The Deportations of Somali Nationals from Canada to Somalia (AUDIO)

Canadian Somali Congress interviewed by the BBC Somali Service on the deportations of Somali nationals from Canada to Somalia.

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Two abducted before slaying: Somali men face 23 charges, including murder, after countryman’s body found in Hermitage Park

Two men were abducted Sunday by kidnappers armed with a shotgun, then robbed and confined before one of them was killed and dumped in a city park, according to an indictment obtained by The Journal. The body of 20-year-old Mohamed … read more »

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Fight Somali piracy on land, not at sea

ANTONIO MARIA COSTA  Globe and Mail Why chase Somali pirates for seven hours if you can’t arrest them? Canadian sailors must be asking themselves this question after being in hot pursuit of a Somali skiff in the Gulf of Aden … read more »

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Canada’s Public Safety Minister Van Loan ‘alarmed’ by terror cells

By Stewart Bell, National Post Canada’s Public Safety Minister said yesterday he was alarmed at reports that Canadians have gone overseas to join armed Islamist groups in places such as Somalia and Pakistan. Peter Van Loan said in an interview … read more »

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The Somali autism puzzle ‘The western disease’ has hit immigrants’ kids hard and experts don’t know why

MARINA JIMÉNEZ  –   Globe and Mail Idar Hassan named her third child Ali, after a beloved cousin. Beautiful and alert, Ali could say “dada” and cruise around the living room, hanging onto furniture, by the time he was eight … read more »

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