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Simferopol — Crimeans voted overwhelmingly Sunday to join former political master Russia as tensions soared in the east of the splintered ex-Soviet...Continue reading »

The former Libyan prime minister, Ali Zeidan, has defied a travel ban and fled the country hours after parliament removed him from office in a no-confidence...Continue reading »

  * Malaysia Airlines says “fearing the worst” * Flight lost contact hour after takeoff, no distress signal or sign of bad weather * KL-Beijing...Continue reading »

SIMFEROPOL, UKRAINE — Russian troops took over the strategic Crimean peninsula Saturday without firing a shot. The newly installed government in Kiev...Continue reading »

Russia’s upper house of parliament has approved President Putin’s request for Russian forces to be used in Ukraine. He had asked that Russian...Continue reading »

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa shacabka Soomaaliyeed ugu hambalyeeyay maalinta 12-Oktoobar oo ah maalintii calanka Soomaaliyeed cirka...Continue reading »

Egypt’s security forces stormed two sit-ins in Cairo where Islamist supporters of former President Mohamed Mursi have been protesting his overthrow. Bursts of gunfire rang out, and reports of casualties varied widely. ...

Fort Meade, MD – U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving classified secrets to WikiLeaks. The military...Continue reading »

Opponents of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi gathered at Tahrir Square in a rival rally to supporters of the leader at Rabaah al-Adawiyah...Continue reading »

(CNN) – The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Friday night, bringing to an end a massive manhunt in the tense...Continue reading »

Gudiga doorashooyinka dastuurka cusub ayaa shaaciyay naqtiijooyinka doorashooyinkii dhawaan ka dhacay dalka Masar ee loogu codeynayay dastuurka. In ka badan boqolkiiba 63 waxa ay doonayaan in isbedal lagu sameeyay dastuurka iminka lagu dhaqo dalkaasi. Doorashooyinka ayaa la qabtay 15. iyo 22 bishan eynu ku jirno ee Desember, waxaana sida ay mucaaradku sheegayaan ka qeyb...Continue reading »

From a shortlist that included a Pakistani teenager, the new leader of Egypt and a former president, Barack Obama has for the second time been named Time...Continue reading »

Dadweynaha reer Masar ayaa u codeynaya dastuur cusub oo wadanka loo qorey kaas oo daba ay ka wadaan kooxaha wadaada muslimiinta ah, taas o wadanka kala...Continue reading »

At least 27 people are dead – including 18 children – after a gunman who is believed to be a student’s father opened fire today at an...Continue reading »

US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has withdrew herself from the race of secretary of state, considering the stiff opposition she might have...Continue reading »

Wakiilka wadanka Ruush-ka ee bariga dhexe ayaa sheegay in kooxaha mucaaradka ay dhul badan ay ka qabsanayaan dowlada Siiriya taas oo horseedi karta iney...Continue reading »

  Google ayaa soo saartay sheekooyinkii ugu weynaa ee Sanadka 2012 iyo dadku sheekooyinka ay ka raadiyeen Google, ”Zeitgeist 2012,”. Muuqaalkan...Continue reading »

His music transcended trends and cultural barriers. Pandit Ravi Shankar’s life, which traversed nearly a century, ended Tuesday. The legendary sitar...Continue reading »

A prominent Lebanese security official is among the dead in a car bombing in the capital Beirut that has killed at least eight people and wounded up...Continue reading »