Bartamaha is a Somali word   Translation: The Center

Bartamaha Media aims to be the place for people interested in tracking genuine

Somali Content Online– i.e. other than most media coverage. This is sometimes

necessary as media outlets do not always cover all events, and coverage is at
times either scanty, biased in one way or another, or not comprehensive enough.

Political Outlook.

Bartamaha Somali Media does not support any particular political movement or
party, and we also do not believe the modern political context can easily be

divided up into “Rightwing”, “Leftwing”, or “Groups and Tribes”. Even though the owner and contributors obviously hold personal views, which can be evident at times
in the image captions, this is not deliberate and we aim to bring you the news as it happened.

We at Bartamaha Somali Media believe that Videos or images tell their
own story, and quite often captions are not even necessary. Readers are welcome to make up their own minds about events after viewing the video or images.

External sites linked by www.Bartamaha.com do not necessarily represent the
viewpoints of this site’s Management.

A Note from the Chief Editor

We formed Bartamaha Somali Media, to bring ideological diversity—because we all
love diversity–to the videoblogging world. And because it looked like a lot of fun.

Our mission at www.Bartamaha.com is to:

+ Expose new viewers to the revolutionary world of videoblogging, animation, and Internet broadcasting.

+ Publish educational content for everyone to enjoy and learn the Somali way of living.

+ Help Organisations and Universities get quick reference of Somalia by having different video contents.

+ Post reliable news.

+ Archive and Interview Somali intellectuals, poets, leaders, writers and dreamers.

+ Produce short films for online and change lives (with the help of Olol Film

Bartamaha’s online programming ranges from daily news, culture coverage,
Interviews, Lectures, Debates to political coverage, Forums. www.Bartamaha.com is a unique website that covers Somali stories throughout the world.

Founded by Abdisalam Aato, a Somali filmmaker “My biggest goal is to show the world what Somalia is, we have a beautiful culture and ancient history, everything you hear is not Black Hawk Down”.

Bartamaha Chief Editor is Mohamud Wiilwaal

We aim to have Bartamaha play a leading role in Somali news media so, tune in. And drop us a tip or two or three. We’re here for you.

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