Somali troops capture key port town from al-Shabab


Barawe (BARTAMAHA) Somali government troops along with the peace-keeping African Union alias are confirmed to have seized Middle Shabelle’s port town of Barawe, the biggest stronghold of Al-shabab militants today after launching heavy onslaught on the militants who had been controlling the town for the past couple of years.

Middle Shabelle governor Abdulkadir Mohamed Nuur Sidii has confirmed to the press that Barawe is under the custody of Somali forces and AMISOM.

The governor has also confirmed that, Al-shabab fighters had resisted the joint forces attack but eventually got defeated and withdrawn from the town.

Speaking on the casualties, Sidii highlighted that, two soldiers from the joint forces side had sustained injuries while 13 dead bodies of Al-shabab fighters are recovered so far.

He added that the Somali forces and AMISOM troops have stationed in the town and the region’s administration will hold meetings with the local traditional elders and residents as well.

Al-shabab, the Somali Al-qaida linked militants are reported to have started withdrawing from Barawe yesterday after receiving tip-off of the attack of the joint forces.

Barawe, a strategic port town in middle shabelle region in Somalia has served a good hide-out and a strong base for the militant’s senior leaders.




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