Government plans to attack Barawe, as people start to flee from the town


BARAWE (BARTAMAHA) Somali government is now planning an heavy onslaught on the terrorist occupied port town of Barawe amid the operation termed “Indian Ocean” produces great outcomes as key towns in south and central regions in Somalia falls for Somali government.

The federal government of Somalia backed with African Union is reported to be writing down its strategy aimed to capture Barawe, the biggest stronghold of Al-shabab militants where the militants leaders and foreign Al-qaida personnel believe to reside to stay.

Somali government troops along with African Union troops has recently been capturing key towns as militants’ forces are on the run.

Residents in Barawe are reported to have stated fleeing from the port town after receiving the joint forces’ offensive trip-off against the terrorist group in Barawe.

On the other hand, Al-shabab fighters are believed to have prepared a resistance meant to retain their strongest military base in the country.



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