Security captures illegal Ethiopian, Somali refugees

refugees_2Bartamaha (Nairobi):-The security authority in al-Hodaidah arrested 17 illegal Ethiopian immigrants while they were in a bus passing through the district of Bajil, security source in al-Hodaidah said.
“Among the immigrants were four women and the owner of the bus, a  20 year old who is involved in smuggling people from the coast to the city. The source mentioned that the authorities sent the people to interrogation for entering the Yemeni territories in an illegally and sent the bus driver to legal procedures for being involved in the operation of smuggling the Ethiopians.
In a related issue, security authorities in the city of Taiz have captured 10 Somali infiltrators in Al-Qahira town and retained them for investigation.
In the province of Sa’adah , security authorities foiled an infiltration attempt by two foreign nationals to Saudi Arabia holding Sri Lankan passports. Security said the two foreigners were caught in the district of Kataf while attempting to infiltrate into the Saudi territories with the help of a Yemeni smugglers, 25, who was also caught.
The security authorities pointed out that the three involved in the infiltration attempt were referred to investigation procedures.

Source:-Yemen Observer



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