Somali PM answers questions over Mogadishu Seaport contract


Mogadishu – Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed answered questions to Somali parliament’s permanent committee in Mogadishu over the recent government decision to hand over Mogadishu Seaport to Al-Bayrak, a Turkish company which recently landed a long-term contract to manage the seaport.

The prime minister said his government did not ignore previous laws enacted by the federal parliament over the issue and was planning to present the decision to the permanent committee once the parliament session resumes.

He answered all questions put forward to him by the permanent committee of the parliament over the issue of the Mogadishu Seaport and the Turkish company.

Second Deputy Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Mahad Abdalla Awad echoed concerns by Somali parliament members and the Somali public over government’s decisions to sign investment contracts with foreign companies in which he said undermines the authority and the responsibilities of the Somali parliament to safeguard the well-being and the interests of the Somali people.

Meanwhile, Somali Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari stressed the importance of giving ultimate respect to the country’s laws when it comes to contracts and dealings with foreign companies.

He warned the Somali parliament will not tolerate losing public properties to foreign companies adding that senior leaders alone cannot make final decisions on these important issues.

Source: Radio Bar-kulan



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