VIDEO: Somali Army and AMISOM capture Buulo Mareer

buulomareer AMISOM

The Somali National Army together with the African Union Mission in Somalia have launched a joint military offensive, dislodging the al Shabaab from the town of BuuloMareer.

The town is located approximately 150 km South of the Capital Mogadishu in the Lower Shabeelle region.

BullowMareer served as a major route for the al Shabaab through which deadly explosive devices were channeled to the rest of Somalia.
The town also provided the insurgents with steady income obtained through extortion and forceful taxation of residents and travellers.

Speaking after the capture of the town, Brig. Gen. Dick Olum, Uganda AMISOM Contingent Commander said the operation has been well-planned and coordinated.

“It was a well-planned operation under battle group commander battle group no.12 Col. Emmy Mulindwa with the 37 battalion, 43 battalion and 61 battalion. This location of BuuloMareer was actually the responsibility of 37 battalion and they moved in smartly, consciously and we took over the city at exactly 1.30hours. So it means our operation has been so successful and it means we planned very well,” he said.

The joint SNA and AMISOM troops faced stiff resistance from the insurgents as they tried to capture the town.

“The Al-Shabaab really resisted, they fought very hard for it, you can see the tyres they burnt in the town and you can see how they were firing on us from the roof top but I am not so sure they have all fled towards Barawe, of course you very well know my next target is Barawe and as soon as I am through BuuloMareer and Kurtunwaarey, am moving to Barawe.”

The troops were welcomed into the town by Governor of the Lower Shabelle Region Abdul Kadir JS Siidi.

“We appreciate the Ugandan AMISOM force. They came by force and they beat the al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda like a child with stick. Now that we have captured BuuloMareer, we are going to Barawe and Kurtunwaarey.”

The operation launched by the SNA and AMISOM troops seeks to liberate more territory from the al Shabaab insurgents, create a safe and stable environment for the Somali people.



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