Heavy downpour forces Beledweyn airport to be shut down

beledweynBeledweyn (BARTAMAHA) Heavy rains continue to rain in many parts of Somalia’s southern and central regions resulting heavy downpours and floods into the main urban areas and affecting the lives of the people, RBC Radio reports.

In Beledweyn, the capital of central province of Hiiraan, the town’s airport was closed down until Thursday after heavy rains started to pour into the already floods-affected villages of the town.

Deputy Governor of Hiiraan, Mohamed Ibrahim Aden said the airport was temporarily closed due to the heavy downpours that affected the runway ad other facilities of the airport.

“The airport was small one and had been reconstructed three years ago so it does not have such capacity to avoid downpours.” he said.

The Beledweyn airport is on the east of the town and is surrounded by large mountains leading the water flooding from high lands to pour into the airport’s landing space.

Meanwhile, the floods and the continued rain have affected thousands of internally displaced people in Ceel Jalle area where they have set up makeshift shelter after fleeing from their homes in the town following the overflow from the Shabelle river.



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