Information Minister releases Weekly Press Conference on the Progress of the Government


Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Minister of Information of Somalia Mustafa Duhulow today spoke to the media in Mogadishu to provide an update on the progress of the Federal Government of Somalia(FGS) over the last week.

The Minister spoke on various issues: the FGS’s plan on Good Governance; Consultations on the Review of Constitution; agricultural development in the country, the announcement of the Technical Committee to form the Interim South West State; the new Somali Ambassador to US, the FGS’s contribution of an initial payment of 500,000 US dollars to the humanitarian appeal; the departure of Turkey Ambassador to Somalia; an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and Kuwait Fund and Ramadan appeal.

The Minister of Information spoke on the FGS’s plan on Good Governance: “The Ministry of the Interior & Federalism has a programme to implement good governance in all districts in Banadir region and as part of this programme district commissioners took part in a 5 day seminar in Mogadishu on implementing good governance. The Minister of Interior & Federalism, H.E. Abdullahi Godah Barre, and the Mayor of Mogadishu, Mr Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Mungab) opened the seminar that took place from 13 to 17 July 2014. The aim of the seminar was to ensure that good governance is implemented so that district commissioners will be able to provide basic services to the people. The Federal Government of Somalia places great emphasis on the implementation of good governance in all institutions so that transparency and accountability is adhered to. This in turn will build the people’s confidence in the system. Subjects taught during the seminar included public finance management, the rule of law and security.”

The Minister of Information spoke on consultations to review the constitution: “The Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs and the Speaker’s office organised a consultation meeting with the Independent Commission to Review the Provisional Constitution. The President, the Speaker, the Prime Minister and the ministerial sub-committee on political affairs were all present at the consultation meeting on 13th July.

On 16th July the Independent Commission held the first public meeting in Mogadishu. Representatives from civil society and all segments of society attended the consultation meeting. The Independent Commission wants to listen the views of public. The Government is committed to providing resources to help the commission to carry out its duties objectively. The Independent Commission has been tasked to review the provisional constitution as the country is desperately in need of a constitution that is acceptable to the people of Somalia.”




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