Somali-born Liberal Democrat runs for Councilor in North London


Bartamaha (Nairobi):-Liberal Democrat Sabriye Halane Warsame announced that he hopes to be seated as a councilor in his bid to be the first Somali councilor of the Colindale ward, an ethically diverse constituency in north London.

According to an unofficial estimate made by The Guardian, over 250,000 Somali’s call the United Kingdom home, many of whom came in the early 1990’s during Somalia’s civil war. As they assimilate in mainstream society; they began seeking positions in public office. Last May, Tower Hamlet made history voting in the first Somali mayor in the UK’s history.

A Somali-born public relations officer, Warsame came to the UK in the year 2000 and studied at Middlesex University where he received his BA in Marketing. He is currently pursuing his Masters in International Relations.

Sabriye is no stranger to politics; he was a member of the Labour Party during the Blair era, he even ran for a seat as a Councilor in 2006 but was not nominated. In 2008 he crossed the floor and joined the Liberal Democrats, earlier this year he was nominated by his party members to run for a seat as a Councilor

Sabriye Warsame adheres to many of his party centre left social liberalist views such as protection of the welfare state and progressive taxation. His main focus in his campaign is education, as a father of five he worries that overcrowded classroom robs our children of the quality of education they receive. He proposes to reduce the teacher to student ratio.

As a recent immigrant, he is against the proposed ID cards suggested by Gordon Brown and the Labour Party calling it an “encroachment on civil liberties”.

He urges residents of Colindale to vote for him on May 6th and help make history.

Source:-Hiiraan Online



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