A Celebration of Arts and Culture in Somaliland

Madar_Osman1_webPlease join us for a exciting evening filled with music, art, poetry, fashion and dance in celebration of the arts and culture of Somaliland. Afrikanation Artists Organization is a newly founded NGO/non-profit organization designed to empower Somaliland artists and the community through:

• fair trade economic development initiatives
• artist workshops
• art classes for at-risk youth
• making supplies more accessible
• raising community awareness on current issues through art

Please join Afrikanation Artists, Somaliland Culture and Sports Association (SOCSA) who will perform a variety of cultural dances and musical pieces, and more artists of the greater Somaliland region for a positive celebration of culture.

Children are welcome and there is no charge to enter.


Wednesday, April 28th 2010
6:00 pm – 10 pm (Habeenka)
Panorama in Hargeisa, S/land

For more information, please email Iman at




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