Sunday, May 3, 2015

East Africa

Drone attack garaar

  NYTimes WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Wednesday said that airstrikes last week against the Shabab extremist group were successful, and that Adan Garar, a senior member of the group, had been killed in a drone strike on his vehicle. The strike, carried out ...

Strategy Page – March 15, 2015: Defectors and captured al Shabaab members report that that group’s leaders are dismayed that other Islamic terror groups like ISIL (al Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant) in Syria and Boko Haram in Nigeria are ...

By Mohamed Mohamed BBC Somali Service — The return of the Islamist opposition leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys to Somalia after two years in exile is the latest move in the seemingly perpetually shifting sands of Somali politics. He fled ...

The Pirate Coast

SOMALIA: High-risk sex workers fly under the HIV radar

Somali terror group raps in English for recruits

Report : Higher rate of Somali kids in Mpls autism programs

RBC Interview of the legendary journalist Abdullahi Haji (Languauge:Somali)

RBC Interview of former Somali President Ali Mahdi (Languauge:Somali)

Thousands fleeing Somalia fail to register at camps

Lawless Somalia draws influx of foreign fighters

Somali FM Says Peace and Security New Government’s Top Priority

QM oo ka fiirsaneysa ciidamo nabad ilaalin

Baird reviewing report on Makhtal trial

Topple Somali leader – Bin Laden

Riz Khan – The vanishing Somalis – 18 March 09

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