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The Guardian — The X-Files is set to return to television screens for the first time in 13 years, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson resuming their roles as Mulder and Scully.

The US broadcaster Fox has confirmed that a six-episode series will begin production in the summer. The broadcast date has yet to be revealed.

The series creator Chris Carter described the show’s absence as “a 13-year commercial break” and added: “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

The six-episode run is shorter than most US TV series, and Fox described the X-Files return as an “event”. Dana Walden and Gary Newman, chair and CEO of FoxTelevision Group, said: “We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files – one of the most rewarding creative experiences of our careers – and we couldn’t be more excited to explore that incredible world with him again.

“The X-Files was not only a seminal show for both the studio and the network, it was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture – yet remained a true gem for the legions of fans who embraced it from the beginning. Few shows on television have drawn such dedicated fans as The X-Files, and we’re ecstatic to give them the next thrilling chapter of Mulder and Scully they’ve been waiting for.”

The original series was cancelled in 2002, although Duchovny and Anderson returned for a feature film, X-Files: I want to Believe, in 2008. Rumours of the show’s return have swirled around the internet for years, and in 2013 Anderson and Duchovny generated much excitement when they hinted during an online discussion that another X-Files film might be in the works.

Such was the on-screen chemistry between FBI investigators Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in their quest to explain the unexplained that Anderson and Duchovny themselves became a story – according to the press at various times during the height of the show’s popularity, they were having an affair, hated each other or both.

This year Anderson told the Guardian’s Simon Hattenstone: “I mean, yes, there were definitely periods when we hated each other … Hate is too strong a word. We didn’t talk for long periods of time. It was intense, and we were both pains in the arse for the other at various times.”

Since the last X-Files series, Anderson has starred in a string of literary adaptations – as Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, Lily Bart in The House of Mirth, Miss Havisham in the BBC’s Great Expectations, and Mrs Castaway in The Crimson Petal and The White – and more recently she played Supt Stella Gibson inmurder drama The Fall, which has been recommissioned for a third series set to air next year.

Anderson also received warm reviews for her performance as Blanche in a fetedYoung Vic revival of Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

Duchovny found further success in the US with Californication, which finished a seven-season run last year. This year he published his debut novel, Holy Cow, in which a cow called Elsie, a pig called Shalom and a turkey called Tom escape a farm in upstate New York in search of a better life.

Malitia MaliMob don’t sympathize with those statue-smashing dickheads.
Malitia MaliMob don’t sympathize with those statue-smashing dickheads.
Malitia MaliMob don’t sympathize with those statue-smashing dickheads.

My Philosphy – Alot of people of my generation first heard of Somalia in the early 1990s, during its civil war. What I didn’t know was that Somalia is also known asthe Nation of Poets, where being slick with words and nice with language is an honored tradition, intrinsic to the people. Skilled poets hold prestigious roles within the culture, from the royal family on down.

Keeping that tradition alive in a new context is Malitia MaliMob, who I’d first heard of in early 2012 on a tip from Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces/Chimurenga Renaissance. He’d come across the videos of this young crew of Seattle-based Somali rappers, clocking thousands of views, but more importantly, the comments from other young Malis, happy to have found rappers whose story they related to. I got to know that story a little better on tour with MMM, who were opening shows for Shabazz and THEESatisfaction across the US, getting unexpecting crowds rowdy off their brand of realness. You can check out MMM at their show at Barboza with Chimurenga Renaissance on Wednesday, March 4.

The main body of MMM—MCs Chino’o and Krown—met in the US after leaving behind the country, and the civil war, they’d always known. Chino’o told me they’d been rescued by men our news outlets call pirates. MMM’s first album, 2012′s Riots of the Pirates, made a big impression on me for its urgent take on gangsta rap, as seen through the latest iteration of the African diaspora. Their 2013 Idi Amin Project refined their aggressive approach with a heady trap edge and a deeper perspective—not to mention a fiercer delivery, especially in the gravelly no-love-and-no-fucks-given growl of Chino’o.

That voice anchors their newest release, which dropped back in January after a couple of years in the works—recording was complicated by the fact that Krown has been locked up in King County since 2013. Umm, the record is calledISIS. Sooo… why ISIS? No idea—but I know a certain Seattle rapper who once likened himself to Adolf Hitler, and Dipset gave a shout-out to Mohamed Atta. Also, closing track “I Am James Foley (RIP)” leads me to believe that MMM don’t sympathize with those statue-smashing dickheads, so let’s keep them and me off any lists, okay, Feds?

It is what it is, and MMM’s seven-track project is starving, unapologetic, born-to-die street-soldier rap with giant beats, fusing Chief Keef nihilism to M.I.A. globalism, plus some startling moments of clarity, adding up to what might well be the African immigrant Me Against the World. As with 2Pac, sleeping on MMM is sleeping on some of the deepest frustration in our streets. Do you sit on FB commenting on scary-ass status updates bemoaning “Somali gangbangers” on Pike Street while ignoring the fact that 300,000 of your neighbors can’t send money home anymore because of the war on terror? It’s all in the words of ISISgem “Perception”: Come ride wit’ us/Come smoke wit’ us/Come chill wit’ us/’Stead of sitting there, just judging us.



BBC – Somali author Diriye Osman has become the first African to win the Polari First Book Prize for his collection of short stories entitled Fairy Tales for Lost Children.

The Polari prize is awarded for a first book which explores the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

The judges said Osman’s book “dazzled” them with the wide range of literary voices in a stunning collection of short stories. BBC Africa’s Jenny Horrocks asked him to read from the opening story, Watering the Imagination.

Source: BBC



A popular Somali band has been forced to seek asylum in the Netherlands after Kenya revoked its refugee status, its lead singer has told the BBC.

Falis Abdi Mohamud said Kenyan officials seized her refugee card and that of four other band members when they flew out of Nairobi last month.

The band – famous for singing against Islamic extremism – was due to return on 11 October after performing at a peace concert in Amsterdam.

Kenya has not commented on their case.

Its government has been cracking down on Somali refugees and immigrants, accusing them of harbouring fighters from militant Islamist group al-Shabab.

‘Children left behind’

The group is fighting to create an Islamic state in Somalia, and has also carried out a series of attacks in neighbouring Kenya.

The BBC Somali Service’s Abdirahman Koronto says it is ironic that the band, Waayaha Cusub (The New Dawn), appears to have been targeted by Kenyan immigration authorities.

The band gained popularity for denouncing al-Shabab though its songs and one of its members, Shine Akhyar, was shot and wounded by suspected militants in Nairobi in 2007, he says.

Mrs Mohamud told the BBC Somali Service that she wanted to return to Kenya, where she had lived for more than a decade, because her three children were there.

However, she was scared of being deported to Somalia, she said.

“They [Kenyan immigration officials] told me if I return they will put me on a plane to Mogadishu,” Mrs Mohamud added.

The Netherlands was now considering their request for asylum, she said.

Somalia has been hit by instability since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Siad Barre in 1991.

African Union and government forces have driven out al-Shabab from its urban strongholds, but the group still controls large swathes of territory in rural areas.

Source: BBC

Fishing Without Nets

Fishing Without NetsShot in East Africa with Somali actors and directed by 2014 Sundance award-winning director, Cutter Hodierne, FISHING WITHOUT NETS tells the mesmerizing and sobering story of the bandits from the Somali point of view. First-time feature filmmaker Hodierne combines the epic cinematic vision of a glorious action thriller with the intimate, textured qualities of an art film, humanizing the pirates by bringing us inside their moral dilemmas and gut-wrenching struggles.

Fishing Without Nets

Fishing Without Nets

The pirates gather on a ragged beach and sail toward shipping lanes, scanning for freighters, the prey of their craft. Rifles drawn, scarves blowing, they troll East African waters, where the deeds of desperate men collide with the precarious rhythms of global finance. An oil tanker appears on the horizon; the hunt quickens.

The acclaimed feature tells the story of a young Somali lured into the world of piracy to support his family, tackling the very well publicized "Somali Pirates" phenomenon, but specifically from the Somali point of view.
The acclaimed feature tells the story of a young Somali lured into the world of piracy to support his family, tackling the very well publicized “Somali Pirates” phenomenon, but specifically from the Somali point of view.

“Fishing Without Nets,” the first feature by director Cutter Hodierne, an American who once filmed rock stars, is an incisive tale of Somali villagers who have forsaken fishing nets for Kalashnikovs to hijack ships and kidnap crews for millions of dollars in ransom. Relying mostly on non-professional actors, including Somali refugees living in Kenya, the film offers the cultural authenticity and nuance that often elude Hollywood portrayals of pirates, jihadists, fanatics and other bad men confounding American foreign policy.

The $2-million-budget movie is not as bracing as Paul Greengrass’ “Captain Phillips” (2013), which starred Tom Hanks and earned an Academy Award nomination for Somali-born actor Barkhad Abdi’s portrayal of an overwhelmed pirate. Abdi’s bandit, with his poverty and grandiose ambitions, was a well-drawn counterpoint to Hanks’ composed captain. But “Fishing,” which opens Friday, is a fuller immersion into the lives, pressures, anger and discontent of bandits who play chess with bottle caps, stew in corrugated tin huts and barter for white hostages much like black slaves were sold hundreds of years ago.

The film is reminiscent of “Horses of God,” directed by Nabil Ayouch, which also used non-professional actors in a compelling story of youths who embrace radical Islam and plot a terrorist attack from the squalor of a Moroccan slum. “Fishing” and “Horses,” released in the U.S. this year, reveal how desperation and detachment from an increasingly interconnected world can twist young men toward ideologies and crimes that shake financial markets and unnerve capitals from London to Mogadishu.

Director Cutter Hodierne, bottom right, on the set of "Fishing Without Nets." To Cutter's left is director of photography Alex Disenhof. The two Kenyan men behind Cutter and Disenhof are from the local village in Mambrui.
Director Cutter Hodierne, bottom right, on the set of “Fishing Without Nets.” To Cutter’s left is director of photography Alex Disenhof. The two Kenyan men behind Cutter and Disenhof are from the local village in Mambrui.

The pirates along the Somali coast are after riches; the North African jihadists seek a perverted brand of religious redemption. Both yearn for dignity, a voice against all that befalls their circumscribed lives. Depictions of such characters can easily be mythologized or stereotyped, especially by a public and a Congress that prefer one-dimensional villains. But Al Qaeda and its vicious offshoot, Islamic State, have revealed that the West’s enemies are more complex.

The power of “Fishing,” which won Hodierne a directing award this year at the Sundance Film Festival, is in the way it seeks to understand the men holding the guns in a war-ravaged land. Somali pirates, whose raids have decreased in recent years because of stepped up naval security, have attacked hundreds of vessels and cost the global economy tens of billions of dollars.

Hodierne’s actors are lean and tough as jerky; they seem sprung from heat and coastal sands. They know boats, rifles and nets and glide on anger, betrayal and suspicion. One suspects that in real life they have never encountered publicists or swag bags.

“I was determined to tell the story through the eyes of the pirates, but I was a white guy living in Washington, D.C.,” said Hodierne, who during his time in Kenya was robbed once at gunpoint and often swindled. “I definitely didn’t go into it to make an ‘issue’ film. We wanted to explore the gray areas and to tell the human story to answer the question of how and why…. There’s no way to get that sense of reality without using people [actors] who at some level are close to the story.”

“Fishing” grew out of an award-winning short film that Hodierne, who was once “filmmaker on the road” for the band U2, made several years ago. He said the bravado of the pirates fascinated him. By the time the life of a jihadist or a pirate reaches the news, “you’re only seeing the final frame of a guy’s life,” said Hodierne, 27, who spent the first three years of his childhood sailing the South Pacific with his parents. “But there’s a whole bunch of pictures leading to that moment.”

Variety praised the movie as a “very well-crafted, empathetic drama.” The judges at Sundance called it “a beautiful, poetic film.”

“Fishing” unfolds around Abdi (played by Abdikani Muktar), a fisherman whose dwindling catches in the overfished and polluted waters around the Horn of Africa can no longer feed his family. Smoldering garbage, crows, ash, sweat and dust mark his village, where he remembers his deceased father and listens to the call to prayer drifting from a mosque. Other young men chew khat, a narcotic plant that gives an amphetamine-like buzz, and wait for word of a tanker in the distance.

“After years of war and famine, people have fled,” says Abdi, whose country for decades has been gripped by civil strife and Islamic militants. “But those who remain must find a way to survive.” Abdi initially resists the lure of the pirates but finally succumbs, hiring a smuggler to take his wife and son to Yemen while he heads to the open water.

“A man is not a man unless he can feed his children,” says Abdi. But his decision entangles him with ruthless and divided men. They clean battered guns and argue over the pecking order of hostages: One tells another not to worry about the blacks or the man who looks Filipino; only the white ones bring ransom. In a scene reminiscent of centuries ago when black slaves were inspected before they were sold, a Somali pirate feels the arms and shoulders and looks into the mouth of a Frenchman he has offered to buy.

Abdi faces moral questions and finds no safe place upon the water or on the land. He is a good man consumed by darker impulses and, in ways, becomes as much a hostage to the violence and delusional ambitions of his fellow pirates as the oil tanker’s crew. The vessel is streaked with blood and broken promises and Abdi, much like his country, is left adrift amid larger currents.

The film’s international dimensions and raw narrative intrigued Vice Media, known for swaggering documentaries like “The Cannibal Generals of Liberia.” Eddy Moretti, Vice’s chief creative officer, was an executive producer of “Fishing,” and the film — the company’s first feature — was edited at the firm’s Brooklyn, N.Y., studios.

“Usually when someone [in Hollywood] says, ‘I’m going to make a gritty film in a gritty land,’ it never comes out gritty,” said Moretti. “You get an American actor surrounded by hair and makeup people…. This film brings a bit of empathy that’s not political. You enter the world of these characters.”


barkhad abdi


Oscar-nominated actor Barkhad Abdi is reportedly in talks to star in his first major film since his stint as a Somali pirate in ‘Captain Phillips’.

Abdi, 28, apparently join a cast that includes Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and Brie Larson in Judd Apatow’s ‘Trainwreck’, reported Variety online.

The casting news could not have come at a better time for Abdi, who recently opened up about the financial struggles he has faced since filming on ‘Captain Phillips’ wrapped.

Tilda Swinton, Vanessa Bayer, John Cena, and Ezra Miller are also in negotiations to join the cast for the film, which is scheduled to hit cinemas in July, 2015.




Fannaankii weynaa ee Soomaaliyeed AUN, Maxamed Suleymaan Tubeec oo ahaa boqorkii codka ee fannaaniinta Soomaaliyeed ayaa maanta ku geeriyooday isbitaal ku yaalla dalka Jarmalka oo uu muddo ugu jiray xanuun soo wajahay.

Marxuum Tubeec ayaa muddo ugu jiray isbitaalka uu ku dhintay xanuun soo wajahay oo la doonayay in lagu qalo, balse ay ku timid tii Alle oo uu maanta ku geeriyooday isbitaalka uu xanuunka u jiifay.

Ehellada marxuumka ayaa geeridiisa u xaqiijiyay warbaahinta, balse lama sheegin halka lagu aasayo iyo xilliga la aasayo, iyadoo geerida marxuumka ay dad badan oo gudaha iyo dibadda Soomaaliya ku nool ay si weyn u hadal-hayaan.

Marxuumka ayaa la sheegay inuu sannadkii 1946-kii uu ku dhashay Hargeysa, halkaa uu fanka kaga biiray, illaa uu ka mid noqday fannaaniintii hobolladii Qaranka Soomaaliyeed ee Waaberi, isagoo tan iyo markii ay Soomaaliya burburka gashay ku noolaa dalka Switzerland ee Qaaradda Yurub.

Fannaanka Maxamed Suleymaan ayaa lagu xusuustaa heeso badan oo uu qaaday intii uu fanka ku jiray, kuwaasoo isugu jiray nab-ammaan, waddani, jacayl iyo kuwo kale oo fara badan.

Sidoo kale, fannaanka wuxuu intii uu qubaha ku noolaa wuxuu dib u casriyeeyay heeso badan oo uu lahaa, isagoo sidoo kalena sameeyay albunno cusub oo heeso ah, kuwaasoo si weyn u soo jiitay bulshada Soomaaliyeed.

Allaha u naxariisteen Tubeec ayaa wuxuu ka mid noqonayaa fannaaniin badan oo geeriyooday intii uu dalku ku jiray burburka, kuwaasoo ay ka mid ahayd Xaliimo Cumar Khaliif (Magool) oo ay heeso fara badan isla qaadeen.



All through awards season 2014 rumours have been swirling that Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is dating fellow oscar winner Jared Leto. The two have been spotted at various ceremonies since the start of the year looking like they could be a couple, she even addressed their rumoured coupling last week on the Ellen Show.

Well if indications are anything to go by Lupita is actually dating Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan, who sang “Wavin’ Flag” theme song for 2010 FIFA World Cup.

lupita and knaan

Now that Lupita is an Oscar winner the media is interested in more than her fashion and as such the paparazzi have started stalking her. This morning she was spotted by the paps lens enjoying a cuddle from an unidentified man, who even held her Oscar award which she won the day before.

They were spotted arriving together in the early hours of Monday L.A., at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre for an appearance on Live With Kelly & Micheal’s Special Oscar Edition were she  joined Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan to relive her amazing Oscar win.

When I saw the photos, were he was identified simply as a “pal”on Daily Mail, I guessed the man in the picture was definitely her boo, especially because she let him hold on to her Oscar the entire time.

'I haven't even slept!' Golden girl Lupita Nyong'o looked thoroughly exhausted as she arrived back at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre the morning after her big Oscars win for an interview with Live With Kelly & Michael
‘I haven’t even slept!’ Golden girl Lupita Nyong’o looked thoroughly exhausted as she arrived back at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre the morning after her big Oscars win for an interview with Live With Kelly & Michael

Well I can tell you now that the man in the picture is Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan (real name: Keinan Abdi Warsame). Clearly Lupita plans on keeping her relationship with K’Naan private. A few days ago she was spotted front row enjoying his performance on 27th February at The Hotel Cafe, LA, where she requested no pictures were taken of her.

36 year old K’Naan was married to Deqa Warsame, they divorced in 2010.

barkhad abdi

The Captain Phillips star not quite living the Hollywood dream.

barkhad abdi

By Evelyn Diaz – Barkhad Abdi has had a whirlwind year of red carpets, limo rides and golden statues, but the actor’s reality isn’t as glamorous as the images we see on television. Abdi, a Somali immigrant who famously worked as a limo driver before he was cast opposite Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips, a role for which he earned an Oscar nomination, is struggling to pay his bills.

The 28-year-old actor earned $65,000 for his performance in the film, but that was two years ago and he has not acted in a movie since then. After wrapping his work on Captain PhillipsBarkhad went to work at his brother’s mobile phone store in Minneapolis, but he quit when the movie was released.

“How I thought about it was, like, When the movie came out, reviews either gonna be good or bad,” he told the New Yorker. “Either way, I cannot be working here.”

A profile in the New Yorker reveals the truth behind the BAFTA Award-winning actor’s enviable rise to fame. The $65,000 he earned for playing Somali pirate Muse in the film has almost run out, and the expensive suits and town cars he may have grown accustomed to in the past year are loaners, available to him only for official Captain Phillips-related publicity events. “Recently Abdi requested that he be allowed to stay at a commuter hotel near LAX to be closer to his friend, a Somali cabdriver from Minneapolis, who shuttles him around for free,” reads the article.

While he certainly wowed Hollywood with his surprisingly empathetic, nuanced performance inCaptain Phillips, versatility isn’t the first word casting directors will think of in regards to Abdi. Therefore, according to the New Yorker, his future earning potential as an actor is uncertain.

Abdi, meanwhile, is still dreaming big. The actor (who lost the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor to Dallas Buyers Club‘s Jared Leto), plans to move permanently to Los Angeles with hisCaptain Phillips co-star Faysal Ahmed and pursue a career in Hollywood. He is currently reading scripts and has even landed his next role. Abdi is attached to star as a South African marathoner inThe Place That Hits the Sun.

Regardless of where the future leads, Abdi’s journey from war-torn Somalia, from where his family escaped when he was six years old, to the suburbs of Minneapolis to the front row at the Oscars is as inspiring as it is improbable. Perhaps one day he’ll be the subject of his own biopic.



barkhadIt looks like Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi has found the follow-up to his feature film debut.

The actor is in talks to star in the film The Place That Hits The Sun from producer Noel Pearson (My Left Foot) via his Ferndale Films. Jim O’Hanlon is attached to direct.

The historical drama follows famous South African marathoner Willie Mtolo, a Zulu warrior, who competed in the 1992 New York Marathon. The story centers on Mtolo and Ray de Vries, a Caucasian bar owner, whose unlikely friendship transcended apartheid South Africa.

Abdi, who was born in Somalia and moved to the U.S. when he was 14, made his film debut in Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips, playing a ship hijacker in the based-on-a-true-story film starring Tom Hanks. He received a SAG, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Oscar nomination for his work on the film. He’s repped by SMS Talent and Morris Yorn.

O’Hanlon has directed several British TV shows including A Touch of Cloth and the TV movie Of Two Minds. He’s repped by Resolution and the Artists Partnership in the U.K.

Hollywood Reporter

muqdisho YOUTUBE2

Bartamaha Digital Studio ayaa mar kale soo saaray hees cusub oo uu qaadayo fanaankeena caanka ah ee King Khalid, Heestan ayaa King Khalid uu ugu deeqay magaala madaxdeena Muqdisho, wuxuuna ugu magac daray Muqdisho.

Bartamaha ayaa u mahadnaqaya sida sharafta leh ee uu fanaanku ula shaqeeyey, sidaad ogtihiinna King Khalid waa fanaan aad u xushmeeya Soomaalida fanka xiiseysa.


captain phillips

captain phillipsThe latest trailer for the Tom Hanks-starring, Paul Greengrass-directed Somali pirate drama Captain Phillips shows us, yes, an Oscar-hungry Hanks hitting all the awards-bait notes (accent, humble heroism, etc.) But we were expecting that. The trailer also shows us something more interesting: how the film defines the relationship between Phillips and his Somali captors.

In the new trailer we see more footage of Phillips as a hostage, trying to get insight into the pirates’ lives, their motivations. “There’s gotta be something other than killing people,” Phillips says. “Maybe in America,” one of the pirates says, repeating, “maybe in America.”

This is one of those films wherein the audience knows the ending—spoiler alert: he survives—so the main question is how Greengrass will get us there. This trailer seems to indicate that Phillips’s relationship with his captors will make the film more than a simple war-at-sea picture. The movie has a big flashy world premiere at the opening night gala of the New York Film Festival.


The Atlantic


W.Q Maajid Axmed oo Muqdisho jooga – Dadaallo ay waddo xukuumadda federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya oo lagu samaynayo maamullo kumeel gaar ah oo ka hir gala qeybaha ka midka ah dalka ee dhowaan laga xoreeyay al-Shabaab ayaa waxaa ka hor imanaya iska caabinno ay wadaan odeyaasha qabaa’ilka maxalliga ah.

Intii lagu jiray labadii toddobaad ee la soo dhaafay, xukuumadda ayaa maamullo kumeel gaar ah u samaysay gobollada la xorreeyay ee Baay, Hiiraan iyo Gedo. Balse odeyaasha dhaqanka ee ku sugan aagaggan ayaa mar marka qaar ka soo hor jeeda dadaalladan, iyagoo sheegaya in xukuumaddu ay beddeshay maamul goboleedyada iyadoon wax la tashi ah la sameyn hoggaamiyayaasha bulshada.

“Xukuumaddu waa in ay bulshada deegaanka siisaa fursad ay ku doortaan hoggaamiyayaashooda maxaa yeelay lama aqbali karo in xubnaha maamulka laga soo magacaabo magaalada Muqdisho iyadoon lagala tashan duqayda deegaanka, siyaasiyiinta, ganacsatada iyo bulshada rayidka,” ayuu Sabahi u sheegay Maxamed Isaaq oo ka mid ah odeyaasha qabaa’ilka ee gobolka Baay, isagoo intaa ku daray in arrintan oo lagu guul darreystaa ay mushkilad ka dhex abuuri karto xukuumadda federaalka iyo bulshooyinka maxalliga ah.

Si kastoo oo ay ahaato, Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga Qaranka Xuseen Cabdi Aadan ayaa sheegay in xukuumadda federaalku go’aannada noocan oo kale ah aysan kaligeed qaadaneynin.

“Xukuumaddu Muqdisho kama magacawdo madaxda maamullada kumeel gaarka ah. Waxaase loo maraa la tashiyo lala sameeyo hoggaamiyayaasha maxalliga ah,” ayuu u sheegay Sabahi.

“Xilliga maamulladan kumeel gaarka ah waxay ugu badnaan noqonayaan lix bilood, waxayna mas’uul ka noqon doonaan xaaladda ammaanka iyagoo la kaashanaya xukuumadda federaalka iyo sidoo kale hubinta howlaha [bulshada] ee lagama maarmaanka ah, iyo sidoo kale ka guul gaaridda dib u heshiisiin dhex marta qabaa’ilka,” ayuu yiri Aadan. “Tani waxay aasaaska u dhigi doontaa sameynta maamullada gobollada ee beddeli doona maamullada maxalliga ah.”

Iskacaabbin maxalli ah oo ka dhan ah dadaallada xukuumadda

Buuqa ayaa magaala madaxda gobolka Baay ee Baydhaba ka billowday Febraayo 5-teedii, ka dib markii ay Muqdisho go’aan ku gaartay in ay meesha ka saarto Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Cabdifataax Maxamed Ibraahim. Wuxuu diiday in uu xafiiska ka tago, waxaana arrinta fara galin ku sameeyayAfhayeenka Baarlamaanka Maxamed Cusmaan Jawaari isagoo dhammaadkii Maarso booqday Baydhaba dhex dhexaadinna sameeyay.

Abriil 1-deedii markii Ra’iisal Wasaare Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon uu waqtiga u kordhiyay Maxamed Cabdi Kaliil oo ah guddoomiyaha gobolka Gedo muddo lix bilood ah, waxa uu sheegay sababaha ka dambeeyay go’aanka xukuumadda federaalka.

“Maamulka cusub waxa uu ka mas’uul yahay horumarinta xaaladda ammaanka iyo in uu kala shaqeeyo xukuumadda federaalka in dadka loo gudbiyo adeegyada bulshada,” ayuu yiri Shirdoon intii uu ku guda jiray booqashoo uu ku tagay Garbahaarrey, oo ah caasimadda gobolka. “Hoggaan wanaagsan iyo xaaladda ammaanka oo degganaata waxa ay horseedeysaa mustaqbal wanaagsan iyo horumar waara oo gobolka ka dhaca.”

Abriil 9-keedii, odeyaal qabiileed gobolka Hiiraan ka socda ayaa diiday magacaabidda maamul goboleedka ee xukuumadda federaalka iyagoo ay ula muuqatay in uu ka hor imanayo rabitaanka dadka deegaanka.

Xildhibaan ka tirsan baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Cabdi Macalim Xasan ayaa ka digay in xaaladda ay xukuumadda federaalka ah ku laaban doonto haddii ay si taxaddar leh u magacaabi waydo xukuumadaha kumeel gaarka ah.

“Xukuumaddu waa in ay abuurtaa wada xaajood dhamaystiran oo ay la samayso odeyaasha qabaa’ilka iyo hoggaamiyayaasha siyaasadda marka maamul loo samaynayo deegaannada la xoreeyay halkii ay hoggaamiyayaasha maamulladan ka soo magacaabi laheyd Muqdisho,” ayuu Xasan u sheegay Sabahi.

“Hoggaamiyayaasha bulshada oo lala tashado waa furaha kaliya ee lagu sameyn karo maamullada deegaanka taasoo ay taageereyso cid walba,” ayuu yiri. “Xukuumaddu waa in ay sidoo kale siisaa taageerada lagama maarmaanka ah deegaan kasta ee go’aansada in uu sameysto maamul u gooni ah.”

Tijaabada ay mareyso xukuumadda cusub ee federaalka

Ismaaciil Yusuf, oo ah falanqeeye arrimaha siyaasadda ah ayaa sheegay in hab xikmad la’aan ah oo loo maro arrintan ay liddi ku noqon karto dadaallada xukuumadda ee lagu gaarayo dib u heshiisiin qaran oo dhameystiran.

“Haddii ay xukuumaddu sii waddo habkan ay maamulayaasha gobol uga soo magacaabayso Muqdisho iyadoon dadka deegaanka siinaynin fursad ay ku doortaan hoggaamiyayaashooda, tani waxay hor kici doontaa faraq weyn oo u dhexeeya xukuumadda federaalka iyo bulshada maxalliga ah,” ayuu Yuusuf u sheegay Sabahi. “Ugu dambeyntii, tani waxa ay dhalin doontaa in kalsoonida ay dadka ku qabaan xukuumadda ay hoos u dhacdo iyadoo hannaanka lagu samaynayo maamullada gobollada uu ugu dambeyntii lumin doono kalsoonida lagu qabo.”

“Soomaaliya waxa ay ka guuraysaa hannaanka dowladda dhexe waxa ayna u guuraysaa habka federaalka, sidaa daraadeed habkani waxa uu awoodda ku wareejinayaa gobollada wuxuuna abuurayaa maamul goboleedyo, kaasoo dhowaanahan ahaa mushkilad weyn, waxa ay tijaabo weyn u tahay xukuumadda cusub inay xaqiijiso inay awoodi karayso in ay ka dhaadhiciso qabaa’ilka inay awooddooda ku ballaariyaan dhamaan gobollada la xorreeyay,” ayuu yiri.

Cumar Cabdullaahi Maxamed, oo ah falanqeeye siyaasadeed oo fadhigiisu yahay Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in aysan habooneyn in la yiraahdo xukuumadda waxa ay ka soo magacaabaysaa madaxda sare ee gobollada caasimadda iyadoon la tashan muwaaddiniinta iyo duqayda bulshada.

“Bishii Maarso, raiisal wasaaraha ayaa u safray gobollada Shabeelaha Hoose, Jubada Hoose, Hiiraan, Galgaduud, Mudug, Gedo iyo Puntland si uu ula soo tashado una dhagaysto qeybaha kala duwan ee bulshada iyo sidoo kale in uu la soo tashado xubnaha baarlamaanka iyo dadka kale ee ay talada ka go’do si uu u sahmiyo magacaabidda maamulada kumeel gaarka ah,”ayuu u sheegay Sabahi.

Maxamed ayaa sheegay in xukuumadda ay samaysay dadaal walba oo ay kula tashanayso bulshooyinka maxalliga ah ee dhowaan la xoreeyay, balse qaar ayaa wali laga yaabaa inay ka soo horjeedaan habka maamullada maxalliga ah loo sameeyay.

“Arrintu ma ahan la tashi la’aan dhanka xukuumadda ah ee dadka deegaanka balse waa dhibaato taas ka duwan, oo ah qof walba oo Soomaali ah in uu eego danahiisa gaarka ah oo la xiriira dano badan oo xagga qabiilka ah,” ayuu yiri.

“Dhammaan guddoomiyayaasha gobollada iyo degmooyinka dhowaantan ay soo magacaawday xukuumaddu waa siyaasiyiin ka soo jeedda aagaggan intii ay ahaan lahaayeen dad aan gobolka u dhalan oo Muqdisho laga keenay,” ayuu yiri.

Maxamed ayaa sharraxay baahida loo qabo in sida ugu dhaqsaha badan loo sameeyo maamullo kumeel gaar ah.

“Si loo xoojiyo guulaha ammaan ee laga gaaray aagagga dhowaan la xorreeyay, loogana fogaado faraq suurta gal ah oo hor kici kara in ay awoodda ku dagaallamaan qabaa’ilka iyo kooxaha kala duwan — iyadoon la carrabaabin ka fogaashaha kasii daridda xaaladda ammaan ee deegaanadaas — waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in maamullo maxalli ah laga sameeyo deegaanada la xoreeyay taasoo qeyb ka ah qabanqaabada horudhaca ah ee lagu dhisayo maamul goboleedyada federaalka,” ayuu yiri.


Gabar  Da’yar oo lagu magacaabo  Sahra ismaaciil oo  kamid ah Dumarka Soomaaliyeed ee kunool Maagalda Adis-Ababa ee dalka Ethipia waxa ay  guur ku wada hishiiyen wiil lagu magacaabo Faysal c/llahi  iyagoo durbaba qaban qaabiye xafladii maherkooda.

Waxaa dhacay meherkoodi  balse horay kama ay aqal galinee waxa ay ku balameen in ay aqal galkooda ka dhigtaan Todabaad kadib.

Sahra ismaaciil oo la hadleysay warbaahinta Warculus.com xafiiska uu ku leeyahay Magaalada Adis-Ababa ayaa u sheegtay in ninkeeda uu furay xili ay ku guda jirtay isu diyaarinta Galbiska Arooskeda waxaana qeyb kamid ah Gurigeeda ka socday alalaaska iyo mashxarada Arooskeda.

“waxa ay ay aheed xili duhur ah oo dareeynkeyga waxa uu ahaa maalintaas mid aad ukacsan wan farxsana ka hor inta aan maqlin dalaaqada waxaa markaa jirkeyga oo idil ku yiilay calaamadihii Arooska Calashaan cilaankii Arooska ayaan marsanaa dadka oo idil waxa ay sugayeen in ay ay ii galbiyaan gurigii la’ii diyaariye balse taa mey dhicin’ hadaba goor ay saacadu tahay  2 dii duhurnimo oo ay wehliyaan Daqiiqado ayaa waxaa soo dhacay Taleefan waxaa ka qabatay saaxibtay kadib aye aniga ii dhiibtay  waxa uu ahaa wiilkii aan ka sugaye guurka waxa uu igu yiri sada tan: Abaayo majecleen in tan oo kale ay dhacdo balse nasiibka ayaa sidaan noqday waxaan arintaan dhan aan usameeynayaa mustaqbalkeega dambe mana doonayo in aan adidaga ku dhibo waayo waxa ay aheey in aan mar hore ka taxadaro guurkaaga sidagana uga fiirsado balse iska ilaaw wixii na soo maray maantana waxa aan go’aansaday in aan joojiyo arooskaaga marka iska key cafi xiligaan laga bilaabo waxa aad tahay qof xur ah Aniga xageeyga waad ka furantahay’ Markii aan intaa maqalay cabaar baan aamusay dadkii goobta ku suganaa dhamaan xageeyga ayeey soo eegen  waxa ayna I weydiiyen waxa badalay farxadeeydii lkn waan ujawaabi kari waayo waxaa iga soo haray idho iyo aamusnaan wlhi maalintaasi waxa ay ii aheeyd maalintii iigu muragada badneed waxa halkaasi ku soo afjarmay  rajadii aan ka qabay in aan noqdo hooyo guri leh dhanka kale’ wiilka aan doonaye in uu iguursado waxa uu halkaan ujoogay in Leen dibada ah waxaan  qaadeysay gabar ay Habaryartii dhashay  oo markii hore udooneed taaso maqashay in uu guursanayo waxa ayna ku amartay in gabi ahaanba joojiyo Arooska  iyadoo ku dacweysay waalidkeed iyo iyo isaga waalidkiis Faysal kama uu fikir nolasheeysda waxa uu fiirsady oo kliya in uu yurub ubaxo isla markaana qalbigeeyga dhaawaco waxa uuna maalin kaliya ku baabi’iye rajadii aan ku taamayo mudada dheer”

Sahra ayaa sheegtay in aysan guur dambo ku deg degeeyn oo ay ka fiirsan doonta shaqsiga ay guursaneyso waayo waxa ay sheegtay in kalsooni daro ay kala kulantay guurkeedii ugu horeeye ay ku taameeysay waligeed.

Ugu dambeentii gabadhan Sahra aha ayaa Aqrista yaasha Websaidka warculus ka codsatay in ay la soo taliyaan waxa ay ka yeeleyso nolasheeda” ugu dambeentii walalheeyga Soomaaliyeed meel kasta oo ay joogaan waxan ka codsanayaa in ay ii soo duceeyaan hadii ay ii hayaan talo kheeyr iigu sugan ha ii soo sheen  waan qaadanayaa hadii ay mid wanaagsan tahay wana ku dhaqaaqayaa”

Hadaba Webka Bartamaha oo aad ugu barateen in uu idiin soo gudbiyo wax walbo oo ku saabsan arimaha Bulshada Jeclelna in uu dhalinta iyo Bulshada qeebaheeda kala duwan ka haqabtiro waxa dunida ka jiro maanta waxa uu idiin hayaa warbixin sir ah aadna muhiim ugu ah ragga inta badan ku mashquula in gacalisadiisa ay qofkale shukaan sato ayaan waxaan jeclaaday in aan wax idiikaga ifiyo Sirtaan muhiimka ah.

Lamaanayaal fara Badan ayeey Caqabadi ka heysataa Sidii ay ku Ogaan lahaayen in Lamaantooda ay qalbiga ku Kaliyeysay iyo in ay u dhigeyso dabina jaceyl, oo Haadaan Lagaga ridiyo, iyada oo marka uu qofkaasi lajooga ay u muujineyso in nafteeda uu leeyahay kaligiis, qalbigana ay u hibeysay xili hor.

Hayeeshee Baaritaano ay sameeyeen quboro ku taqasusay Arimaha qoyska ayaa Waxa ay sheegayaan in in ay yar yihiin Lamaanayaasha sida daacadda ah qalbigooda isu amaahiyo, iyaga oo aan sameyneyn saaxibo fara badan oo lakala qarinaya, kuwaaso midba Habeen La qaabiliyo.

waa ay dhacdaa inta badan kala qarinta nuucan ah, balse Ragga Caqliga iyo garaadka u saaxibka ah waa ay ka dabaashaan Markii ay Lakulmaan Marxaladahan oo kale, iyaga oo isticmaalaya qidado ama taatiik aan la fahmi karayn.

Hadaba hadii aad rabto inaad ogaato ama uuba dhib kaa heystay , Sida ugu Fudud ee aad ku ogaan karto hadii lamaantaada qof kale kula shukaansato,

fadlan adoon stress qaadin wax is waali taan ahna aan sameynin isku day inaad xiriiirka guriga aad wax ka shukaansaneysid aad wanaajiso qaasatan caruurta kayar 10 jirka ee gabadha aad shukaansaneyso la dhalatay ka dhigo saaxibada kugu dhow ee guriga , una keen waxyaabaha ay caruurta jecel yihiin sida nac naca buskutka iyo ash-yaada caruurta ku ciyaaraan.

Waxaa hubanti ah in hadii aad intaas u samayso caruurta ay iyana marka ay albaabka guriga kaaga hor yimaadan kuu sheegayaan hadii gabadha wax shukaansato iyo hadii kale, sida horey u dhacdayba, sababtoo ah caruurta waa sabi aan waxba kala ogeyn, ee aqyaarey caruurta fiira
gaar ah haloo yeesho.

YAA SALAAM– Fanaanada caanka ah Janet Jackson oo ay walaalo ahaayeen fanaankii geeriyoodey ee Michael Jackson ayaa lagu wadaa in Gu’ga soo socda ee sanadkan 2013 ay kula aqal gasho magaalada Doha ee wadanka Qadar ganacsade Wissam Al Mana oo ah nin billionaire ah oo Qadar u dhashay kaasi oo ay baacsanaysay mudo laba sano ah.

Sida uu qorey wargeyska Us Weekly ee ka soo baxa wadanka Mareykanka waxaa lagu wadaa in xaflada arooska ay ka soo qayb galaan ehelada iyo saaxiibada Janet Jackson iyadoo Wissam oo 37 sano jir ah kana yar 9 sano haweenayda uu guursanayo uu ku daabuli doono dadka ka socda Janet ee arooska ka qayb galaya diyaarad khaas ah oo ka qaadi doonta wadanka Mareykanka gaynna doonta magaalada Doha ee dalka Qadar.

Guurka Janet Jackson & Wissam Al Mana ayaa ku soo aadayaa iyadoo ay jiraan warar sheegaya in Fanaanada ay Janet Jackson, sida uu qorey wargeyska Us weekly, waxaa kale oo arintan xaqiijiyey qoraaga weyn ee caanka ah ee dalka Turkiga u dhashay ee lagu magacaabo Adnan Oktar oo sidoo kale loo yaqaan Harun Yahya, isagoo sheegay in Janet Jackson ay Muslimtey iyada iyo waliba Michael Jackson -kii geeriyoodey

Bishii November ee sanadkii 2008-dii wargeyska Daily Telegraph ee ka soo baxa magaalada London wuxuu qoray in  Michael Jackson uu muslimay, iyadoo xaflad gaar ah oo ay ka soo qayb galeen saaxibadiis uu ku qaatey diinta Islaamka, iyadoo arintaasi uu qayb weyn ka qaatey walaalkiis oo lagu magacaabo Jermaine balse markii uu Islaamay la baxay magaca Mohammad Abdul Aziz kaasi oo sheegay in mar uu booqdey wadanka Sacuudiga si uu u soo guto waajibaadka Xajka in uu u keenay walaalkiis kutub lagu turjumay luuqada Ingiriiska oo ka hadlaya wanaaga iyo qiimaha diinta Islaamka, iyadoo la sheegay in Michael Jackson uu aad uga helay kutubtaasi.

Waxaa jira warar sheegaya in Michael Jackson dilkiisa ay ku lug laheyd qaadasha diinta Islaamka, iyadoo laga cabsadey in saameyntiisa xoogan ee uu ku leeyahay dunida gaar ahaan malaayiinta taageerayaashiisa ahaa ay iyaguna ku biiraan diinta Islaamka, taasi oo tuhunku ka dhashay markii la cadeeyey in dhakhtarkiisii gaarka ahaa uu ku lug yeeshay dilkiisa isagoo haatan maxkamad uga socoto wadanka Mareykanka.

Janet & Wissam waxay isku guursan doonaan xaflad ku saleysan dhaqanka Muslimiinta , sida uu xaqiijiyey qof ku dhaw caruuska iyo caruusada.

Xaflada arooskan waxaa ku bixi doonta 20 milyan oo doolar, iyadoo 3 milyan oo kaliya ay ku bixi doonto duulimaadka 500 qof oo ah marti sharafta arooska ka qay galaysa oo dunida dacaladeeda ka kala imaanaya

Caruus Wissam waxaa la xaqiijiyey in qof kasta oo arooska ka soo qayb galaya uu hadiyad iyo mahad celinta ka soo qayb galka arooska uu u siin doono saacad nooca Rolex ah oo qiimaheedu joogo 150 kun oo doolar.

Janet oo 46 sano jir ah waxay baacsanaysay Wissam Al Mana mudo laba sano ka badan, hase yeeshee waxaa la aaminsan yahay in ujeedada uu uga biyo diidsanaa in uu guursado ay ugu weynyd isagoo ku xiray shuruuda ah inay Islaam noqoto, arintaasi oo haatan la sheegayo inay dhabowday.

Wissam Al Mana waa maalqabeen ganacsi kala duwan oo ay ka mid yihiin dukaamada waa weyn & warbaahinta iska leh, waana agaasime guud ka yahay shirkada Al Mana Retail oo ah shirkad wakiil uga ah wadanka Qadar dukaamnka caank aah ee Armani Exchange, sidoo kale wuxuu saami ku leeyahay dukaamada waa weyne e caanka ah ee Saks Fifth Avenue ee dalka Mareykanka xaruntoodu tahay, hase yeeshee dunida daafaheeda ku leh xarumo.

Janet Jackson qudheedu waa millionaire waxaana hantideeda lagu qiyaasay 150 milyan oo doolar, waxaana guurkan uu noqonayaa kii sadexaad iyadoo laba guur hore oo ay soo martey ay guuldaro ku dhamaadeen.

Sanadkii 1985 waxay is guursadeen fanaan James DeBarge oo ay dhalinyarinimadii saaxiibo isku dhintaa ay ahaayeen, laakiin lix sano ka dib waxay si qarsoodi ah u guursatey René Elizondo oo ahaa Laxan sameeye iyo soo saare heesaha, inkastoo ay isfureen sanadkii 2000-kii.

Janet  waxay kaloo xiriir saaxiibtimo mudo todobo sano ah la laheyd Jermaine Dupri oo ahaa Soo saare Mustic-ga, waxayna had iyo goor gees isaga riixdaa inay shukaansato ragga ka da’da yar iyadoo arimahaasi ka hadlaysa waxya tiri: “ Hooyadeen waxay had iyo goor inagu soo korin jirtey, dhamaanteen waxay inoo sheegi jirtey oo kaliya in aan rumaysano in da’du tahay lambar oo kaliya, waxaan idiin sheegaynaa da’deena, waayo waa halka aad u qaadaan maskax ahaan, iyo sida aad u aragto naftaada wax macno ahna ma leh”





waraka kaga helayo Goblada Baay iyo Bakool ayaa sheegaya in Dumarka kasoo jeeda Gobaladaasi ay bilaaben inaysan guursan dhalinyaro aan kamid ahayn Kooxda Al-Shabab

Wararka ayaa intaa kusii daraaya in Dumarka Kunool Gobaladaasi ay isku raaceen in ay iska ilaaliyan dhalinyarada caadiga ah islamarkaana ninka guursanaayo ay ku xujeeyan inuu kamidyahay Alshabaab
Muumin Mukhtar muriidi oo  kamid ah dhalinta Baydhaba kunool ayaa sheegay in dumarka ay bilaaben inay raga ku xujeeyan inuu kamid yahay Al-Qacidada Somalia hadii uusan kamid ahayna ay ninkaasi ka fogaanayan sida uu hadalka u dhigay Muumin Mukhtar
Dhanka kale Dumarka Gobaladaasi ee xaaska u ah Dagaalyahaanada Shabaab ayaa kusoo qul-qulaya Magaalada Muqdisho kadib markii Muqdisho ay dib ugu soo laabanaayan dadkii kunoolan jiray
Arintaan ayaa waxa ay dhabar jab xoogan ku tahy dhalinta gur doonka ah ee ku nool gobaladaasi oo iyagu imika baahi weynuqaba in ay guri yagleshan.

ASC Akhristayaasha sharafta leh Waxa uu maanta website-ka Bartamaha idiin hayaa warbixin aadan waligii arkina hadaba Daawo Sawiradaan oo sii aqri warbixinta.

Mandela Danyo waxa uu u dhashay dalka Mareykanka, in mudda ah waxa uu la xanuunsanaa Jaceyl isaga oo waxbadan ka badalay Noloshiisa, Mandela waxa uu jeclaa Haweeney u dhalatay Dalka Ingiriiska waxa uuna usoo bandhigtay Jaceylka uu u qabay Haweeneydaasi

Dhowr Sanno kadib Haweeneydii lagu magacaabayay Maria oo uu Jeclaa Mandela waxa ay bilowday inay dayacdo Jaceylka Mandela waxa ayna ku biirtay Haweenka Jila Riwaayadaha dalkaasi Ingiriiska iyaga oo durbadiiba guursatay Nin Jilaa ah

Maria aqal galkeeda kalama aysan tashan Mandela oo ahaa nin ay wada galeen Axdi hayeeshee waxa ay indhaha tirtay Mandela waxa ayna muddo kadib u sheegtay Mandela inay iska dhaaftay Jaceylka ay u heysay islamarkaana ay calmatay Nin dhigeeda ah oo ay isla jilaan Riwaayadaha Nasiib daro waxaa is-bedel ku imaaday nolosha Mandela waxa uuna u tafa xeytay waali isaga oo mar qurah isku bedelay nooc aan lagu aqoon waxa uuna ‘’Durtay gabi ahaan Wajigiisa’’ sida idinkaga muuqata Sawirka

Si kastaba ha ahaatee Mandela waxa uu bilaabay inuu magaaladda ku wareego waji aan lagu baran waxa uuna ka dhex baxay Bulshadii uu ku dhex noola waxa uuna caadeystay inuu wadooyinka ku damaashaado Muuqaalka iminka idin muuqda, mana jirto Cid iska xil saartay bad-baadinta Mandeela oo ah nin la xanuunsaday Jaceyl.


ASC Salaan ka dib ma jecleen in taariikhdaan aan kusoo bandhigo Internetka gaar ahaan website-ka http://www.bartamaha.com laakiinse hadana si aan u heli nafis ama wax la mid ah waxaan dan biday in wax walba oo i qabsaday aan halkaan kusoo baahiyo si walaalaheyga Soomaaliyeed ay talooyin iyo arimo kale ay i siiyaan.

Ilaahaygii i uumay ayaan ku dhaartay Taariikhdaan ha u qaadan wax la iska yiri waa mid igi dhacday aniga oo ah qoraha arintaan, waxaana ilaa hadda i haaya dhib weyn oo walaahi aan kala kulmay Jaceyl xooga oo i qabsaday, waxaana qoraalkaan uu yahay mid aan ku soo bandhigaayop wax walba oo caloosheeda ku jira, idinkana waxaan idinka sugaa talooyinkiina.

Magaceyga Waa Maxamed Xasan Caran, waxaan ka mid ahay dhalinyarada ku nool degmada Shangaani ee magaalada Muqdisho, waxaana aan in muddo ah aad iyo aad u jeclaa gabar aan magaceeda ceebsaday inaan halkaan kusoo baahiyo, sanado aad u badan ayaan is jecleen, laakiinse aniga wanaageed ayaan ka talinaayay iyadana xumaanteeda ayeey ka talinaysay.

Run ahaantii aniga waxaan ka rabay Mustaqbal inaan guursado ayaan jeclaa laakiinse iyada dano kale ayeey igu wadatay, waxaana ay ila waday wiilal kale laakiinse aniga waxba uma arag ileen Jaceylka aan u qabo ayaa igu weynaa, waxaana arki jiray Fariimo qoraal ah oo Moobilkeeda rag kale ugu soo direen iyana ay uga dirtay laakiin wax walbo kalsoonida ayaa iiga wanaagsaneed, hase ahaatee maxaa igu dhacay ma taqaanaan.

Gabadhii qalbigeyga oo dhan ayaan siiyay, waxaana u maleenaayay in aysan jirin gabar aan iyada ahayn, wax walba oo ay i dhahdo ma diideen ileen waa qof aan jeclahay, walaahi sidoo kale waxaan mar walba ka ilaalinaayay in gabdhaha asaageeda ah ay ka liidato qurux iyo wax walba intaba.

Waxyaabaha qaar ma jeceli inaan sheego waayo qof waxaad u sameesay inaan sheegno hadaan Soomaali nahay weaa nau ceeb, laakiin ugu dambeen aniga waxaan is dhahay maadaama gabadhaan aad wada socoteen markaan ka dalbo guur, laakiin maxaa iga keenay ayaa meesha ka dhacday.

Habeen habeenada ka mid ah ayaan xaafadeeda ugu tagay waxaan u sheegay in markaan aan go’aan ku gaaray inaan is guursano waxaana weydiiyay waxa ay ka qabto arinkaa farxadda ah, walibana aan u sameen doono wax walba oo ay iga dalbato.

Aniha haa ayaan ka sugaayay laakiin aad ayeey iiga nixisay Isheedana ilaahay haka duwo, waxan i dhahday aniga saaxiib guur iyo wax la mid ah ma rabo, waxaana ku guursan doonaa meel aan Soomaaliya ahayn, hadii aad guur u bugto meelaha ka doono naago kale.

Aniga waan naxay Walaahi waxaan dhahay abaayo macaan maxaad ka wadaa hadalkaasi mise waa kaa kaftan, waxay i dhahday ma jirto wax kaftan la dhaho ee fadlan hadiiba aad waxaas keentay nagu kala wad, waxayna gaartay anoo iska ilimeenaayo inaan kasoo tago.

Naf wax jecel ayaan ahaye waxaan u diray taleefan waxaana ka codsaday in aysan Jaceylkeena dheeraa aysan dayacin, xitaa guurka aan hadda joojinaayo balse JACEYLKEENA uusan dhamaan, balse waxay i dhahday wax aan kuu haayo haba yaraatee ma jirto, marka maxaan sameeyaa qalbigeyga waa dhaawac, gabadhana ima rabto, anigane waan jeclahay inaan hilmaamo waan kari la ahay.

Walaalaheyga Soomaaliyeed waxaan ka codsanaayaa inay taladooda isiiyaan Fadlan waa intaas oo aan wax ka faa’idaa waxaad xitaa iigu soo hagaajin kartaan Gmailkan dayaxoow143@hotmail.com ama Bartamahamuqdisho@hotmail.com

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