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Countries in East Africa Step Up Flu Screening

Countries in east Africa are screening travelers and have issued hygiene guidelines, after South Africa became the first country on the continent to report suspected cases of  swine flu. Governments in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda say they have dispatched … read more »

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Zimbabwe has received $400m (£270m) in credit from African governments, says Finance Minister Tendai Biti.

The funds are aimed at helping pay civil servants and regenerating the country’s economy, he said. Botswana provided $70m (£47m) and South Africa $50m (£34m), with the rest coming from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. Mr Biti … read more »

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SOMALI TURMOIL U.S. looks for new strategy on Somalia, while immediate goal is to bolster Somalia’s new government

By Sue Pleming, Reuters — WASHINGTON – Piracy off its shores has made Somalia an early challenge for the Obama administration, which is grappling to devise a new strategy that will not replicate past failed U.S. policies in the Horn … read more »

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EU poses as Somalia’s white knight… …but hides its own dirty hands

Radio Netherlands — A meeting billed as a donor conference for Somalia has tried to punch high above its weight by promising to help the new government end poverty and insecurity. But the EU’s efforts are largely driven by its … read more »

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WHO DUNNIT? Somali pirates not to be solely blamed for growing crisis on the Horn of Africa

By Peter O’Neil, Europe Correspondent, Canwest News Service PARIS — Somali pirates plundering one of the world’s most lucrative shipping routes, while leading navies from Canada and 16 other countries on costly and often fruitless chases, shouldn’t be taking the … read more »

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$250 million Pledged for Somalia Security

By Lisa Bryant Paris 23 April 2009 The international community has pledged more than $250-million to beef up security in Somalia. The funds were pledged during a one-day donors’ conference in Brussels and significantly exceeded organizers’ expectations. The United Nations … read more »

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Commission ready to investigate European illegal fishing off Somalia

LEIGH PHILLIPS — EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Commission has said it is ready to investigate and take action against any European boats or European-owned fishing companies that fly flags of convenience that engage in illegal fishing off the … read more »

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Somali PM: Anti-pirate patrols not working

(CNN) — Somalia’s prime minister told CNN Thursday that the international naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden are not solving the problem of piracy in the region. Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke pointed to the recent increase in … read more »

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Somalia Donor Conference Opens in Brussels

The donors conference on Somalia is fraught with concerns that do not directly deal with the problem at hand – bolstering security in the Horn of Africa country. Donors are worried about the rampant piracy off Somalia’s shores. Potential donors … read more »

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List of Likely CIA Prisoners Who Are Still Missing…One of them is Somali National (#33)

by Dafna Linzer, ProPublica — The CIA has not released the names of terrorism suspects it held in secret detention with the exception of 14 who were transferred to Guantanamo Bay, in September 2006. Human rights groups have tried to … read more »

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The Puntland State of Somalia hired a lobbying firm in Washington to combat more Somali pirates

By Roxana Tiron — A region of Somalia that is home to many of the pirates who have made national news terrorizing area waters is seeking help from K Street to calm the troubled seas. The Puntland State of Somalia, … read more »

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Somalia: Donors Should Address Accountability

(Brussels) – Donor governments meeting in Brussels this week should ensure that pledges of assistance to Somali security forces and African Union troops in Somalia will not contribute to human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch said today. All training and … read more »

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ABC’s 20/20 program about Somali pirates gets actors playing as pirates in Slow Motion Video

The 20/20 program that aired friday april 17 described the Somali Pirates With rusted AK-47 rifles slung across their backs, the emaciated, barefoot pirates cruise the vast waters off the coast of Puntland, Somalia, into the Gulf of Aden in … read more »

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Idil Osman says pirates have taken over the airwaves: Idil is on In Focus

VOA’s Somali Service Idill Osman comments on how the hijack and rescue of American Captain Richard Phillips are playing in Somalia.

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Somali pirates put superyacht rich in range

By Luke Baker — LONDON (Reuters) – Multi-million-dollar superyachts sailing from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean for the European summer could be the next high-profile target of Somali pirates, security experts say. The luxury craft, many measuring more than … read more »

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Pirates Beware: Soon Rifles That Kill from a Mile Away

By Mark Thompson / Washington / Time Magazine — The three Navy SEAL snipers who killed the pirates off the coast of Somalia last weekend were lucky the buccaneers were gullible enough to allow their lifeboat to be towed farther … read more »

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Gravity Of Hope waa urur dhalinyaro ah oo raba in ay cawiyaan Dadkooda iyo Dalkooda

Gravity Of Hope oo ah urur dhalinyaro reer Minnesota ah Abaabuleen waxay ugu tala galeen in ya ku caawiyaan dadka ku dhiban Dalkii Hooyo.

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Somali Pirates Hijack 3 More Ships

NAIROBI, Kenya — NATO says Somali pirates have hijacked another cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden, the fourth ship seized in the last two days. NATO spokeswoman Shona Lowe says the Lebanese-owned MV Sea Horse was attacked Tuesday off … read more »

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Democrat wins round in Minnesota U.S. Senate race

MINNEAPOLIS, April 13 (Reuters) – A Minnesota court panel ruled on Monday that Democrat Al Franken beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in the long-fought contest for a U.S. Senate seat and said the comic turned politician should be certified as … read more »

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Masaajidka iyo Xarun dhaqameedka Dar Al-Hijrah ayaa al baabada u furay kuna soo dhaweeyay dhamaan dadka degan kuna dhaqan labadda magaalo ee mataanaha ah (Minneapolis/St.Paul) iyo nawaaxigooda ee Gobolka Minnesota. Xafladdan ayaa waxay dhacday Khamiistii, April 2, 2009. Maamulka Masaajidka … read more »

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