Two killed in riot demonstration against president Mohamud’s visit, three-region administration in Baidoa


Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) At least two civilians were killed and three others wounded after security forces clashed with people demonstrating against the visit of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Baidoa and the three-region administration which was due to open in the town today.

The riot demonstration started early on Tuesday after locals gathered to denounce the president’s intent to attend and open the three-region South West administration, which is one of two rival administrations declared in the region.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his leadership which they described as “injustice and corrupt” as they called the president to step down.

According to RBC Radio reporter, the rioters clashed against the special guards of the president who were deployed into Baidoa early on Tuesday together with local security forces. The situation then turned into mayhem after two of the demonstrators were shot and killed.

Angry mobs then blocked the city’s main roads denying access of the president’s convoy heading to the hotel where the three-region conference was due to start.

Dozens were also arrested including traditional elders, women and politicians who were accused to have organized the riot demonstration.

Meanwhile, local source said the security forces also stormed the ADC building, the base of the six-region administration led by Madobe Nunow Mohamed. The security forces confiscated small arms from the security guards of the building and arrested several of them including Mr Nunow’s aides.

Mr Nunow immediately condemned the move and described as bare attack against his administration.

Baidoa police officials and the Governor of Baay were not available for comment.



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