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ABC’s 20/20 program about Somali pirates gets actors playing as pirates in Slow Motion Video

Pirates in Slow Motion

Pirates in Slow Motion

The 20/20 program that aired friday april 17 described the Somali Pirates

With rusted AK-47 rifles slung across their backs, the emaciated, barefoot pirates cruise the vast waters off the coast of Puntland, Somalia, into the Gulf of Aden in decayed motorboats, like sharks hunting their next meal.

The program was well produced but lacks truth, in some scenes you’ll see three men (covered their head) running towards the camera in slow motion and it reminded us the famous Baywatch opening scene.

In the opening, the host John Quinones tells that Somalia is a lawless state with ravaged by civil war and famine – FALSE.
The Truth is – The Pirates operate in Puntland and its been peacefull since the collapse.
They have a government and their president is Abdulrahnam faroole.

2:03 – The guy who went to Somalia and did this video is telling that always there is action going on and you have to duck bullets -  FALSE.
The Truth is – Again Puntland has been peacefull ever since the collapse. (its sad when Somalis allow a western camera crew to film and report the truth it always ends up a false accusation and the usual case of Africa is war ravaged continent where everyone is dying of hunger and famine.

Other things that you’ll see in this clip is a uniformed soldiers standing and in the naration they are talking about Somali pirates and the soldiers are the Puntland soldiers who are not in Eyl but in somewhere Puntland.

The Narator in this clip is not Somali but our question to ABC is can’t you guys get a Somali Narator when translating SOMALI subjects in one of your videos?.

Here is the clip:




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