Puntland lawmakers approve media act as journalist criticize

BARTAMAHAPuntland lawmakers have approved media act that was drafted by government’s information ministry and passed on Tuesday normal session.

While the number of parliamentarians attended the session was 37, at least 32 have voted for the region’s media act, one lawmaker rejected where four others have declined to make to the ballot according Puntland Parliament speaker Saed Hassan Shire.

However, the approval of this act has angered journalists, the region’s journalists association claiming that the act is restricting the freedom of the press.

Journalists urged the government to review the act which they said is giving the power to the government and restricting media freedom.

Journalist also complained an article in the approved law obligating all journalists working in Puntland to register with the information ministry and apply for press cards which they said can be taken away anytime.




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