Somali government stands solidarity with Gaza amid in mass killings by Israel forces

__REPORTS ICON BLCK 600X25gaza(Bartamaha) Somali Federal government has thrown condemnation on Israel’s deadly offensive against Gaza which so far left hundreds dead and thousands injured in less than two weeks time.

The government of Somalia has condemned Israel of killing hundreds of unarmed innocent Muslims in Palestine and called the Muslim world to stand in solidarity with Gaza at the time of Israel’s massacre on the Palestine civilians, many of them children and women.

Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed, Somali deputy Prime minister deploring the reckless atrocity of Israel said, “The ongoing massacre by Israel against our Palestinian brothers is unacceptable and the killing of innocent people which many of them are children and women, targeting hospitals, mosques and schools is something very intolerable,” while the Deputy Prime is attending the Muslims scholars conference held in Turkish capital, Istanbul.

Mohamed stated that Somalia is standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine in a time Israel forces killed hundreds of children and women and wounded thousands in ten days.

“Somalia is in distress and we are sharing the pain with the people of Palestine,” added the Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed.
Meanwhile the officials called Israel government to end the genocide it’s carrying out in Gaza.



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