The body of the deceased Somali police chief flown to Nairobi for investigation

The Body Of The Deceased Somalia Police Chief Flown To Nairobi -

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) 
The body of the deceased Somali Police chief General Mohamed Shiekh Hassan Ismail is flown today to Nairobi for investigation and study of the exact reason behind his sudden death.

The deceased body of the late General Ismail was accompanied  by senior Somali police officials where they are expected to arrive in Nairobi Today. High level experts are set to commence a quick study and investigation on the death of the Somali police chief since the government is suspicious about the sudden death of the general.

Also unconfirmed reports indicate that the general’s sudden death may have been caused by poisoning where all the medical staff that were operating in the hospital that the police chief died were taken into prison.

Additionally, the Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Shiekh Ahmed had appointed a ministerial level committee to investigate the death of the police chief.



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