Somali Police Chief dies following sudden illness, Death remains mystery

Mohamed Sh. Hassan Somali Police
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SOMALIA: President, Speaker of Parliament extend condolences to the family of deceased Police Chief

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari have both extended condolences to the nation and the family of Late General Mohamed Hassan Ismail who died in Mogadishu hospital this afternoon.

“I express my condolences as the head of the state to the family of General Mohamed Hassan Ismail and the nation as whole. He was a nationalist figure who showed his commitment during his limited time as the boss of the country’s chief.” President Mohamud said in a statement released from Dubai where he is in official visit.

He said the government will arrange a national funeral service for the body of Late General Ismail in Mogadishu.

On his side Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari said that he was shocked to hearing the news of the death of Late Ismail as he described as a very statesman the country lost.

“He was a man we have lost all as a nation.  May he rest in Jannah and mercy of Allah’s.” the speaker added.

Late General Mohamed Hassan Ismail has died in a hospital in Mogadishu on Thursday afternoon following a sudden heart attack.  He died in the age of 50s and left two children.


Breaking: Somali Police Chief dies following sudden illness

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somalia top Police Boss General Mohamed Hassan Ismail has died in a hospital in Mogadishu on Thursday afternoon following a sudden heart attack, doctors and police officials confirmed.

General Ismail was hospitalized several days ago after he complained of heart attack. He died in the hospital on Thursday afternoon in the hospital, Colonel Mohamed Ali said.

Speaking at a press conference, National Security Minister Khalif Ahmed Ereg has unveiled that Federal Government of Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed assigned Osman Omar Weheliye (Gas Gas)-his deputy-to the post as interim police boss.

Somalia’s State-run radio announced the death of General Ismail and extended a national funeral to the public. The Prime Minister sent a condolence to the Somali people and bereaved families over the death of Gen. Ismael.

As the death of Somali Police Force Chief remains mysterious, Mohamed announced a five-member ministerial committee led by Religious Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ridwan Hirsi Abdulle in a bid to launch investigations into the matters pertaining to the demise of the high-ranking security official.

A doctor at Ummah hospital where General Ismail deceased says, there has been growing pain and the General Ismail’s blood circulation was not functioning well.

Late General Mohamed Hassan Ismail took the position as the police chief on late 2012 when President Mohamud was elected.

He has died in his 50s and has left a wife and children living in Canada.



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