Somali PM gives directives to prevent the risk of Ebola outbreak to Somalia

SOMALIA PMMogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said the country has put more measures to avoid the outbreak of Ebola disease to Somalia as the phenomena now seems to be only a West African issue.

Shortly after departing back from an official visit to Burundi, African Union Troop Contributing Country on Wednesday, PM Abdiweli noted that he gave strict directives to the ministries of National Security and Health to put their best efforts in preventing the outbreak of Ebola cross into the borders of the nation.

“This is very serious issue ad we must act as serious. I have ordered the health ministry, the national security and all those bear responsibilities in the government to control the airports, the borders and every place to avoid those coming into the country.” he said.

Prime Minister mentioned that he has raised the issue with African Union officials due to the fear of the outbreak of the disease in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has deployed about 850 peacekeepers currently operating in Somalia’s Lower Jubba region as part of the AMISOM mission.

“We want the AU together with our officials to make sure that the rotation of troops from any affected country is suspended.” the PM added.

The PM’s comment came as the country’s parliament addressed the issue during Wednesday’s session. Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari said the government wrote to the African Union and Sierra Leone to stop the rotation of their troops in Somalia and to halt any visit by officials coming from the Ebola-affected nations.



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